Best 8 Mobile App Development Frameworks In 2024

Best 8 Mobile App Development Frameworks In 2024

Questing for one of the top-class mobile app development frameworks for your business application. Don’t worry, your search ends here. This blog consists of 8 top mobile app development frameworks!

No one can imagine this digital world without apps as everybody is so used to smartphones. Most people use applications in every case, whether it is for online shopping, tracking any health activity, or connecting socially with friends. In short, there are mobile apps for every aspect. So, it is well understood that mobile apps are the present or future of the digital industry. 

Many organizations are investing in mobile apps for their businesses as the demand for mobile apps is increasing every year. But with the evolutions in technology increasing day by day, the platforms to develop such applications are also increasing. That’s why selecting the best mobile app development framework for your business is a bit tricky. To sort it out for you, here we have gathered a list comprising the best mobile app development frameworks in 2024. 

But before knowing the famous mobile app frameworks used these days, let us make you understand ‘what exactly the mobile app development framework is’? 

Let’s take a layman’s example for this first. Think you need to build a building or house. Positively, you can appoint an architect with the basic project outline or make it as per your requirements. You can also start from the base and begin to plan for different aspects on your own, like room size, directions, ventilation windows, lighting, etc. 

Without a doubt, the latter gives you the complete flexibility to do whatever you need to do, but it will take a lot of your time and effort. On the other hand, the former lets you make your dream project with their expertise and existing resources in less time, and money. This is how exactly a mobile app development framework or application framework works. 

What is Mobile App Development Framework? (in technical terms)

What is Mobile App Development Framework

A mobile app development framework is a software framework designed to support mobile app development. It includes various libraries, tools, and ready-to-use templates to provide a supportive environment for specific software types. Also, the developers can add their code to such frameworks to customize the apps as per their needs. 

Other than this, the framework lets developers combine multiple resources, like a media file, or a document into a single pack within the project. With future upgrades, developers can revise their code within the app framework without any hurdles. 

Before selecting the best mobile app development framework, let’s read about the features that an effective framework should have. 

Features of an effective framework

Since a huge bucket of different types and numbers of frameworks are available in the technical industry, it is important to know the characteristics before spending your money on one framework. Also, it will help you to save resources and time for your organization. 

Strong community support

A trustworthy framework should be available to give 24/7 user support. It should also have a strong and active community to make you learn more and grow day by day. 

Documentation and Testimonials

It is good to select a framework that has a well-documented manual. It helps to understand the structure and usage of the framework for development. It is good for the training process for beginners too. 


As already mentioned, there are numerous frameworks in the market, so it’s important to know the different functionalities of the frameworks. Hence, analyze your business requirements and app needs, and then choose the best one as per your requirement list. Maybe your app needs a simple framework and sometimes there may be a need for complex ones. So be careful before finalizing. 

As you have read the basic features to consider before making a final decision, let’s know about the top-rated mobile app development frameworks in 2024!

Best Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2024

App Development Frameworks

React Native

Facebook released this Javascript-based app development framework named React Native in 2018. The platform is widely known for the fact that it allows developers to develop native-feel-like mobile apps that too for iOS and Android both. 

It allows you to use the React Native framework in your existing Android or iOS projects or you can create a whole new one from scratch. The platform supports cross-platform development based on a single code which makes it famous for all sorts of applications, especially for start-ups. 

Some key features of React Native

  • It provides a core set of native elements like Text, View, and Image that map directly to the native UI building blocks of the platform.
  • Its fast refresh features allow you to see the changes as soon as you save them. 
  • It has good support for third-party libraries. 
  • The platform is modular and intuitive and helps to accelerate development. 
  • Its code-reusability feature makes it cost-effective to use. 


The next option on the list is Ionic. It uses powerful tools like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop native-like apps. Ionic is an HTML5 application development tool that highly focuses on the visuals and user-friendliness of the mobile app. 

It has pre-designed elements, attractive topography, interactive models, and different themes. Ionic uses APIs like async, Pacifica, JSX, ChefSteps, TypeScript, Virtual DOM, etc. It is one of the best and easiest hybrid mobile app development frameworks for developers to launch apps on any platform quickly. 

Some key features of Ionic

  • It offers various Javascript components to use. 
  • You can choose from different themes like Lazy Loading. 
  • It also offers the advantage of touch-based gestures and pre-rendering. 
  • You can opt to do adaptive styling. 
  • It has various mobile-optimized components to offer. 


The next option is an open-to-use framework developed by Google called Flutter. This natively compiled framework helps to build multi-platform apps with a single code set. The platform provides widgets to build responsive mobile applications. With this feature, developers can easily alter existing applications or build new ones in a very short period. Such widgets include platform variations, like, namely scrolling, icons, fonts, and navigation. It eliminates dependency on platform-based UI components, so it is considered one of the best mobile app development frameworks. 

