Fortnite Battle Royale – How to Play MTL and Other Game Modes?

Fortnite Battle Royale – How to Play MTL and Other Game Modes?

Fortnite has many different game modes. Of course, the best known are Battle Royale, Arena, and Creative, but additionally, Epic Games periodically updates its video game with other limited-time modes (MTL) in which very specific rules are established, as well as other less played or more we commonly see in creative. These modes are designed to have fun, although, in a certain way, they can be used as a practice to improve specific skills. Here we talk about some of the best known.

Battle Lab

Fortnite Battle Royale

In this mode, we enter the current map of ‘Fortnite’ to test it thoroughly without facing anyone.

Team fray

If we have more than 4 people who want to play in our group, we can choose to select this mode. In team fray, there are only 2 different teams, and all the participants of our group belong to the same one. Due to many players, the rules are a bit different: the goal of our team is to reach a certain number of kills, but if they kill us, we reappear, and we all continue playing. In this mode, shortly after the storm begins, it becomes a much smaller point to avoid players’ dispersion throughout the map.

Box fight

Fortnite Battle Royale

This is a very popular map in Creative Mode. In a very small closed area, players must face each other making good use of the materials and weapons at their disposal. In this type of map, we practice the option of editing a lot since, in such a small space, we are constantly in danger, and before we start, we can create our vertical tower without being hurt. Also, in the final bars, it is possible that we have to destroy the constructions of the rivals so that the storm does not catch us, which will close completely.

Zone Wars

The maps of Zone Wars are very different from each other, but basically, their premise is to face several players in the same place with different weapons and starting objects. In this mode, very common in creative mode, the storm will also close little by little.

Realistic alone

The realistic ones alone are Zone Wars maps but transferred to ” real ” places in the game, that is, places that already appear or appeared in the Battle Royale, such as the coliseum, the car graveyard …


One of the most played modes by ‘Fortnite’ fans is the PVP maps. This mode consists of a 1vs1 confrontation in which the players begin to build towards opposite sides from the same platform. In PVP maps, it is of tremendous importance to know how to build well because thanks to this, we will achieve the height and, with it, the desired advantage. In this mode, there is no storm.

Single shot

Fortnite Battle Royale

In this mode, we play a personalized game of Battle Royale in which the only weapons that we find are marksman rifles in all their variants. Our character can jump high, as with zero points and our life is minimal, so a single shot is used to kill us. All these features make the mode a no-scope fight (shooting without aiming) in which keyboard and mouse gamers enjoy the advantage of the precision of these peripherals.

Solid gold

In this mode, the game is like a normal Battle Royale game with the difference that all the weapons on the map are legendary. In this way, good players are guaranteed to have good weapons as soon as they start and thus avoid being eliminated by less good players who were luckier at the beginning. Of course, it is also more dangerous since a shotgun can send us to the lobby with ease.