Decorate Your House in Scariest Way for This Halloween

Decorate Your House in Scariest Way for This Halloween

Flying bats, spooky witches, or boiling cauldrons, you’ll find all of this and more on the year’s spookiest night. And when it comes to Halloween decorations, there are no big restrictions: the scarier and spookier, the better!

This article will give you some tips on what materials you can make or buy ready-made.

Homemade Halloween Decoration

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a Halloween decoration at home that will delight children (and adults). There are many things you can do with materials you have at home and in a short amount of time. Include the little ones in the activities and make it a family program.

Spooky Ghost

scary halloween decorations

It is effortless to make this Halloween decoration object, and it fits perfectly into any decorative environment on this theme. All you need is a white gauze or tulle cloth and a cylindrical-shaped stand (you can use polystyrene globes).

Place the gauze on the support and make a mixture of water and white glue. Brush the gauze well and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours. Remove the backing, stick the eye and mouth shapes on black cardboard and get spooky ghosts. You can also purchase it from here.

Pumpkin Jack’o’Lantern

scary halloween decorations

It is the symbol of Halloween decoration, and it is an absolute must for any Halloween decor. Buy a reasonably sized pumpkin and, using a good knife, cut it off the top, leaving a kind of “little lid.”

Remove as much of the pulp as you can, along with the seeds, then start sculpting the shape of the spooky mouth and eyes you want. Then place a candle or LED light inside the pumpkin, close the lid and make this pumpkin a staple of your Halloween decoration.

Broom Parking

scary halloween decorations

A super creative idea that costs almost nothing and will delight the little ones!

Find a corner at the entrance to your house and handcraft a sign that says “witch’s broom parking lot.” Place the brooms in the house there and leave some cobwebs there to finish the job. If you have a witch hat, even better.

Lots of Orange and White Balloons

scary halloween decorations

This suggestion works especially well if you have a fireplace but is excellent for any environment. Fill your chimney with lots of orange and white balloons, and using a pen, draw the spooky shapes of the mouth and eyes of the ghost.

DIY Mummies

scary halloween decorations

Save glass jars of peanut butter, chickpeas, beans, and more and use them as Halloween decorations.

Using hot glue, wrap the jars in white cheesecloth. Finish with black cardboard in the shape of spooky eyes and use it as a candle holder.

Spider Plates

scary halloween decorations

Buy black plates and black straws. Cut the straws in half and fold them to form a side less triangle. Then stick those straws on the plate (three on each side), and you have a real spider.

Snacks (which are also decorative items)

Mom’s Sausages

scary halloween decorations

This snack is super easy to make and goes with the Halloween decorating vibe.

Cut a packet of puff pastry into strips and wrap one strip around each sausage, leaving some parts visible. Finish with two dots of mustard, and you’re done.

Punch of the Witches

scary halloween decorations

Cut up lots of fruit and pour the juice or sangria into a large container. Then add the fruit and some gummy worms, eyes, and other spooky shapes. Add a serving spoon to the soup, and the witches’ brew is ready.

Skeleton Hands

scary halloween decorations

Buy a packet of clear disposable gloves and fill them with popcorn. Tie them with a string and hang them from the ceiling. Terrifyingly scary!

Candy Cauldron

scary halloween decorations

Take a high stool, put a bowl on it and cover it with a white sheet. Apply black cardboard in the shape of two eyes and a mouth, and on top of the sheet put a mountain of sweets and jellybeans. On that day, it doesn’t count, everything is permitted.