10 Best Gas Push Lawn Mowers in 2021

10 Best Gas Push Lawn Mowers in 2021

A lot of us are fond of maintaining our yards but don’t know how to do so easily. While lawnmowers are the best options, it is very difficult to find the right one for you and your yard. A push lawn mower is one that needs to be manually pushed from behind over the grass and can nicely groom your grass. If you require a gas-powered mower, you must be aware of the features you need. These can be the size of the lawn, grass height requirement, type of soil, the manual effort you can physically put in, the type of surface your lawn has, and whether you mulch or decompose the clippings.

We have listed the best gas-powered mowers below that host a combination of all the features you could ask for in a lawnmower.

1. Troy-Bilt TB160 High Rear Wheels and 3-in-1 Cutting TriAction Cutting System

Troy-Bilt TB160 High Rear Wheels and 3-in-1 Cutting TriAction Cutting System

The Troy-Bilt TB270 XP walk-behind lawn mower is packed with features and is exceptional owing to its 160cc Honda engine that facilitates an extremely durable, no manual choke quick-start with an Auto Choke System. The device pushes easily over rough spots and mows uphill without hassle thanks to its 11-inch rear wheels. With the latest TriAction cutting system and the rake bumper, the mower is also packed with features such as a specialized blade and symmetrical deck. The whole durable commercial steel blade deck works to cut the grass finely, making it appropriate for mulching.

The product comes with a 1.9-bushel rear bag that collects grass clippings for easy disposal or composting. The mulch plug and kit are also included in the product and helps maintain a healthy lawn. Its side discharge chute comes with a handy, built-in clip that attaches it to the handle when not in use. The dual-lever, 6 position manual grass height adjustment makes the user in charge of deciding their ideal grass height varying from 1.25 in. to 3.75 in. the product comes fully assembled in the box, with no assembly required with the handles collapsed. Users can use fuel stabilizers to maintain the engine and increase the life of the mower. The core tool comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


  • Auto choke system removes manual labor
  • 11-inch rear wheels facilitate easy movement in tight spots
  • Dual-lever 6-position manual grass height adjustment
  • Grass discharge options varying from mulching, bagging, and side discharge are present
  • Collapsible handles for easy storage
  • No assembly needed


  • Oil needs to be changed
  • Self-propel is absent


Q1 – What type of oil should be used for the mower, and often does it need to be replaced?

Regular gasoline works perfectly with the mower. You can use premium versions of the regular, which may help your product last longer. The time of oil change depends on your usage. If you use it heavily, you may need to change every week or month, and for some people, it may even be a year before they need an oil change.

Q2 – Can the mower be stored vertically?

Yes, the mower can be stored vertically though it is not advised that you do so due to the risk of leaking oils. If you are storing it for another season, then you may drain out the gas and then collapse the handles and easily store it in your garage without the worry of any gas leaks.

Q3 – Does this mower self-propel?

The mower does not self-propel but has wheels and a lightweight, which makes it require very little labor to propel further from a push. It also cuts a wide path at once, so the overall effort required to move it overall.

2. Troy-Bilt TB170 XP Space Saver TriAction Cutting System Push Mower

Troy-Bilt TB170 XP Space Saver TriAction Cutting System Push Mower

The TB170 XP push mower comes with the latest SuperSavr technology that takes up to 70% less space in your garage as compared to a traditional push mower. This XP series comes with a 3-year limited warranty that is extended to push away any worries. The gas-powered mower stays firm and secure even in an upright position with an innovative rear clip acting as a kickstand. Powered by the durable Troy-Bilt OHV engine with an auto-choke quick start technology, it removes the need for manual chokes. The easy-to-wash deck adaptor makes maintenance easier by simply connecting your garden hose to rinse clippings from the bottom of the deck.

