Fortnite Battle Royale – Season 6 Chapter 2, All Week Challenges

Fortnite Battle Royale – Season 6 Chapter 2, All Week Challenges

Fortnite Battle Royale – Challenges of Week 9

Every week, Epic Games launches challenges to overcome in Fortnite challenges that help us to get certain accessories or many experience points to level up in the battle pass. We help you overcome the challenges of these eight weeks of season 6. Note: The challenges of the ninth week are not yet active, so the tricks to overcome them may vary. We will update them as soon as they are available.

Legendary Challenge: Fish Fishing

In this week’s legendary challenge, we have to catch fish, but not a few precisely. To complete the last of the challenge phases, we must catch up to 250 fish. The fish can be fished with explosives, with a pole, or with a Harpoon Weapon (faster and safer). The ideal place to fish is Sandy Cliffs, as we will find a house with a large number of barrels to take out rods and harpoons. What yes, be careful with the storm, because this is the northernmost point of the map.

Trigger a rift when purchased from a character

In Fortnite, several NPC characters offer us to use a crack in exchange for gold bars. Said NPCs are:

  • 24 – Raven Reborn (Burning Sands)
  • 26 – Raz (Colossal Crops)
  • 31 – Taxisto (Sleeping Pools)
  • 34 – Jonesy Castaway (Angry Stacks)

Then we leave you with a map with its location.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Hunt a wild boar

This mission is simple, and we just have to locate a wild boar and kill it. The ideal thing is to do it in Colossal Crops, as there is a fenced area where wild boars always appear.

Spend 7 seconds within 7 meters of a fleeing chicken

For this mission, we must chase a chicken. Like other animals, chickens can appear practically anywhere outdoors, so we must have some luck finding one.

Get Health in the Storm

To meet this challenge, we must go into the storm with the certainty that we will come out alive (do not go crazy, or you can die very quickly). In the storm, we must take an object that restores our health, such as a banana, bandages, a medicine cabinet, or even lights a fire.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Throw a shock grenade at yourself while in a storm

As in the previous challenge, be careful not to stay too long in the storm. After finding a shock grenade or a shock grenade mechanical bow, we must use a grenade or arrow while we are in a storm. This can even help us to get out of it and not lose a life.

Survive storm phases

In total, we must survive 5 phases. It is not very difficult, but if we want to do it in a single game, it may be a good idea to stay still and crouched in a hedge, so that time and the storm phases pass without anyone seeing us.

Build in the storm

Again we must go into the storm and start building. We only have to do 10 constructions, so 100 resources will be enough.

Fortnite Battle Royale – Challenges of Week 8

Legendary Challenge: Destroy structures with fire

For this week’s legendary challenge, we must make use of some rare items and weapons. To destroy structures with fire, the most comfortable thing is to carry a Primitive Igneous Bow (remember that it can be crafted with a Primitive Bow plus a can of gasoline or a luminescent jar) or a Flare Gun, a recently introduced weapon. If we have a bow, we only have to have many arrows to start burning everything. The ideal thing is to burn trees and houses in leafy areas, as this way we will score points in the challenge without the need to face anyone. Other options, although slower, are to use a luminescent jar or shoot a car, gasoline can, a gas station near wooden structures. Remember that wooden and metal structures do not burn.

For every 100 structures we burn, we will get experience points up to a maximum of 500 structures ( 133,000 total XP ).

Fortnite Battle Royale

Phase 1 of 4 – Gather research books from Sacred Hedges and Pleasant Park

In Setos Sagrados and Parque Placentero there are several books to interact with. All of them are located inside houses. In total, there are 3 in Parque Placentero and 5 in Setos Sagrados, and you have to take them all. We show you the maps and the houses in which each book is located in the following screenshots.

Stage 2 of 4 – Use the Guardian Tower Launchers

Simple challenge. We just have to approach one of the different guardian towers and climb to its top to use one of its launchers. In total, we must do this 3 times, being able to repeat the tower to do it faster.

Stage 3 of 4 – Open chests in The Spire or the Guardian Towers

Also an easy challenge but somewhat misleading in its title. The chests of the houses do not count, only those that are located at the top of the guardian towers and the tower of La Aguja. We can find one or two chests, one on each side. We only need to open two chests to get it in any of the places in one or two games at most.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Stage 4 of 4 – Damage an opponent within 10 seconds of landing

This challenge is highly dangerous and somewhat difficult but manageable. Our advice is to try it in Solo mode, jumping off the bus as soon as the door opens and plummeting to get to the ground as soon as possible. We must choose the city or town that is closest when the Hang Glider opens and visually looks for a weapon (if possible, a distant firing like a rifle) to start firing within 10 seconds. Of course, when you are going down to the zone, watch that there are opponents falling more or less close, otherwise it will be tough for us to damage someone in such a short time.

