How To Do Sugar Skull Makeup For This Halloween

How To Do Sugar Skull Makeup For This Halloween


In this article I am going to tell you about how to do a sugar skull makeup easily. If you want to do something unique and if you want be different from the crowd then you should definitely try this makeup. You also don’t have to buy any costume for this look. You can wear any black outfit you have like black jeans with black jacket and black high heels. All you have to focus on the makeup and for that keep reading this article.

How To Do Sugar Skull Makeup

Things you need:

  • Primer
  • White eye liner
  • White paint
  • Concealer
  • Black eye liner
  • Black eye shadow
  • Gold color
  • Golden eye shadow
  • Golden liquid eye liner
  • Golden nail art jewels

How to do it?

How To Do Sugar Skull Makeup

Step 1: Start with applying primer on your face so your makeup will last all night.

Step 2: Then draw two circles around your eyes with the white eyeliner and also draw a skull looking nose shape. It is easier to it this way because it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Step 3: Then take white paint and beauty blunder. Apply it to your face, and also mix light shade foundation or concealer for that pale shade. Also cover your lips. For the nose use smaller brush because it is easier this way. Then set it with translucent powder .

Step 4: Then take black eye liner and line around your eyes covering your eyebrow. Then blend it with a brush to inward and make a thick outline. Also outline your nose but make sure to keep that skull shape proper and for that you can use small brush with black eyeliner.

Step 5: Now with some black eye shadow just go around your eyes and make it a little bit more intense and more black.

How To Do Sugar Skull Makeup

Step 6: The take gold color and go all over your eyes and also your under eye so that way it will be easier for the eye shadow to stick. Then take golden eye shadow and apply all over your eyes.

Step 7: With the black eye shadow close the gold a little more and make it more intense. Then go again with black eye liner and shade a little bit more and blend it with a brush.

Step 8: Then make a thin cat eye liner with black liquid liner and also do your waterline with black pencil. Then apply some mascara and lashes.

Step 9: Then start making a line around your cheekbones so it will be little easier to know where you want to shade with black. Then with the black eye liner shade over the white line and blend it out towards your hairline.

Step 10: Then with black eye shadow shade over the liner to mane t more intense. Also drag it around your face, forehead, cheekbones and jawline. Also shading in your nose with same black shadow.

Step 11: Then with same white paint and flat brush highlight around your face to give some dimension.

Step 12: Then same gold eye shadow messily apply around your mouth area and also inward to the black line you draw on your cheek.

How To Do Sugar Skull Makeup

Step 13: Then for the teeth make two lines across from the sides of your mouth with black eyeliner and thin brush. Also shade it in the center on your lips.

Step 14: starting with the teeth I’m using the black eyeliner again with a thin brush just making two straight lines across from the sides of my mouth and just shading in the center of my lips.

Step 15: Then draw teeth line across the black line you have create and also on your lips, and for that you can use pencil liner or liquid liner. I prefer to use liquid liner because it will be more easier.

Step 16: Then With gold eye shadow shade your teeth to make it look more intense.

Step 17: Then make some dots around your eyes with gold liquid liner and also make flower on the tip of your nose. To make it more pop add some jewels and for that you ca use golden nil art and add it around your eyes.

Step 18: Also make some swirls lines to the center of your forehead and add little jewels in the center.

Then wear golden flower crown and your sugar skull look is ready.

You can also do this with white makeup. Here is some idea for your reference.

How To Do Sugar Skull Makeup How To Do Sugar Skull Makeup How To Do Sugar Skull Makeup How To Do Sugar Skull Makeup