5 Best Ethernet Cables in 2021

5 Best Ethernet Cables in 2021

To get the optimum performance from a fiber connection, you will first need to determine which is the best Ethernet cable on the market. However, with the myriad of offers present in the trade, one is always plagued by bad investments. It is, therefore, not a question of buying the first equipment that passes under our noses. Indeed, you will necessarily have to look at the length, quality, category, and price of your future purchase. These parameters will allow you to find the right specimen for your uses and at the same time to know how to choose the best Ethernet cables for 2021. In our comparison, we suggest a model from a reputable brand like the CSL-Computer and its CAT6 White. Consumers appreciate the latter for its versatility. It can be connected to a multitude of devices. If you want much better hardware in terms of connection speed, Primewire CAT7 Plat and its 10 Gb / s can satisfy you.

1. CSL-Computer Cat.6 Ethernet Gigabit Cable

Without being the best brand of Ethernet cables, CSL-Computer has won over buyers with the quality of its hardware design. This model offered to consumers reflects above all the know-how of the manufacturer in the field.

This is equipment with a length of 10 m. This specimen is especially suitable for indoor use. Classifying in category 6, it delivers 250 MHz and adapts to all types of fiber connection. You can then plug it into your various computer and electronic devices.

The designer has provided this article with two RJ-45 plugs on the ends for the connection of devices. It is, therefore, operational upon receipt of your package. Its notches are also equipped with an anti-crease system that limits the formation of knots during its installation or use. These can cause partial damage to your equipment.

CSL-Computer Cat.6 Ethernet Gigabit Cable


  • Versatile: This specimen is suitable for various electronic devices having a connection by a wired link. Indeed, you can wire it to a router, a desktop or laptop computer, a printer, a modem or even a game console.
  • Convenient Design: The connector has a high-quality plastic notch that withstands heavy handling. The accessory is dyed red, which is quite convenient to spot it.


  • Lack of a reel: Users notice that the presence of a reel could be a good alternative for the storage of this equipment.

2. Primewire Cat 7 Flat Network Cable

This Primewire model has a length of 5 m. It should therefore be used if you need to connect devices located near your router or modem. This limits its use somewhat but does not affect its performance in any way.

This specimen of the mark is distinguished above all by the appearance of the cable. It has a flat shape which ensures it is easy to put in place. Indeed, with its thickness of about 1.5 mm, it can easily slip between furniture, ducts and can be glued or fixed to walls or plinths without difficulty.

In terms of speed, this equipment can reach 10 Gb / s. With a frequency of 600 MHz, you can enjoy high data transfer speed. It can be adapted automatically with devices of lower categories such as cat.5e, cat.5, cat.6. You don’t even need to make any settings or adjustments.

Primewire Cat 7 Flat Network Cable


  • Connection speed: With a frequency of 600 MHz, this model can offer you a connection that can reach 10 Gb / s. It can be adapted to all types of use, domestic or professional.
  • Appearance of the wire: The designer provided this specimen with a so-called “flat” cable. This design makes it easy to install. It can easily slip into the chutes, can be attached or stuck discreetly to the wall.


  • Requires regular use: A consumer was left with a defective model after a few months of not using the equipment. You will then need to check its performance constantly.

3. Amazon Basics Network Cable RJ45 cat5

When you are in the research of your material, you must revisit its cost. If you’re on a budget but are looking for gear that can perform well with high-end models, check out AmazonBasics.

As well as being the cheapest on our list, this specimen surprised a lot of consumers. It has an average length of 15 m, which is a good compromise for indoor installation. It is part of the Cat5e category, which is the most preferred for a domestic wired connection.

This model is provided with a resistant PVC sheath. It is resistant to intensive handling but also phenomena such as humidity. The manufacturer has equipped it with sturdy connectors fitted with a safety system that prevents accidental removal.

Amazon Basics Network Cable RJ45 cat5


  • Robust Coating: This specimen has an integral sheath made of high-quality PVC. It is particularly resistant to external alterations. Moisture does not affect this material.
  • Plating of connectors: The plugs are equipped with a connection system made of gold plated. They are much more efficient and stronger compared to copper or aluminum models.


  • Spiral aspect: According to buyers, the rigidity of the sheath does not allow easy winding of the assembly after unpacking. You have to bend it slightly lengthwise to have a straight aesthetic, which may take a few moments.

4. MutecPower Cat5e Ethernet Network Cable

If you are still unsure which Ethernet cable to choose for your various wired connections, you can turn to MutecPower. The brand offers a wide range of specimens that can suit all uses. As for this material that we offer, it is provided with a length of 20 m.

The structure of this product is done in FTP. Its components have a shield on each of its twisted pairs. They are covered with a screen essentially made of copper and aluminum, which protects the whole from interference.

This model is classified in the Cat5e category. It can handle a connection speed varying from 10, 100 to 1000 Mb / s. It can therefore be suitable for home and professional use.

MutecPower Cat5e Ethernet Network Cable


  • Shielding quality: This equipment is in the category of FTP shielded cables. It is fitted with a CCA-type screen (Copper, Clad, Aluminum). The latter protects the wires from interference to ensure optimal transmission between the connected devices.
  • Design of the clamps: The connectors are fully protected from external damage thanks to a protection system. This one is not afraid of humidity.


  • Cable stiffness: Users find that the model is quite difficult to bend, which causes some inconvenience during installation.