Another method (a bit suicidal) is to try to fall right at the same point as an opponent and hit him with the pick. We can continue like this until we eliminate him or he eliminates us or even looks for a weapon. But logically, we are putting ourselves at risk of our departure solely to complete this challenge. The objective is not to eliminate the opponent, just to damage him a little, so we can do that and then enter a house and look for more resources to continue the game.

Phase 1 of 3 – Dance in the Burger Burger Kitchen

The burger joint is located next to the sawmill, east of Alameda Afligida, between Setos Sagrados and Pantano Pegajoso. It is only necessary to enter the kitchen and perform a dance or gesture, so this challenge will be easy unless there are many players.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Stage 2 of 3 – Use a Glow Jar in the Pizza Pit

Luminescent Jars have improved their spawn rate. Now it’s even possible to get one lying on the ground or inside a chest. In addition, they can also be found in leafy areas. If we see a kind of light similar to the fire of a bonfire nearby, it is probably the fireflies that we can capture to have said luminescent jar. Using it in the Pizza Pit meadow has no greater science. The only slight difficulty is finding the luminescent jar in a nearby area.

Phase 3 of 3 – Drive from Hamburrrguesa to Pozo de Pizza without leaving the vehicle

The last phase of this week’s challenges requires us to take a vehicle and travel a good distance, around 1,400 meters, and cross country. In Hamburrrguesa, there are several vehicles parked, but we must choose one with a fairly full tank. To give you an idea, we have tested with a vehicle with 73% fuel and finished with only 20%, so we consume 53% in a fairly straight route, which may not be possible to take if we have to avoid opponents.

If none of the vehicles parked in Hamburrrguesa has more than half a tank, the only possibility is to first grab a can of gasoline to fill that tank, or if we are going as a team, one of the members stops in the middle of the road at a gas station. That person who comes down will lose the challenge, but the other duo, trio, or squad members will complete it. Below we show you a map with the fastest route and the start and finish points indicated.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale – Challenges of Week 7

Stage 1 of 4 – Eliminations with Improvised Weapons

To complete this challenge, we must do an elimination with an improvised weapon. On this occasion, in the case of only one kill, we can choose to do it in the Battle Royale modes if we prefer. If you choose to do so, our advice is to try it at the beginning of the game after reloading the shield bar; if we try to eliminate mid-game, we may already have much better weapons than the improvised ones.

Stage 2 of 4 – Primitive Weapon Eliminations

In the same case, only now must we perform the kill with a primitive weapon. As these weapons are better than improvised ones, we don’t have to be in too much of a hurry to get there. Of course, if your objective is to win the game, by the way, for example, try not to use a primitive weapon from a distance (bow) at close range because it is the only primitive you have, better wait until you can use a more propitious one to the situation in which we are immersed.

Stage 3 of 4 – Mechanical Weapon Eliminations

Again, we only have to do a kill, this time with a mechanical weapon. Besides bows, there are many more mechanical weapons. They just don’t get the word “mechanical” in their names. They are all those that are manufactured with mechanical parts: Assault Rifle, Sliding Shotgun, Revolver, and Submachine Gun, in addition to the different mechanical bows. Once again, the challenge will be easy for us.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Phase 4 of 4 – Mark weapons of different rarity

We must point out weapons of different rarity ( common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, mythical, exotic ). We must mark 7 types, that is, of all. The difficulty of this mission is that some weapons are not “easy” to get, particularly mythical. There is only one: the Recycler of the Assassin of the Needle. Here are some links on how to get certain mythical and exotic weapons.

  • Raz’s Blast Bow (Mythic)
  • Shadow Tracker (Exotic)
  • Jump Rock Doubles (exotic)
  • Triumph (exotic)
  • Salpicón Canyon (exotic)
  • Harpoon Bow (exotic)
  • Unstable Bow (Exotic)

Phase 1 of 3 – Gather meat or Peppers

In total, we must gather five of these. We can choose to throw and catch the same piece of meat or pepper several times until reaching 5 times. We get meat by eliminating certain animals (velociraptors, wolves, wild boars, and chickens), while peppers can be found in some green boxes that are inside some houses. If you opt for peppers, to find them easily, we recommend going to the garden, north of Cultivos Colosales.

