10 Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

10 Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

The easiest way to get a Halloween costume is to buy a ready-made one. And if you are creative people and you have a bit of free time, create an outfit with your own hands! At the same time, save an impressive amount. Here are 10 awesome DIY Halloween costume ideas that you can prepare if you have some free time and save your money.


Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

The theme of the walking dead will inspire directors to create horror films for a long time to come. No wonder so many use this Halloween look, dressing up as a mummy, a vampire, and, of course, a zombie.

Advantage: The messier, the better.

Disadvantage: A successful costume can seriously scare young children.

What you need: old rags, eye shadow and red lipstick.

How to do it: Put on your oldest clothes, or shred unwanted clothes. With red lipstick we apply blood stains on the skin and clothes. Grey, green, blue and black shadows will help in creating traces of dirt and cadaveric stains.


Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

One of the most popular Halloween costumes.

Advantage: The main advantage of this image is that it is cheap and created in a matter of minutes.

Disadvantage: the costume will be disposable and there is a great chance of being not the only mummy at the party. And the most terrible minus of the outfit is that … it is inconvenient to go to the toilet in it. Do not wrap strategically important parts of the body.

What you need: bandages or toilet paper. Lots and lots of rolls.

How to do it: Simply wrap yourself in toilet paper. However, it tears too easily, so we advise you to take bandages. To heighten the effect, pour weak coffee on them in advance. When the stains dry, it will seem that you have just got out of the tomb strewn with sand and dust. Do not try to carefully wind the strips of bandages. Sagging shreds and threads will give a dilapidated look.


Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

The rustle of wings in the darkness of the night, the mesmerizing look and the deadly kiss of Count Dracula make the image of a vampire mysterious and sexy.

Advantage: Unlike bandages and toilet paper, the vampire costume can be used multiple times.

Disadvantage: Teeth will have to be removed if you want to eat something.

What you need: black clothes and shoes. Black eyeshadow and lipstick, or red lipstick. Overhead fangs.

How to do it: Dress up in black clothes. Men can pair it with a crisp white shirt. A black cloak or cloak will not be superfluous (they can be quickly made from a piece of black fabric by simply sewing on ribbons and tying them around the neck). Girls can safely pull evening dresses from school proms out of the closets. Any dark tone will do. False fangs complete the look.

Hell’s Angel

Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

In many stores you can find false wings in various colors. Buy a couple. You don’t have to rack your brains over images for themed parties. Whether it’s Halloween, New Year or a costume for a child for a children’s party. For the image of the angel of death, choose black wings.

Advantage: Reusable.

Disadvantage: friends will get you with the phrases “let me try it on” and “I will quickly take a picture and give it back.”

What you need: black clothes and black wings.

How to do it: Just put on the wings.


Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Another spectacular costume for a party.

Advantage: complex makeup can be replaced with a skeleton mask, which is very easy to buy. And you don’t need to do your hair, just throw a hood over your head.

Disadvantage: it will be difficult to seduce someone in such an outfit.

What you need: Black robes and cape. Mask and braid.

How to do it: if you didn’t find a mask at home, and you don’t know how to make complex makeup, just apply very pale powder on your face. So the skin will appear bled. The cassock can be replaced with a black hoodie and trousers. And what? Bony also follows fashion.

Freddy Krueger

Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

The cult multi-part horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street has long been one of the most revered movie masterpieces. And his main character Freddie is a favorite image for Halloween.

Advantage: easily recognizable costume. It is unlikely that you will be asked who you dressed up as.

Disadvantage: Kruger’s glove will have to be tricky. The easiest way to order it in online stores.

What you need: hat, Kruger glove, old striped sweater. The classic version is in red and dark green stripes. But it can be replaced with red-black or red-brown. We put on a Freddy mask, or draw burns with the help of cosmetics. However, without them, the outfit looks great.

How to make: for the male version, we put on a sweater and dark trousers. Girls can wear a striped tunic – a very playful and sexy outfit will come out. To make it look scarier – make four cuts on the clothes, imitating the marks from Freddie’s fingers.

Cat woman

Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

A dangerous and beautiful cat – this is the image that attracts the eyes of men.

Advantage: It is very easy to select the necessary elements. There will be no end to men.

Disadvantage: the excessive interest of men will tire you out pretty quickly.

What you need: any black and tight-fitting clothing: stockings, a dress (preferably a mini), a short skirt or shorts, tight-fitting trousers, a tank top or a black swimsuit top and gloves. Mask, false ears.

How to make: You can buy a black half mask and cat ears or make your own. Attach the ears of dense material to the hair hoop, and cut out the mask from paper or fabric. Instead of a mask, you can apply “cat” makeup by drawing almond-shaped arrows near the eyes, nose and mustache.


Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Fans of Stanley Kubrick will love the costume of Alex, the main villain of A Clockwork Orange.

Advantage: The necessary accessories are not difficult to find.

Disadvantage: Unfortunately, few people recognize your character.

What you need: a black bowler hat, cane, suspenders, white clothes (underpants can be safely replaced with white trousers or a skirt – in the female version), black boots or boots.

How to do it: Aside from the bowler hat and suspenders, Alex’s main feature is his eyes. Draw thick eyelashes around the right eye with a pencil. To make it look even more expressive – use false eyelashes.


Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

A bloodthirsty spawn of the full moon, a vicious monster whose eerie howl frightens late night revelers. The werewolf costume is suitable for both boys and girls. It will look great if one of your friends dresses up as Little Red Riding Hood.

Advantage: A spectacular costume can be worn multiple times.

Disadvantage: the creation of the outfit will take an hour or two.

What you need: Any old clothes you don’t mind parting with. Pieces of fur, gloves, werewolf mask or cosmetics. Overhead fangs.

How to make it: Sew pieces of fur onto your clothes to look like wool coming through the holes. You can attach them with glue, but after washing, the fur will fall off. Attach the fur to the gloves. If there is no mask, draw thick eyebrows and a wolf nose with a dark pencil.

Evil witch

Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

The image of the sorceress varies somewhat in different countries. The classic Halloween witch wears a cone hat.

Advantage: beautiful and durable outfit. Besides – not easily soiled!

Disadvantage: Haven’t figured it out yet.

What you need: black dress of any length, black shoes, hat, broom.

How to make: If you don’t have the hat you want, you can make it by following the numerous step-by-step tutorials that you can easily find on the net. It is enough to stock up on black cardboard, scissors and tape. You can make a broom with your own hands by attaching rods from a broom to a long stick.

Here are some more Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas:

Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas