How To Do Day of The Dead Makeup For This Halloween

How To Do Day of The Dead Makeup For This Halloween


This makeup is mainly for “Day of the Dead” which is celebrated on 1st and 2nd November in Mexico and many different Latin countries like Columbia, Ecuador, EL Salvador. First day celebration is for children and second day is celebrated for adults who have died. Painting your face as a skull is huge tradition in Mexico. On this day family and friends celebrate and remember their loved ones that have passes away. This day is all about coming together, honoring your loved ones that have passes away and celebrating their lives.

How To Do Catrina Halloween Makeup

Things you need:

  • Moisturize
  • Primer
  • Eye shadow brush set
  • White cream gel liner
  • Black cream gel liner
  • Black liner
  • Matte black eye shadow
  • Matte purple eye shadow
  • Shimmer metallic purple eye shadow
  • Shimmer light pink eye shadow
  • Mascara
  • Fake long Lashes
  • Light shade foundation
  • Translucent setting powder
  • Glitter glue and loose glitter
  • Rhinestones
  • White contacts

Let’s start with makeup

First moisturize your face and then prime your skin to protect it from the harsh makeup. Here we are going to eye makeup first and then we will go for the rest of the face.

Eye Makeup:

How To Do Catrina Halloween Makeup

Step 1: First outline the circles around your eyes with white cream gel liner. With cream liner it will be easier for you to do it. So for the prefect round shape follow the none around your eyes.

Step 2: Then take black cream gel liner with flat brush and outline around white line that you have created and then start fill it in.

Step 3: Then take large fluffy eye shadow brush and blend out around the eyes. Then take matte black eye shadow and pack it on the top and set the black gel liner.

Step 4: Then take matte purple eye shadow and apply around your eyes and make sure to blend nicely to get nice gradient effect from the black to the purple.

How To Do Catrina Halloween Makeup

Step 5: Then take shimmer metallic purple eye shadow with another flat brush and apply it to all over your eye lid and little bit to lower lash line.

Step 6: Then again take fluffy brush and little bit of matte purple shade and soften up the edges of that shade.

Step 7: Then tale shimmer light pink eye shadow and apply on your lid and very little bit to lower lash line. Then take small fluffy brush with matte purple shade and blend everything together.

Step 8: Then again take that black gel liner and deepen up the black because may be after applying all color, you have lost that dark color. Then add mascara and false long dramatic lashes.

Face Makeup:

How To Do Catrina Halloween Makeup

Step 1: For this look use very light shade foundation and apply it to all over your face evenly with beauty blender. Use small flat brush to around your eyes. Then set everything with translucent setting powder.

Step 2: Then Draw nose with black eye liner. Then take small pointed brush with bream black gel liner and fill in where you draw your nose and make it super black because with foundation it will look gray.

Step 3: Then apply matte purple eye shadow on your lips and then draw mouth part of the face with white eyeliner. Then trace this white line with small pointed brush and black gel liner and also draw the teeth line.

Step 4: Now shade the cheekbones with black eye shadow and start with shade underneath where you draw black lines. Then take clean blending brush and blend out very lightly. First pack that black shade and then drag it down to give a dray shade like hollow.

Step 5: Then again take that fluffy brush with matte purple shade and do the same thing kind of pat over that black shade and drag it down and blend out nicely.

How To Do Catrina Halloween Makeup

Step 6: Then shade around your forehead or hairline with small brush and black shadow. Do the same thing again and go with the matte purple shade and fluffy brush and blend it out.

Step 7: Then take glitter glue and loose glitter. First place glue between the teeth that you drew and then add glitter on top. Then with black gel liner go back over the outline of teeth marks.

Step 8: Then add rhinestones with lash glue and add it around the eyes. Add little flower shape rhinestones on your chin. And one large pink rhinestone to right in the center of your forehead.

Then add white contacts and a flower crown to complete the look. You can do this makeup with any color you like. You can use red color, pink color instead of purple.


This makeup is very beautiful and popular. You can do it not only on The Day of the Dead but also on Halloween. So try this makeup with your friends and family with different colors and be different.

How To Do Catrina Halloween Makeup