Stage 2 of 3 – Use consumable items

We have to use up to 3 consumable items. Be careful, they do not have potions or medicine cabinets. If we already have all the vitality and have a fruit or vegetable that only recovers life, we can choose to throw ourselves from a certain height (carefully) and then use it.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Stage 3 of 3 – Velociraptor Hunt

The hardest thing about this challenge is finding said animals. We have to eliminate 2, but remember that they are animals with a lot of vitality and that they can do us a lot of damage, so be well prepared beforehand. Velociraptors can appear and move to different locations, so we must search on our own until we find them. These animals do not appear in Team Brawl, so you must overcome this challenge in Solo, Duos, or Squads.

Fortnite Battle Royale – Challenges of Week 6

Phase 1 of 2 – Open safes

To overcome this mission, we must open the safes that keep gold bars inside. Normally we will find them inside some houses, but their appearance is not frequent, and also, they continually change location. Remember not to break them, just open them. We have to do it a total of 3 times.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Stage 2 of 2 – Complete Bounties

In total, we must complete 3. It is quite simple, and we have to look for NPC characters, talk to them and take over simple contracts. Some ask us for things as easy as chopping wood or picking vegetables, so it should not cost us too much to exceed 3.

Phase 1 of 3 – Get the maximum shield in different games

Challenge also quite simple. Remember to start by taking two mini shield potions and then take a large one and complete the shield to 100%. Another option is to fall near a tank truck, which will give us a 100 shield if we continue to have the 100 life points at the beginning of the game. On the other hand, we can also choose to go to the Sticky Swamp and start chopping shield barrels or walking around the lake. In total, we have to complete the shield in 3 different games, so we can even complete this mission without realizing it.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Phase 2 of 3 – Disguise yourself as an object and stay within 20 meters of a player for 3 seconds

This mission is somewhat difficult, especially considering that we have to overcome it up to three times. To disguise ourselves as an object, we must go together with an NPC who offers us a disguise in exchange for 75 gold bars. In total, there are five: Zak (located in Colossal Crops), Cortezina (El Pozo de Pizza), El Buen Doctor ( Angry Accumulations), Shooter Stormy (Commerce City), and Arbustín (Pleasant Park). To know the exact point where these NPCs are, you can see the map in which we include them in the NPC Characters section of this guide.

Once this is done, we can choose one of two strategies: either go towards the rival player while he does not see us, or stay in one place and wait for someone nearby to pass … we can also hide in the middle of fields corn, the rival for a while will not know where we are and once the 3 seconds pass we can remove the disguise and attack.

Stage 3 of 3 – Hit an enemy from 50 meters or more with a bow

To carry out this mission, we must have a certain aim with the bow. We can take advantage of it if we see a player stopped or distracted to do it with some ease. 50 meters is quite a few meters, but the opponent does not have to be in the fifth pine either (when there were marksman rifles, they usually made challenges to shoot from 100 meters away). We only have to do it once so that it won’t be too difficult for us.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Phase 1 of 2 – Complete the swimming time trial in Alameda Afligida or Castillo Coral

In both places, we find a clock with which we must interact to start the time trial. Along the river, we will see several ” checkpoints ” through which we must pass. The time trial is not difficult, but we must do it quickly if we do not want to repeat it.

Phase 2 of 2 – Visit Vista Bonita, Rainbow Rentals, and Lockie’s Lighthouse

The only complicated thing about this challenge is knowing where these three places are located. We leave you below with an image of the Fortnite map and these three marked places.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale – Challenges of Week 5

Stage 1 of 3 – Deal damage with submachine guns

This challenge is fairly easy, although we have to add a total of 1,000 points of damage to complete it. To make it easier, we can choose to use submachine guns against animals or bots; he will also tell us the damage. As usual, if we do it in Team Fight, it will take us less time to complete it.

Phase 2 of 3 – Register Ammo Crates

This mission is simpler than the previous one. We just have to find 5 boxes of ammunition and open them. By going to a town and entering a few houses, we will succeed. Of course, it is not worth breaking the ammunition boxes or whatever they have underneath. We must open them.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Phase 3 of 3 – Use a Campfire

The third phase is even simpler. We just have to find a fire and light it with a little wood. There are dozens of campfires scattered across the map, so little more needs to be said.

Modify vehicles with off-road tires

This mission does not involve any difficulties. In any of the garages arranged by the ‘Fortnite’ map, we will see that there are these tires and a vehicle next to them. As simple as putting them on.

Phase 1 of 3 – Drive from Burning Sands to Colossal Crops without leaving the vehicle

This challenge involves some difficulty, and we have to be very careful with the vehicle we choose. Ideally, select one that has around 60% gasoline as a minimum. If we choose one with less and do not reach Colossal Cultivation, we will have failed.