Some key features of Flutter

  • The platform is well capable of providing full native performance.
  • Its strong widget support makes it one of the best choices for developing apps for different operating systems.
  • The platform offers a hot reload for faster iteration. 
  • Flutter offers default material designing capabilities.
  • It offers fast and smooth animation transitions. 

Apache Cordova

Another good example of hybrid application development is Apache Cordova, formerly known as PhoneGap. This framework is a good option to consider as being developer-friendly and based on CSS3, HTML5, and Javascript. 

It lets the developers access device hardware capabilities, like, GPS, Camera, Accelerometers, etc. The development process with this platform is very fast as it has a single code set and various third-party tools support.

Some key features of Apache Cordova

  • Apache Cordova offers good integration with different plugins. 
  • The framework has the scenario of offline usage. 
  • It has good support for the Command Line Interface (CLI). 
  • Developers can use different Cordova core components. 
  • You can get native-like API access. 
  • You can use various Cordova core components. 


The next option on the list is Xamarin which lets you develop cross-platform apps with a basic .net code. You can use this framework to create apps that appear and perform like native applications. As it has a single code set to use, you can develop applications in the quickest way possible. 

Almost 70% of coding will be the same for all, no matter which platform you choose. Developers can customize apps as per the needs of the clients with Xamarin or in short, one can create highly customizable apps. The platform has powerful debugging tools and support for languages like C# and F#. 

Some key features of Xamarin

  • Xamarin is well-connected with Microsoft Visual Studio. 
  • It lets you build apps for different platforms apart from just iOS and Android. For example, Windows, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, etc. 
  • The framework uses data-based elements. 
  • It has a very versatile back-end infrastructure to use.
  • The platform offers native APIs and 2-dimensional graphics benefits. 
  • A very versatile back-end infrastructure.

JQuery Mobile

Another option in the race for the best mobile app development frameworks is JQuery Mobile. The framework is good for developing touch-enabled and highly responsive apps. Users can make appealing applications very easily as it is based on CSS3 and HTML5. It also lets the user make non-invasive dynamic web pages. 

It lets you use existing libraries like jQuery, Angular JS, KnockoutJS, etc. It lets you write the code in Javascript. 

Some key features of JQuery Mobile

  • The initialization under this platform is automatic. 
  • You can create rich internet-backed applications. 
  • JQuery Mobile offers dignified degradation and progressive enhancement. 
  • It has a very simple API supporting developer-friendly inputs. 
  • You can choose from different user interface widgets and themes. 
  • Very simple and interesting API supporting user-friendly inputs.

Corona SDK

The next choice on the list of app development frameworks is Corona SDK which is one of the most preferred options to build 2D gaming applications

This development tool allows developers to create apps with quick coding, and updates. And they can save all the changes in the complete process instantly. This allows developers to check the immediate results on the devices. It lets you easily optimize the performance of the application with the help of Lua. 

Some key features of Corona SDK

  • This framework has over 1000 APIs to offer that enable developers to work with animations, music, and textures. 
  • The platform is based on Lua programming language which makes it even more powerful. 
  • It has various plugins to offer that can be used for in-app analytics, hardware features, media, etc. 
  • Developers can cross-check the code changes immediately as this platform responds to the modifications instantly. 

Sencha Touch

The last but not least option on the list is Sencha Touch which was introduced an era ago and still has huge popularity. Developers can create web-based and tested applications with securely incorporated UI modules and libraries. The platform is good for making big corporate applications and it is also easy to sustain them with ease. 

The mobile apps created with Senhca Touch are safer to use as they go through tough testing. The framework is generally used to make apps that use hardware acceleration methods. 

Some key features of Sencha Touch

  • It has support for Cordova integration which makes it one of the most prominent options. 
  • It offers various default themes that are made for various platforms like iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry, etc. 
  • Developers can work with new as well as old code together. 
  • You can work with its operational backend data set. 
  • The framework offers remarkable themes for various mobile devices. 

Tips to pick the most suitable mobile app development framework

The framework that you choose plays an important role in determining the final appearance and success of your business application. This is the greatest means to connect with your target audience. You should decide on measuring the following:

  • To know the type of application you are creating. 
  • You should consider the experience and programming knowledge of the developer. 
  • It should fit your industry type.
  • It should be capable of working on the operating system suitable for your app. 
  • The vast size of the community to support. 
  • Most importantly, the flexibility of the framework. 

In a Nutshell,

So, this is all about some of the best mobile app development frameworks in 2024. All the given frameworks have their unique set of features and functionalities. It’s always advisable to select the most suitable one as per your business requirements and budget. 

You should always be mindful before spending your money on the one as the frameworks play a crucial role in the complete mobile app development process. The aforementioned frameworks are ruling the market and will continue to advance more and more. You can easily make feature-rich applications as per your business requirements in a very short period and without any hassle. 

So, if you are on the route to developing a mobile application with fewer resources and a quick launch, you can choose any of the above. 

If you still have queries in mind, feel free to connect with us. We will serve you happily!

Hope you find this blog informative!