With the latest TriAction cutting system, the mower delivers a well-groomed grass look to your lawn. With its rake bumper and specialized blade combined with the symmetrical deck, the mower is an accumulation of the best technology that works together to create finely cut clippings that can be easily mulched to improve the quality of your yard. The product also includes a 1.9-bushel detachable rear grass collection bag that collects grass clippings for easy disposal or composting. The included mulch plug and kit and side discharge chute make it easier to multitask according to your needs. It also comes with a built-in clip to attach the side discharge chute to the handle when not in use. With its dual-lever, 6-position grass height adjustment, suit yourself and get your ideal grass height in one go and make it easy to choose from heights varying from 1.25 in. to 3.75 in.


  • Equipped with SuperSavr technology and takes up 70% less space
  • Included mulch kit and side discharge chute with a pin to attach to the handle
  • Stable vertical storage
  • A 1.9-bushel capacity detachable grass collection bag
  • Dual-lever 6-position manual grass height adjustment
  • 21-inch blade deck with easy clean technology


  • Produces carbon emissions
  • No self-propel


Q1 – Does the product require assembly?

The product requires very little assembly that takes only about 10-15 minutes to assembly. The customer only needs to unfold the handle and fix up a few screws with the wrench provided with the kit. It is very easy to assemble and even easier to use thereafter.

Q2 – Is the mower self-propelled?

The mower is not self-propelled and is a rear-wheel-drive push and walk behind the mower. Users will not felt the absence of the self-propel feature as it is lightweight and not difficult to push even on inclined surfaces as it also has attached wheels on both the front and rear.

3. Honda HRS216PKA Manual Side Discharge Lawn Push Mower

Honda HRS216PKA Manual Side Discharge Lawn Push Mower

As known by many, Honda engines are legendary for providing the best and longest service. This Honda powered mower comes with Honda’s auto choke system requiring no manual engine choke hassle faced by many users. The mower has adaptable, and collapsible quick-fold handles for convenient storage and maneuver. Its easy twist knob can be released to equip the handle for folding. With optimally sized large 8 in. ball-bearing wheels, the product delivers smoother movement over flat, sloped, or uneven terrain. With 6-position manual and convenient grass height options ranging from 1 in. to 4 in. and its broad, 21-inch heavy-duty steel deck helps cover a larger area at once while chopping the grass evenly and smoothly to your liking. With its 2-in-1 mulching or side discharge options, you can improve the quality of the soil in your lawn. The device is also equipped with a manual fuel shut-off valve and is accompanied by a 3-year residential warranty.


  • 2-in-1 mulching and side discharge options
  • 8-inch ball bearing wheels
  • Foldable handles for compact storage
  • 6-position manual grass height adjustment
  • 21-inch heavy-duty steel deck
  • Manual fuel shut-off valve


  • No self-propel
  • Oil change hassles


Q1 – Are the handlebars adjustable to height?

Yes, the handlebars are both adjustable to height, and foldable. The handlebars can be pulled up for taller people and pushed down to suit short people. They are also collapsible, giving them room for easy and convenient storage in your garage.

Q2 – What surfaces is the mower suitable for?

The mower is perfectly suited for flat and inclined surfaces. While the mower does not self-propel, you will never know what it truly weighs as its ball-bearing wheels, and easy pushing makes you feel like taking a stroll in the park with a mower without having to put much manual labor into the pushing.

4. California Trimmer RC190-BS550 Tri-Blade Hover Lawn Mower

The California Trimmer hover mowers are perfect for lawns that are steeply sloped or have water logging issues with soggy ground that cannot be covered by standard wheeled mowers. Powered by the 140cc OHV Briggs & Stratton 550EX Series engine with a quick-start, it removes the hassle of manual chokes. Its durable and extended lifetime ABS deck provides a 19 in. cut in a single pass and protects the motor from grass clippings. Its heavy-duty cutting system comes equipped with 3 reversible stainless-steel blades that produce fine grass clippings, making them much easier to mulch.