Fortnite Battle Royale

To make it easier, there are two possible tricks: fill the tank with a gasoline can beforehand (there is always one in the place you see in the photo) or go with a friend to fill the tank at the Arenas Ardientes gas station. If you opt for the second trick, remember that the player who fills the tank should not enter the vehicle until after filling it, otherwise the challenge will not tell him.

Stage 2 of 3 – Maintain a speed of 65 or higher for 4 seconds in a vehicle

This is perhaps one of the hardest challenges to complete this week. To complete it, we recommend you take a sports vehicle and go by road in straight areas and downhill if possible. We can use nitro to get or stay at this speed. In the case of normal vehicles, we can achieve this, but from our own experience, we can assure you that it is very difficult to stay 4 seconds at that speed; we have to do it very well in very specific areas of the map.

Stage 3 of 3 – Get 2 seconds in the air inside a vehicle

To overcome this mission, we must jump from a great height with a vehicle. An ideal area for this is in the dam, between Campo Calígine and Pantano Pegajoso, because if we fall into the water, we will not hurt ourselves keep in mind that we can easily die from jumping from so high. Another similar area is to the northwest of the Sleeping Pool, on the way to La Aguja. To do this challenge, we recommend playing as a team, because in case of losing all vitality, we will have someone who can revive us.

Fortnite Battle Royale – Challenges of Week 4

Fortnite Battle Royale

Stage 1 of 4 – Knock out wild animals with a Shock Grenade or Shock Bow

We must do it only once. If we find a shock grenade, we just have to aim well at one animal. It should not cost us too much, although if we go with a mechanical shock bow, we will have more opportunities as it is easier to find arrows than shock grenades.

Stage 2 of 4 – Tame Wild Animals

To tame an animal, we can choose one of two ways. The first is to get us a hunter’s cloak. This is achieved by crafting a piece of meat and two bones. Once the cape is done, we just have to approach the animal and press the button or key to tame it.

The second option is with a certain meal. In the case of wolves, we must throw meat at them. In the case of wild boars, we must throw any fruit or vegetables. Once this is done, the option to tame them should appear.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Stage 3 of 4 – Deal damage to opponents with the Recycler

The new Fortnite weapon is already present in the challenges of the week. We must do a total of 300 damage. The best thing is to try to damage bots and animals because trying with real players will take us several shots to reach this figure, being very likely that we will lose our lives on several occasions. We can also choose to do this challenge in Team Fight to get it faster.

Stage 4 of 4 – Revive a partner

It is essential to play as a team to perform this challenge, either in duos, trios, or squads. To be valid, we must revive our partner before he runs out of life; In other words, it is not worth restarting it in the van with your card. To make it easy, the best thing is to play with friends and go to a point away from the map where there is no one, build a high ramp, throw it to lose 100 vitality points, and have your partner ready to revive.

Phase 1 of 3 – Set Fire to Structures

For this challenge, we can use luminescent jars or a primitive fiery arc. Using the second technique, it will be easier for us to reach up to 10 structures, which is the number that they ask us. Perhaps the most difficult part of this is finding the luminescent earth in leafy areas or a ready-made arch, which is not easily found.

Phase 2 of 3 – Search Chests

A very simple challenge, we can do it in any Battle Royale mode even in a single game, since there are only 7 chests to open.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Stage 3 of 3 – Eliminate opponents with rare or higher rarity weapons

We will practically achieve this challenge almost without trying. Any weapon that is not gray or green is valid. In total, we must eliminate three rivals, although if it costs us a lot, we can also try it in the Team Fight mode.

Fortnite Battle Royale – Challenges of Week 3

Fortnite Battle Royale

Stage 1 of 4: Deal Damage with Shotguns

The first part of this epic challenge is very simple. We only have to accumulate 1,000 points of damage with a shotgun. Being one of the most used weapons, it will not cost us too much to reach this amount of damage, although if you want to get there faster, you can do it in the Team Fight mode, where we will reappear several times to continue adding in the same game.

Stage 2 of 4: Get Headshots with Rifles

We must achieve a total of 10 headshots to enemies. Like the previous challenge, we can do it in Team Fight mode, thus being easier to overcome.

Stage 3 of 4: Deal damage with guns 20 meters or more away

This challenge is mistranslated. It’s the other way around: it’s 20 meters or less. We must perform a total of 500 points of damage. This test is perhaps somewhat more complicated than the previous ones, but we give you two tricks that can help you.

The first is valid for any Battle Royale mode: you can choose to shoot bots (for example, the guards) with a pistol; bots have a lot of life so that we will get 500 points with some ease.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Another option is to play in squads and take advantage of when the rivals are injured to finish them off with the pistol, although we must perform this step up to 5 times, while the previous trick we can do the 500 points of damage in one go.

