Fortnite Battle Royale – Special Missions

Fortnite Battle Royale – Special Missions

Neymar Jr Challenges

On April 27, Neymar Jr arrives at ‘Fortnite’ loaded with missions, costumes, and accessories. We help you get them all.

Talk to a soccer player on the island

We have to look for an NPC with a soccer player’s skin on the ‘Fortnite’ map and talk to him. In total, there are 3 and they are in the football field of Parque Placentero, in the merchandise of Muelles Grudges, and next to a house of Setos Sagrados. You can see their exact locations in the NPC characters section (numbers 47, 48, and 49).

Although this challenge is simple, many people go to these places to do it, so it may be easier if you do it in Team Fight, always going to the place that best suits you. Once this is done, we will receive the Soccer Ball Gesture.

Neymar Jr Challenges

Complete 3 soccer player missions

After the previous challenge, we must speak to one of the three mentioned NPCs again and ask them for a mission. If you choose to score goals or on the targets, you have to know that we can do it easily by using the Soccer Ball gesture that we just got.

Again we recommend that you carry out this mission in Team Fight because we can fall with a lot of people in other modes and get killed before completing them. If we complete 3, we will get the Neymar Jr Banner and the Neymar Jr Crack Loading Screen.

Complete 5 soccer player missions

After completing the previous mission, we only have to do it again two more times, and we will get the long-awaited Neymar Jr suit.

Kick the soccer ball from afar like Neymar Jr

With Neymar Jr’s suit on, we must perform the Soccer Ball gesture several times until adding 500 meters of distance between all the shots. This is how we will get the Joia Trophy Backpacking Accessory.

Score a goal with the soccer ball like Neymar Jr

With Neymar Jr’s suit on, we go to Pleasant Park, Muelles Muelles, or Setos Sagrados and kick with the Soccer Ball gesture towards one of the goals to score a goal. In this way, we will get the Pico Golpe del Jaguar.

Eliminations as Neymar Jr

With Neymar Jr’s suit on, we must eliminate 3 rivals. We can do it in the Team Fight mode to achieve it in a single game more quickly, although it would not take us long to do it in the Battle Royale modes. We will be rewarded with the Shhh Gesture, a gesture with which we can transform Neymar into his primitive version, both in his normal style and in his exhibition style.

Complete Epic Missions

By completing several epic missions (the purple ones), we will be able to unlock some more accessories from Neymar Jr. Said accessories are:

  • Graffiti I’m Ready!
  • Stealth Shot Emoticon
  • Neymar’s celebration gesture
  • Hang Glider Aerial Acrobat
  • Display style of Neymar Jr.’s suit

Missions of La Aguja

Missions of La Aguja

In this season, there are some special missions known as Misiones de la Aguja. These have multiple phases that must be completed in an orderly manner. In other words: we cannot complete any later. We can only go one by one following the established order, which you can see below.

Phase 1 of 3

This first phase is automatically unlocked from March 30.

Stage 2 of 3 – Complete Missions of Uncommon Rarity or Higher

We must complete any 5 missions, with the only requirement that these are not common rarity (gray). This phase is very simple. You have probably already completed it without realizing it. We will get 60,000 PE.

Stage 3 of 3 – Find Tarana

Tarana is in Citadel Calavera, walking through the different huts. Once found, we must talk to her and continue all the dialogue that appears in the “La Aguja” menu. We will get 1,000 PE.

Collect artifacts for Tarana

The next mission has some complexity, and it is that we must find 3 artifacts distributed in different points of Skull Citadel. We show you the locations of 3 artifacts on the following map. After collecting the artifacts, we must talk to Tarana again about “The Needle,” and we will get 60,000 XP.

Find the thief

In this mission, we must go together with Raz. This NPC is found in Colossal Crops, on the first floor of the central building, the largest in the area. We must talk to him about “La Aguja” with him until the end. We will get 52,500 PE.

Play the latest report and return to Raz

In Colossal Crops, we will find a recorder with which we must interact. This is located in the center-west of the place. We leave you an image in which you can appreciate the specific site. After playing the recording, we go back to Raz, and we give the option “La Aguja” again until the end. We will get 52,500 PE.

Complete quests of rare or higher rarity

In total, we must complete any 5 missions again, except for the common missions (gray). It will not be complicated at all, as there are dozens of them, and some are very simple. After this, we return to Raz, and after talking about “The Needle,” we will get 1,000 PE.

Recover a Wolf’s Tooth, a Wild Boar’s Tusk, and 3 Chicken Feathers

Temporarily, these objects will appear after eliminating the animals described in the challenge. Therefore we must meet a wolf, a wild boar and three chickens. Animals appear in open country places, so it is somewhat random to come across one or the other. The only one that we can always find in a fixed place is the wild boar, which always appears to the southeast of Colossal Crops. On the other hand, chickens can be heard if we are close.

Obtain a cult talisman from a guardian for Raz to complete her costume

To perform this challenge, we only have to eliminate a guardian and collect her talisman. Next, we leave you with a map in which we show you the guardian towers’ location.

Retrieve the Spire for Raz cult artifact

This artifact is found in La Aguja, inside one of the houses attached to the central tower, the house being located south of the tower. You can see the exact point where the artifact is located in the following image.

Complete all 3 Spire missions and return to Raz

After completing the three previous missions, we must go to Raz’s side, in Colossal Crops, and talk to him about “The Needle”. We will get 90,000 PE from the sum of the three previous missions.