Comfortable handle grips combined with an engine brake stop lever, give you tailored operator control. It’s sturdy 52 in. steel handles and deck mounting brackets add to its durability, and you can rely on it on a rainy day. If you need to store the mower conveniently, don’t worry about its weight as it comes with an optional wheel kit that can be attached for convenient transport. An optional 18 in. handle extension kit is also available, making it easier for people with shorter or taller heights to get additional operational reach. With its 2-year limited warranty on the deck and handle components and 1-year limited warranty on the engine for residential use, you won’t have to worry about the life of the product for a long time.


  • Works well on steeply sloped lawns and soggy ground
  • 19-inch steel durable deck for wider cutting in one go
  • Comfortable and collapsible handles with adjustment options
  • Mulching and side discharge options
  • Engine brake stop lever attached on handles
  • Adjustable grass height options


  • Gasoline change hassles
  • Self-propel is absent


Q1 – Does the mower work well over standing water?

Though the mower is suitable for soggy land areas, it is not advised to use it over standing water. The air vacuum created under the mower works well only on the grass even if it is soggy ground but will not be able to move over standing water; hence it is best to avoid exploring such patches with this device.

Q2 – Is the mower heavy to push?

The mower weighs only 36 lbs and is hence very light in weight, therefore extremely easy to push. While storing it on a flat surface, it comes with attachments of wheels that can be easily equipped to roll the mower to a suitable spot, and the foldable handles make it easier and more compact to store.

5. YARD FORCE YF22-2N1 Series Briggs & Stratton Gas Push Mower

YARD FORCE YF22-2N1 Series Briggs & Stratton Gas Push Mower

The Yard Force 2N1 walk-behind lawnmower is powered to deliver the best performance being powered by the Briggs and Stratton 500E 140 cc engine. The engine produces 5.0 ft. – lbs. gross torque in the motor and is equipped with the latest easy-start Prime ‘N Pull technology known for its commercial-grade features of reliability, efficiency, and high performance. With its 11 in. rear and 7 in. front PVC wrapped ball-bearing wheels that roll easily over all kinds of tough and easy terrain; it will become the product you fall in love with. Packed with features such as an easy-to-adjust lever and 5-position wheel height adjustment ranging from 1.25 in. – 3.75 in., the handles are also collapsible to facilitate easy storage. The package includes a side-discharge chute that works in sync with the exclusive 21 in. hardened steel dual-action mulching blade deck. The product comes assembled in the box, and only the upper handle needs to be connected, which is easy-to-do with the quick-turn knobs that come along in the packaging. The complete kit consists of the 2-in-1 mower core tool, the dual-action blade, side discharge chute, compatible engine oil, and an operator’s manual and a 2-year limited warranty that is serviced by 12,000 service centers.


  • Has a Prime ‘N Pull easy start technology
  • PVC covered wheels to cover better terrain
  • 5-position wheel height adjustment
  • Collapsible handles for easy storage
  • 21-inch steel blade deck
  • 2-in-one mulcher and side discharge options
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty


  • Self-propel is absent
  • Fuel refilling hassles


Q1 – How long does a refill last?

While the amount of gas used by the mower depends on the density of the grass and its height, on average, a full tank lasts for about 60 minutes. With thicker grass, the motor will need to work more, and the mower will be heavy-duty and hence consume more fuel, which may result in such fluctuations.

Q2 – What terrains is the mower appropriate for?

The mower is perfectly suited to cover both flat and sloped terrain with ease. Being light in weight and equipped with large wheels that have a PVC coating and ball-bearings, the mower will feel very easy to push and will easily cover any uneven surface in your yard with extreme ease.