5. MutecPower Multi-Cables CAT6 RJ45

As for this MutecPower equipment, its performance is intended for versatile use. Indeed, it can be set up indoors as well as outdoors. This ability is ensured by its length of 50 m and the robustness of its sheathing.

The external structure has an impermeability capacity which allows it to face all climatic conditions. She is not afraid of contact with water and sunburn. Its performance is then optimal at all times.

This equipment is categorized among the Cat6 type models. It can transmit data with frequencies up to 250 MHz. This specimen adapts to all wired networks and is backward compatible. With its performance, you can easily answer the question: where to buy the best Ethernet cable at the moment?

MutecPower Multi-Cables CAT6 RJ45


  • Robust coating: This product has a particularly resistant outer structure. It does not fear climatic variations and can be suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. It is waterproof and is resistant to both UV rays and bad weather.
  • Safety notch: The connectors are equipped with a protection system that limits early damage, often due to incorrect handling.


  • Signal loss: Some users’ tests revealed that models with a large length tend to have a slower connection speed than indicated in the description.

Ethernet Cables Buying Guide

The network connection of our domestic devices requires the use of an Ethernet cable. We must use it to promote the transfer of data from one point to another. However, the question that arises when you are not a computer whiz revolves around: where to buy a new Ethernet cable? To answer them, do not hesitate to rely on the following advice. They cover the essential criteria to obtain the right product for your needs.

The mode of use

A price comparison offers ample details on the values ​​and performance of a particular item. Consulting one during your research makes it even easier for you. Also, before you decide on a specimen, start by answering how to buy a better value for money Ethernet cable. Determine your needs, so you don’t get the wrong product. Indeed, there is a wide variety of multiple-use Ethernet cables. This plurality complicates the search for the accessory appropriate to your requests.

Thus, it is essential to define in advance what type of wire should be obtained. Is this model suitable for use for this purpose? The consumer should choose between a single-stranded or multi-stranded, shielded, double-shielded, or single and unshielded product. The flexibility of the tool is also taken into account. For a wall-mounted network installation or horizontal cabling, use the RJ-45 cord.

The performance

In this parameter, it is essential to take into account the speed of information transfers. Indeed, this detail emanates from the nature of the Ethernet cable you have chosen. The flow rate of the wire depends on its variety. The Class 5e RJ-45 cord offers relative data transmission at 155 MHz with a speed of 1000 Mb / s and extends over a length of 100 m at most. As for its category 6e pair, the transfer takes place at frequencies of 250 MHz on 1 Gbit / s and over 100 m.

Therefore, think in terms of efficiency when making your purchase. Check the amount of information propagating per unit of time. This is how you will know how fast data is moving on your network.


The longevity of the product is an important point in this quest. Indeed, it depends in particular on the brand you have chosen. Therefore, our buying guide for the best Ethernet cables can point you towards top-quality parts.

To be able to keep your item intact indefinitely, make no mistake about how it is used. Single-stranded Ethernet wires are rigid and are ideal for wall installations. As for stranded strands, they display great flexibility and are suitable for cord patching. So, do not confuse the use of these two specimens. If the error has occurred, these accessories do not withstand treatment and wear out prematurely.

How to use an Ethernet cable?

According to the technical definitions of this tool, it is a standard for data transmission. It is then used to set up a local network where different instruments are related. This accessory looks like an ordinary thread, but its many functions and employment possibilities determine its specificity. In the following, we will show you how to use it and exploit the performance of such equipment.

Connect one computer to another

In the logic of trying to accelerate the transfer of information from a workstation, it is imperative to use an Ethernet cable for the speed to be optimal. Moreover, it is used to connect machines to the main server. This product conditions an efficient flow of data. At home, the installation is done just from a switch or a Hub. A rigid product is necessary to set up a wall network based on a capillary or horizontal connection system.

Match various machines together

The primary role of this device is to connect different equipment on a single network. It can be a desktop or laptop, to a server. It is not limited to these basic products. It is possible to pair your game console to a screen or an external hard drive from the Ethernet cable. This tool is also suitable for printers and digital mixers. In all cases, its use facilitates the transfer of data.

Store it properly

Being fragile, the Ethernet cable may malfunction if it is abused. He then needs a storage place adapted to his characteristics. So, remember to place it in a dry place, away from any humidity. Exposure to heat is not recommended at all. The different types of cable packaging offered on the market are suitable for gently storing the product. Putting it on a reel, in cardboard, or even in a drum is best.

Inserting the wires step by step

It is essential to move forward little by little. Once the bare wire, proceed to the introduction of the bare wires inside the base. Operate delicately and with finesse. You have to take your time not to make mistakes and to avoid damaging your equipment. Thus, make sure to put the twist as close as possible to the connection point in the internal parts of the base. After doing this task and placing the fibers in the right place, then lock the connector. From there, you can introduce it into the medium of your choice, in particular a Hub or a switch.

Define its other fields of application

Other than the connection of small office equipment or even industrial use, the Ethernet cable is also used to connect VoIP phones. The same goes for surveillance cameras. In addition, it is also suitable for routers, WiFi access points, and network switches. Smart homes are starting to develop and take advantage of these specimens in intelligent lighting control or for LED switches.

Maintain Ethernet cables properly

From this perspective, how the product is stored remains decisive for its proper functioning. As mentioned earlier, it needs strict storage. In terms of maintenance and cleaning, there is not much to do. Just remember to check the condition of the cable from time to time. Take care continuously that the latter does not twist along its length.