Complete quests of rare or higher rarity

For the third time, we have the same challenge. After completing it, we return to Raz, and after talking about “The Needle,” we will get 1,000 XP.

Put on your costume and hit three resonant crystals on The Spire

The difficulty of this challenge lies in finding the costume. This is located near the beginning of the tower’s stairs, at the point that you can see in the following image. After that, we will disguise ourselves as the Assassin of the Needle, and we must use the pick with three resonant crystals, pink, those that in the past season were abundant in the zero points. One piezo for each crystal will be enough. Several crystals are scattered around the Needle, so it won’t take us too long to complete this mission. We will get 60,000 PE.

Phase 1 of 3

Again, to complete this phase, we must not do anything, as it completes itself on April 14.

Stage 2 of 3 – Play The Spire’s message at an outpost of a Guardian Tower

Going to the top of any of the guardian towers (La Aguja does not count), a hologram will appear with which we must interact to complete this phase of the mission. We will get 15,000 PE.

Stage 3 of 3 – Talk to the Jonesys

To carry out this phase, we must speak with a total of 5 Jonesy’s, selecting the option “The Needle” with each of them. Throughout the Battle Royale map, there are 10 NPCs with Jonesy’s appearance distributed, which are:

  • 6 – Jonesy of the Bunker
  • 30 – Rex
  • 31 – Taxisto
  • 32 – Castaway Raider
  • 33 – Tanning Specialist
  • 34 – Jonesy Castaway
  • 35 – Jonesy Sorbet
  • 36 – Sergeant Parrilla
  • 37 – Jonesy I
  • 38 – Gala Sergeant

After that, we will get 45,000 PE. Next, we leave you with a map with the location of these 10 NPCs.

Find Jonesy I

As we show you on the previous map, this Jonesy is located in Parque Placentero. We must talk to him by selecting “The Needle”. After this, the mission “Challenge Jonesy I to a duel” is activated, for which we must again talk to this Jonesy, now challenging him to a duel. Go prepared, especially in terms of life and shield. After this, the mission “Return to Jonesy I” is activated, which basically is to speak again with this character (or rather with his spirit, since we have just killed him) by selecting the option “The Needle”. After all this, we will get 45,000 PE.

Phase 1 of 4

Once again, we find a first self-unlocking phase. We have nothing to do, as this phase was unlocked on April 28.

Phase 2 of 4 – Gather information about Raz de Tarana, Lara Croft, Raven Rebirth, Co-Commander or Mazorquin

We must talk to three of the five characters mentioned in the title of this mission, again selecting “The Needle” with each one. We leave you a map with the location of each of them.

Stage 3 of 4 – Complete missions of rare or higher rarity

For the fourth time, we have the same challenge that we already explained above. After completing it, we will get 1,000 XP.

Stage 4 of 4 – Defeat Glyph Master Raz and get the Spire Artifact

For this mission, we must go to the center of the map, in La Aguja, where the Master of the Glyphs will be. This character is tough, so you must be well prepared. After defeating it, the artifact with which we can interact will appear. In this way, we will complete the last mission and get the Glyph Master Root skin.

Agent Jones missions

Agent Jones missions

Agent Jones missions can only be unlocked by reaching a certain level of the battle pass. In total, there are 5 different missions, which are very easy to overcome.

Investigate an Anomaly detected in Sleeping Pools

Requires level 14 . Reward: Jump style # 15 from Agent Jones.

Following a butterfly, we enter one of the two houses to the north of Albercas Adormedidas and go to the basement. If we bite, we will access an intermediate area that connects both houses. In this area, we have a showcase with which we can interact and solve a small puzzle. Once this is done, the challenge should now be complete.

Investigate an Anomaly detected on Isla Tiburon

Requires level 28. Reward: 23rd Jump Style from Agent Jones.

Shark Island is the point located in the extreme northwest of the map. In this place again, we will see a butterfly that is guiding us along a path. The butterfly will stop in three holograms that we must imitate: in one, we must perform a gesture or dance, in another bend down, and in the last, jump. After that, the anomaly should appear, with which we interact and overcome this challenge.

Investigate an Anomaly detected in Grudge Corner

Requires level 49 . Reward: Agent Jones Jump Style # 31 .

To the southeast of Rincón Rancoroso, just below the mountain, there is a kind of hangar. Near the “entrance” (closed), we will see again a butterfly that guides us towards a strong room. However, we cannot enter it, so we must manage to open it a little more. There is a butane cylinder near the camera, which we must place right next to the vault. Previously, we must click the intermediate door so that we can enter with the cylinder. Once this is done, we have to shoot the bottle until it explodes and open the camera a little tightly. Through this opening, we can see the anomaly and interact with it to complete the challenge.

Investigate an Anomaly detected in the Sneaky Fiefdom

Requires level 60. Reward: Jump style # 42 from Agent Jones.

The fourth of the anomalies takes us to the Sneaky Fiefdom. This mission is simple, and again we must follow the butterfly, which is found in the eastern area of ​​the Furtive Fiefdom. This time the butterfly will make several turns, but in the end, it will bury itself, and we will take out its beak to unearth it and complete the mission.

Investigate an Anomaly Detected in Alameda Afflicted

Requires level 76. Reward: Agent Jones’s 88 Jump Style.

This anomaly begins in the west area of ​​Alameda Afligida, just below the guard tower. We will follow the butterfly up the entire guard tower and even rise a little higher by building a few stairs above the top of the tower. The anomaly will remain still to interact at a point also somewhat higher than the tower itself. Once this is done, we will complete the last of the anomalies.