6. BLUEBIRD HM200 Powered Walk Behind Hover Push Mower

BLUEBIRD HM200 Powered Walk Behind Hover Push Mower

Bluebird Hover Mowers are manufactured with commercial-grade units curated to deliver the most reliable performance in the toughest terrains. With a solid steel-deck that has a 20-inch wide blade span, the mower is ideal for grooming grass around drainage ditches, golf bunkers, and retention ponds. The mower runs on the  Honda GCV160 engine motor that produces a precision air cushion under the blades, making it simple to cover the most challenging terrain providing improved performance over wheeled mowers—made of high-density polyethylene (HPDE), its deck sports a durable and adjustable steel handle. With a grass cutting height range varying from 0.5 in. – 3 in., it is adjustable through a manual lever with 0.5 in. increments.


  • Grass height adjustment
  • Precision air cushion technology helps cover different terrains
  • Collapsible handles
  • Rust-resistant steel deck
  • 20-inch wide steel blade span


  • Self-propel is absent
  • Wheel kit does not come with the product


Q1 – What terrain is this mower best for?

This mower works best on flat and uneven surfaces. If the ground is soggy or wet, that wheeled mower cannot handle, this mower is the best option for you. The mower does not need wheels and uses air-cushion technology to cover such terrain with ease.

Q2 – How do I transport it from the lawn to the garage?

The mower is very light and hence very easy to maneuver and carry. If your garage is far from the lawn and you need to cover that distance and don’t wish to lift the mower, you can simply buy a wheel kit attachment from Home Depot. In most other cases, it is light enough to lift and store in a garage.

7. Yard Machines 11A-02BT729 Briggs and Stratton Gas Push Mower

The MTD 20-inch Push Mower is equipped with the famous and efficient 125 ccs Briggs and Stratton engine that delivers an extremely powerful performance. The product is certified to be refurbished by home and power. The wide steel deck with a 20-inch wide blade span makes the cutting path wider and requires lesser effort to cover the entire lawn.  With its manual 3 cutting positions with 1-1/4 in. to 3-3/4 in. grass height range, you can manicure the lawn to your needs and requirements. The rust-resistant single-blade steel acts firmly and gives consistent cutting action while the ball-bearing front and rear wheels provide added stability to the machine. With its durable and adjustable metal handle and easy-to-setup assembly, the device is absolutely perfect for you and your yard.


  • Grass height adjustment options
  • 20-inch wide steel deck
  • Rust-resistant fittings
  • Adjustable handles
  • 7-inch wheels for better control


  • Self-propel is absent


Q1 – Are the wheels powered by the motor?

The wheels on this mower are not powered by the motor in the mower as the mower needs to be pushed from behind. Even though the self-propel mode is absent, the mower will not give users any difficulty in motion and can be walked behind while pushing with ease.

Q2 – What kind of gas does the mower use?

This mower runs on regular gas. The mower does NOT need a mix of oil and gas like some other mowers might do. Users must use only regular gas and check their accessibility to gas as well.

8. MTD 11A-02BT706 OHV Briggs & Stratton Gas Push Mower

MTD 11A-02BT706 OHV Briggs & Stratton Gas Push Mower

The MTD is a 20-inch walk-behind push mower that is equipped with a 125cc Briggs & Stratton engine that delivers efficient and flawless performance. This mower features 3 grass cutting positions ranging from 1-1/4 in. and 3-3/4 in. and features a rust-resistant blade for durability and uniform cutting. To facilitate convenient maneuver, this mower features 7-inch front and rear wheels sported with a durable and firm metal handle. The device requires limited assembly when out-of-the-box with no external tools required. The package also includes a trial-size pack of the Sta-Bil fuel stabilizer, which helps improve motor like and performance and prevents fuel breakdown keeping it fresh and usable for up to 12 months and protects the engine from gum, varnish, rust, and corrosion.


  • 3 grass height adjustment options
  • Rust-resistant parts
  • 7-inch front and rear wheels for better stability
  • No assembly required


  • Grass collection bag does not come along
  • Self-propel is absent


Q1 – Does the mower come with a mulcher?

