Resident Evil 8 Village: Werewolves and Vampires as in Twilight

Resident Evil 8 Village: Werewolves and Vampires as in Twilight

Anyone would have said a few years ago that Resident Evil would not only once again be one of the great IPs in the industry but that some of its titles would even become candidates for GOTY. This new golden era of the Capcom saga began with Resident Evil 7, which offered us a new protagonist, Ethan Winters, in a title that opted for the first person to teach us, terror. Now Ethan returns on a new adventure in which he must gather his courage to face Mother Miranda and a town full of creatures that seem taken from hell itself.

Resident Evil 8 Village analysis

Who was going to tell me that I would end up analyzing survival horror games? It is not an exaggeration when I say that as a child, it was more like sleeping covered up to the head, even in summer, before any unknown noise that I heard. Under no circumstances did one look under the bed when the Sun was not in sight. However, with Resident Evil, I have something special.

I’m not much into watching horror movies. I do not know the first name of this Warren who is on the bill so much, but for a few years, I have the habit of playing at least one title of the Resident Evil saga, although with the titles already released to have more or less knowledge of where the main scares are (and still, I take them).

With all that said, with Resident Evil 8 Village, I have faced the challenge of playing completely blind, which has been a completely new experience for me. And I must say that the scares remain, although it may not in the way I expected.

Resident Evil 8 Village

A direct sequel to Resident Evil 7

Starting with the story that ‘ Resident Evil 8 Village ‘ offers us, it should be noted that it continues the events that occurred in the previous installment, bringing back Ethan Winters , who now, instead of rescuing his wife, must do the same with her 6-month-old daughter, Rose , who a satanic cult has kidnaped. I will not go into too much detail about it to avoid spoilers, but the best word to define it is unstable to the plot.

The latter is mainly because being more focused on the action, this and the exciting moments (although they can become implausible) prevail over the story when they are present, giving rise to long journeys without advancing in the plot, but in which we will be from one shooting to another, which could clash a bit with the purest of the saga.

However, if history prevails for something, it is for inspiration in classics that many will recognize. For example, if in Resident Evil 7, the influence of Saw or The hills has eyes was noted. This time, it is vampires, Frankenstein, werewolves, among others, who give their greatest juice to history, this being a delight for lovers of the genre.

Resident Evil 8 Village

I go back to the first person, but more linear

Likewise, the fact of being a sequel to the previous numbered installment not only comes from the hand of its history, but also from its mechanics and, above all, from the use of the first person, this being something that was not entirely clear after the view from the shoulder that we had in the saga’s remakes of the 2nd and 3rd installments. This being the trend in the genre for years, it must be said that Capcom, once again, has managed to adapt it perfectly to the mechanics of Resident Evil and going beyond the simple jumpscares.

However, something that has not been respected about its legacy has been backtracking, thus conceiving a title that often sins from being too linear and even corridor. The glimpses of going back to unlock things in most cases are limited to secondary things that will make us improve, but that will not add much to the plot. Those coming from the Resident Evil 2 police station will miss him.

Also, another of his great sins goes through the puzzles, a mechanic very present in the saga since ancient times. In the case of Resident Evil 8 Village, the problem is twofold, since we find few at the same time that they do not require too many complications.

Resident Evil 8 Village

Action in its purest form

Despite all the above, I do not think that that is why the title is on the way to suspense, but quite the opposite, since it is a very, very enjoyable game, although it may not in the way that some may expect. To begin with, we have the combats against the rank and file enemies, which will be dynamic and will require nerves of steel to succeed. And if this was not enough, there are also the bosses.

The battles are simply spectacular, showing a staging that lives up to everything that we will see in the title. Perhaps the only sin comes from some confrontations in which, except for a few occasions, will consist of shooting damage sponges that, yes or yes, they will end up falling. Bullet management will be safe there, but it may not be as relevant as before.

Also, since I have brought up the subject of the staging, it must be said that the setting that has been recreated in Resident Evil Village is spectacular. Not only is it how incredibly good the RE Engine looks on any of the platforms, but Capcom has been able to make the most of it so that we feel inside their world at all times. In both landscapes and characters, a work of 10 has been done, which is accompanied by a more than sublime dubbing in Spanish, without leaving aside the soundtrack, immersive to the full.

Resident Evil 8 Village

Is Resident Evil 8 Village worth it?

Being my first “virgin” experience with the survival horror genre, I must say that Resident Evil 8 Village has been an experience as enjoyable as the previous ones. However, it may not be placed in the Olympus of the saga as it could be in its day. A remake of the 2nd installment. During the 12 hours that the first game lasted me, I have felt the tension of the moment on many occasions, even if it has ups and downs.

It is by far one of those titles that will continue to be played beyond its launch, while it will give a lot to talk about in the coming weeks. It may fail in the scary section since, if you do not know that it is a Resident Evil, you do not go with the tension that it requires on many occasions, but that does not detract from its merits of any kind.

Finally, knowing that Capcom usually launches Resident Evil by trilogies, we only have to wait to see what they end up surprising us with, since, being a title that closes the story of Ethan Winters with a flourish, they have the perfect opportunity to surprise his fans in any way unimaginable. Having said all this, it is time for you to face Mother Miranda.