Stage 4 of 4: Eliminate Velociraptor, Zenith, or Blackpatch

In the last phase of this challenge, we must face one of these three bots: Velociraptor, Cénit, or Blackpatch. These three characters have a lot of vitality, so be well prepared.

Velociraptor is in the Impact Zone, east of Coral City, where we find the fuselage of a wrecked plane. Zenith is in the small house high up on Mount Kai. Blackpatch is on the deck of the pirate ship that we can find on top of a building at the west end of Sacred Setos. We leave you below a map in which we indicate where they appear.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Phase 1 of 2: Fly 20 meters with a chicken

We only have to approach a chicken for this challenge, press the button to catch it and jump from high places to fly with it. In total, we must fly 20 meters, which we can do in just a few seconds.

Stage 2 of 2: Hunt a Chicken

After the previous phase, this will be even easier because we only have to kill a chicken with our weapons. These animals do not have much vitality so that it will cost us almost nothing.

Catch fish at Haddock Campground, Canoe Lake, or Sneaky Fiefdom
In any of these places, we must fish with a rod or harpoon weapon. The challenge is not too complicated either. We leave you a map with the locations of these places.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale – Challenges of Week 2

Phase 1 of 3 – Craft a Mechanical Bow, an Explosive Bow, and a Mechanical Shock Bow

This challenge is more than difficult. It is simply “annoying” because we need certain objects and weapons to make each of these bows. These are the requirements to craft each of the bows:

  • Mechanical bow: primitive or improvised bow + 4 mechanical parts.
  • Mechanical Shock Bow: Mechanical Bow + 2 Shock Grenades.
  • Mechanical explosive bow: mechanical bow + 6 grenades.

Once the necessary objects are obtained, we only have to go to the crafting menu and create them. As a trick, we can start by creating the mechanic from a primitive one and take advantage of that mechanic to create any of the other two that we have left to manufacture.

Stage 2 of 3 – Deal damage with mechanical weapons

Very simple challenge. We only have to do 300 points of damage with any mechanical weapon, and it would already be completed. If you’ve already started playing this season, you probably already have.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Stage 3 of 3 – Deal explosive damage to opponents

This challenge is somewhat more complicated, as we must also do 1,000 points of damage. We can use grenades, rocket launchers, or explosive bows. Based on playing, we will end up getting over it.

Tame a wild boar

We just have to take some fruit or vegetables and throw it at the wild boar to start eating for this challenge. Meanwhile, we just have to go behind the wild boar and press the button to tame it.

Phase 1 of 3 – Ride different zip lines

This challenge is not very complicated. La Aguja is the best place to get on different zip lines, as there are many of them.

Phase 2 of 3 – Obtain literature samples at Pleasant Park, Sleeping Pools, or Ciudad Comercio

There are several shelves of books arranged in different houses of Pleasant Park, Sleeping Pools, and Ciudad Comercio. They are not difficult to find, but if you haven’t got them yet, we leave you with some screenshots from different places where you can find these shelves.

Stage 3 of 3 – Headshot with a bow

This challenge is somewhat difficult, although if we do not succeed, it will not be due to a lack of opportunities. The ideal thing is to take advantage of an enemy standing still, although this situation does not occur many times. We can also try it from afar while we are in the middle of a battle, although it will not be easy to achieve.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale – Challenges of Week 1

Find gold figurines near La Aguja

In La Aguja there are several gold figurines; I will make them in the shape of a llama’s head, in the shape of a kitten, in the shape of an effigy. To make the search easier, we leave you with several captures in which you can more easily see where three of them are located.

Phase 1 of 2 – Gather mechanical parts from vehicles, trucks, buses, or tractors

This challenge does not have much mystery; We just have to use the pick to get up to 5 mechanical parts. As these are very useful items in the game, you will probably do so without even realizing it.

Stage 2 of 2 – Craft mechanical weapons with mechanical parts and an improvised weapon

We can take advantage of having obtained the mechanical parts of the previous challenge, go to the crafting menu and select an improvised weapon to turn it into a mechanic using mechanical parts. In total, we must craft up to 3 mechanical weapons.

Phase 1 of 2 – Hunt Wild Animals

We just have to shoot until we kill 5 animals: wolves, wild boars, or chickens. The challenge is not complicated at all, and you will probably complete it without realizing it.

Stage 2 of 2 – Craft Primitive Weapons from Bones and Improvised Weapons

To complete this challenge, we only need an improvised weapon and 4 bones to obtain when hunting animals. Once the requirements are met, we can now craft the weapon. We will complete the challenge by crafting 3 primitive weapons.