Best Free Games for PC Players Can Enjoy

Best Free Games for PC Players Can Enjoy

Although more and more new titles are released, there is also the possibility of enjoying great PC games without spending money. For a few years now, companies have offered games that can be downloaded for free, which can be purchased together with other titles that video game platforms such as Steam or Epic Games Store offer free and limited to their users.

Although much of the profits that a company can obtain is based on the money it receives from its video games, there is currently another approach to marketing video games. An example of this is the Battle Royale games, which can mostly be enjoyed for free but which offer different purchases within the game itself. Skins, exclusive characters, or the battle pass itself, among other things, are an example of this.

1. Battle royale games to play for free on PC

Fortnite (Epic Games, 2017)


Fortine is a game developed by Epic Games, and that has been an example to follow within the Battle Royale genre. This free to play game has won millions of players worldwide thanks to its style, theme, and constant evolution through all the seasons since its inception.

PUBG (Bluehole, 2017)


Called Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, this game was one of the main titles to make the Battle Royale genre popular. Its popularity is based on its style of play in which only the last survivor wins and that it is a cross-play so that users of different platforms can play in it.

Hyper Scape (Ubisoft, 2020)

Hyper Scape

From Ubisoft came this new Battle Royale, Hyper Scape. With a much more futuristic theme than the rest of the games of this genre, in Hyper Scape the players must eliminate the rest of the players to win. It is a first-person game that allows multiplayer mode and in which different tactics can be used to achieve victory.

Spellbreak (Proletariat, 2020)


Currently available on the Epic Games Store, Spellbreak is a free to play game that stands out for its style. Its aesthetic is similar to that of other games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but with everything that a Battle Royale has to have. In addition to weapons, in this game, you must use all kinds of spells to beat the other players.

2. Free shooting games for PC

CS: GO (Valve, 2012)


Under the acronym CS: GO is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a multiplayer game that can be downloaded for free. In it, players must fight in teams until they finish off the rest of the players. It is a first person shooter that has been available since 2012, but thanks to its constant updates, it is still one of the most popular free to play games.

Call of Duty Warzone (Infinity Ward, Raven Software, 2020)

Call of Duty

Every gamer who has enjoyed Call of Duty games cannot miss out on their own Battle Royale. Call of Duty Warzone is a multiplayer game that allows you to play with players from both PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. It focuses on a pure Call of Duty-style map in which up to 150 players fight whose goal is to be the only one to survive.

Destiny 2 (Bungie, 2017)

Destiny 2

With a futuristic theme in which beings from different planets face each other in combat, Destiny 2 is a free to play game with a large community. This first-person shooter was developed by Bungie but is also available through Steam, where it can be downloaded for free.

Apex: Legends (Respawn, 2019)

Apex Legends

Within the selection of free online games, Apex Legends cannot be missing. This shooter has become very popular in recent years thanks to its style of games and all its characters. It differs mainly from Fortnite because it focuses on shooting, an aspect that has attracted millions of players.

3. Action games to play for free on PC

Warframe (Digital Extremes, Panic Button, 2013)


With more than 50 million players, Warframe is one of the most popular shooters. On the one hand, this third-person shooter stands out for its futuristic theme and its different game modes. On the other hand, the players have total freedom to customize their character and role in the game.

Paladins: Champions of the Realm (Hi-Rez Studios, 2014)


Paladins is a free game that stands out for its style as well as its main theme. It is available on the Epic Games Store. It is a first-person shooter in which, along with its gameplay, the variety of its characters is the most important factor.

Valorant (Riot Games, 2020)


Released in 2020, Valorant is a first-person shooter with everything you need to be a hit with gamers. With a wide variety of characters and weapons, in this game, you have to put all your skills into practice to create the best strategy to achieve victory.