9 Pretty Halloween Decoration Ideas That You Should Try

9 Pretty Halloween Decoration Ideas That You Should Try

Halloween is the perfect time to have fun with decorating. Even if it’s a horror party, you can definitely think outside the box by adapting traditional decorations to current trends!

Because Halloween can also be an occasion that is celebrated in style, here are 9 Halloween decorations that are pretty, trendy and easy to make yourself!

1. Ghost Piñata

Pretty Halloween Decoration

Playful, pretty, and easy to make, these piñatas are perfect for adding a bit of festivity to your decor!

All you have to do is inflate balloons and cover them with cut tissue paper to make them. You can then cut out the eyes and mouth from construction paper and then affix them to your ghost.

Hang it all from the ceiling, and you’re done! 

2. Candy… for the Eyes!

Pretty Halloween Decoration

The perfect arrangement if you plan to entertain for Halloween! Make this beautiful Halloween garland from recycled toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper and decorative ribbons. You can also fill a few bonbonnieres with treats and leave them on your table to complete the decoration!

A little trick for everything to be successful: we combine traditional Halloween colors such as orange and black with more vibrant colors such as pink and yellow. Punched decoration guaranteed!

3. Pastel Pumpkins

Pretty Halloween Decoration

Don’t want to carve a pumpkin? No problem! All you need to make these pastel pumpkins is paint, some printable words, and tattoo paper. If you have good handwriting, you can write the sentences by hand using a Sharpie pencil!  

Psst! : Don’t forget to cover your pumpkins with a coat of varnish to protect the paint if you plan to install them outside.

4. Halloween S’mores

Pretty Halloween Decoration

A classic revisited! Cook Halloween snacks that are as pretty on the eyes as they are on the taste buds with these spooky Smore’s.

Even better, you could make a bar at Smore’s so that your guests can garnish theirs according to their tastes! The key to success for this original snack: lots of colorful candies and haunted marshmallows! 

5. Poisonous Cocktails

Pretty Halloween Decoration

Surprise your guests by concocting colorful earthworm drinks! You need water (or a colorful beverage like juice or Gatorade), gummy worms, and an ice cube tray.

We freeze the water and the worms in the tray, and then we serve everything in a glass that we lengthen with tonic, water or clear carbonated drink (like 7up, for example).

Perfect for refreshing your guests after a good sway on the dance floor!

6. A pineapple? Why not!

Pretty Halloween Decoration

Want to decorate differently this year? Why not carve something other than a pumpkin! One can obtain a frankly convincing result with a pineapple; in my opinion, it’s even scarier than a pumpkin!

Cut it up the same way you would a pumpkin and take the opportunity to taste the flesh of the fruit.

7. Halloween Sideboard

Pretty Halloween Decoration

Here, we adopt one of the trendiest decorative elements: the sideboard! Go for a chic color combination like gold, black and white to give your decorations a more distinguished look.

The possibilities are endless: painted pumpkins, cat masks, ghost cookies… Indulge yourself in creating the perfect Halloween candy cart!

8. Cozy Pumpkins

Pretty Halloween Decoration

Here is a great way to transpose the expression sweater weather on pumpkins: we are inspired by the fact that autumn symbolizes a return to the comfort of our chunky knits to decorate our pumpkins! For a successful look, opt for neutral colors and paint patterns that remind you of the patterns of your woolens.

A little trick: Paint the stem of your pumpkins a metallic color to give them a chic look!

9. Feline Garland

Pretty Halloween Decoration

If you already have a decorative string of lights at home, this DIY is for you! Otherwise, you can get one for a few dollars at a decoration store.

Simple and cute, this feline garland is made using only black construction paper! First size small cat heads using this template, then insert it on your light bulbs. Ta-dam!