Fun Halloween Decoration Ideas to Try With Kids

Fun Halloween Decoration Ideas to Try With Kids

Here comes one of the funniest holidays of the year for young and old; it’s time to get to work, creating a frighteningly fun atmosphere. Halloween is about to begin! Today no complicated things, if you want your Halloween party to be successful, you just have to follow these simple tips on how to prepare decorations to create a spooky environment, do not miss any details!

The Colors of the Party

If there is one thing you should consider when organizing your Halloween party, it is the basic colors, where orange and black, along with touches of white and purple, play an important role.

A Thrilling Banquet

An activity that you can offer at home to the little ones is the decoration of cookies. You can stuff them in the party’s colors or use candies or chocolates to decorate them. They are sure to have a blast!

Cardboard Monsters

They are simple and fun to make. You can use colored or even better, recycled cardboard to paint. With the help of molds or freehand, you can draw the silhouettes of a monster, a pumpkin, a spider, or a bat. You can place it around the house, attached to the walls, or hung as pendants from the ceiling, thanks to a thin hole to pass a wire.

Candy Garland

This decoration requires a little more work and more effort from adults to handle the necessary hot glue gun. You need colored candies and a structure to attach them and you can give the children the task of covering them with crepe paper scraps and your garland is ready to decorate.

Paper Pumpkin

Cut out many equal strips of orange paper. Make a small hole in the ends of each strip. Stack them on top of each other and insert a chenille stem into the holes. Bend the stem so that the paper strips do not come out, twist the remainder to make the pumpkin curl.

Ice Cream Stick Pumpkin

Color ice cream sticks with orange and glue them together in a line. Then place two sticks of different color horizontally, both at the top and at the bottom on the backside. Then use black color to make eyes and face.

Monster Lanterns

Another fun Halloween craft is making your own lanterns. Paint glass jars such as pumpkins, ghosts, and monsters. Cut out different spooky faces of paper and glue them to the jar. The lanterns will look very scary when it gets dark.

Halloween Mask

Make your own scary masks for “Bus or candy” on Halloween. What do you want to be? A mysterious cat, a pumpkin, a bat, or Frankenstein? Make it from thick craft paper and paint it.

Naughty Stones

Painting stones like pumpkins, ghosts, and monsters is a fun and easy Halloween craft that even the youngest can do. It will be a fun decoration to set the table for Halloween.

Ghost Leaves

Dry the plane tree leaves flat, between 2 books or notebooks. Once dried, your child paints each leaf white and let them dry. Once dry, make two eyes and a mouth for spooky ghosts!


Try these ideas with your kids and encourage them to be more creative. With these ideas, they can prepare for the Halloween party by themselves, and you can also let them try these ideas with their friends. So they cal learn something, and they will have more fun.