The mower does come equipped with a mulch plug and can be removed to facilitate the side discharge. The grass collection bag does not come equipped with the mower yet can be bought separately. The blades cut the grass very fine, so it becomes easy to mulch and improves the quality of the soil.

Q2 – Does the mower produce a lot of noise?

The mower does produce some noise occasionally when hovering over thicker areas of grass as it will require some extra load on the motor to do so. Otherwise, the mower is very quiet and easy to maneuver.

9. PowerSmart DB8621PR Gas 3-in-1 Walk Behind Push Mower

Ideal for smaller yards, this compact, 170cc push mower from Power Smart is the best option to operate in tight spaces and features a 3-way grass cutting system including side discharge, mulching and bagging options. The mower is easy to operate and weighs just 57 lbs. Its durable steel deck cuts a wide, 21-inch path in a single go and its adjustable grass height ranging from 1.18 in. to 3 in. to make it ideal for your needs. It is powered by a 170 cc engine that delivers the best results with its compact and lightweight. Its large rear detachable 18 Gal. a grass collection bag facilitates easy disposal and composting. With its 5-position height adjustment, you can easily change the cutting height to cut grass, weed easily, and overgrowth and the 8-inch rear wheels make it easy to push.


  • 21-inch wide blade span in a single pass
  • Adjustable grass height options
  • 3-in-1 mulcher, bagger and side discharge
  • 18 Gal. grass collection bag
  • Lightweight


  • Self-propel is absent
  • Gas changing hassles


Q1 – Is the mower self-propelled?

Unfortunately, this mower is not self-propelled and needs to be pushed from behind because it does not have powered wheels. It is weighing only 57 lbs. It is extremely easy to push from behind, making it the most convenient grass grooming tool in the market, eliminating the ends for self-propel.

Q2 – Does it need to be primed to start?

To start this mower, you need to press the red primer bulb present on the side of the carburetor a few times and then pull the cord. After running for a while when the engine is warm, you need not do the whole procedure again.

10. YARDMAX YG1650 Mulch, Side Discharge, and Rear Bag Push Mower

YARDMAX YG1650 Mulch, Side Discharge, and Rear Bag Push Mower

The YARDMAX 21″ is a 3-in-1 push mower with mulching, bagging and side discharge options for grass clippings. With its powerful 170cc OHV Yardmax engine, the mower delivers maximum efficiency and seldom needs an oil change. The YG1650 features a high-rear-wheel design, while all its wheels are equipped with strong and firm 1.5″ wide treads coupled with double ball bearings, making pushing easier and cuts uniform. You can now easily cut your grass to your desired height with a single, convenient lever and choose from seven cutting heights ranging from 1.25″ to 3.75″. The MaxFlow™ volute deck keeps grass clippings airborne longer for finer cuts with mulching options along with a rear bagging grass collection option. The entire mower can be folded, making it appropriate for storage. The product requires very minimal assembly.


  • High rear wheels with ball bearings
  • 3-in-1 mulcher, bagger and side discharge option
  • 21-inch wide blade span
  • Stell, rust-resistant deck
  • 7-position single lever grass height adjustment option


  • Self-propel is absent
  • Gas change hassles


Q1 – Is the mower suitable for inclines?

Yes, the mower is suitable for flat, sloped, and uneven surfaces. Due to its ball-bearing wheels and lightweight, it is extremely easy to move around on any sort of surface without requiring additional manual labor and tiring you out, giving an even and uniform cut.

Q2 – What are the adjustable options on the mower?

It has an adjustable and collapsible handle, with up to 7-position grass height adjustment. The height adjustment uses a single-lever and is very easy to adjust. With so many features, you get the lawn of your choice.

The above were some of the best gas mowers in the market. Looking for a mower can be a difficult task, and we have made it easier for you. With every possible combination from size, to grass adjustments and compactness, these mowers are a perfect blend of the best grooming technologies out there in the market. We hope this brochure helped you pick the right and most suited mower as per your needs.