10 Best Gas Self Propelled Lawn Mowers For 2021

10 Best Gas Self Propelled Lawn Mowers For 2021

A beautiful lawn is a reservoir of satisfaction for most of the gardeners out there, after spending hours of watering when its time to mow it might seem a very tedious task. However, technology has helped you with a solution to it too. There lies a vast line of push mowers as well as walk-behind mowers in a different design and styles to meet the user’s mowing needs. These durable and easy to use mowers are an excellent choice when it comes to your lawn or any other contrasting business.

For gas, self lawn propelled mowers lightweight mechanisms are simple to maneuver. In walk-behind mowers, varying features in a range of different prices are also accessible. The company’s unique features include type, transmission control, brake type, and capability. There are various criteria to be met while buying the best lawn mower:

  • Self Propulsion

A self-propelled lawn mower is not only more comfortable to maneuver, but it can come with many benefits. These tools are all rear-wheel drive, which is favored over front-wheel drive. The mower’s traction improves as the grass bag fills that adds weight over the rear wheels.

  • Performance

Several lawn mowers have a fixed speed, while others allow you with speed adjustment. These adjustments can vary in between from 4 miles per hour. The speed and power of the lawnmower is a crucial factor to check on while buying a lawnmower.

  • Weight

It is recommended to check the weight of the mower when you have to carry it often from one place to another area.

  • Cost

Gas mowers are more affordable, but they offer long-term costs that cordless mowers avoid. Most companies allow a range of free tools compatible with the same battery. However, the cost can be considered in terms of long-term value.

  • Maintenance

Most lawn mowers will require regular subsistence in the form of oil, lubricants, or fuel stabilizers to maintain the engine and enhance the durability of the overall lawnmower.

  • Extra features

It is always to good to check the extra features of your lawnmower while comparing it with the regular tools available in the market. Some mowers come with extra safety characteristics like auto shut-off that instantly power down the device when the handle is let gone by the user.

  • Charge time

The other two primary factors are checking the charge time and run time of the lawnmower, which defines whether a battery will be adequate for the period.

In this article, we have discussed the best gas self-propelled lawn mowers to simplify your lawn mowing task!

1. Honda HRX217VKA Propelled Mower with Select Drive Control

Honda HRX217VKA Propelled Mower with Select Drive Control

The HRX217VKA mower works excellent with Honda’s powerful NEW GCV200 engine as it consists of an Integrated Select Drive Speed Control for the latest comfort, power, and support. The mower is designed mainly with advanced features like Honda’s exclusive 21 in. NeXite deck, Micro-Cut Twin Blade System, and the 4-in-1 Versamow System with Clip Director. These peculiarities allow mulching, bag, rear discharge, and shredding leaves without any requirement of tools. These Honda characteristics produce a strong influence for years to come. The Powerful and easy-starting GCV200 Honda mower engine with micro cut twin blades help in superior mulching and bagging of leaves. Since the engine is at the back, you get an unobstructed view. The step-through layout makes it manageable to get on your mower, and the specifically created position with back support and the smooth hydrostatic release gives a more relaxed ride.

The 4-in-1 Versamow system with available clip director instantly allows shifting options between mulching, bagging, discharge, and leaf stripping in your lawn or garden. The select drive feature of the mower easily adjusts the mower’s speed as per the user requirement and his speed. The ball bearing wheels, which are 9 inches in dimension, gives more excellent maneuverability, regular drive, and intensified endurance of the engine. The mower features excellent drive is for easily adjusting the mower’s speed to operators walk, and the 7 position cutting height adjustment ranges from 0.75 in. to 4 in. Flywheel brake safety system immediately checks the engine while you let go of the flywheel brake arm. The fuel stabilizers support the Honda engine and increase the longevity with a large 2.5-bushel capacity grass mower bags are easy to empty that save time and effort.

This 5-year warranty Honda lawn mower provides strong characteristics for many years to come!


  • 3-position quick-release flexible handle
  • Flywheel brake safety system
  • Durable product


  • Gas units may need good maintenance


Q1 – Does a quart of oil include in the box of the mower?

The oil is included in the mower, and the fuel tank capacity is 24 gallons with an engine displacement of 200 cc. It comes included with a bagger and engine oil.

Q2 – What are the cutting height positions available?

There are 7 positions side-discharge height options accessible to the users for this Honda gas self lawn propelled push mower.

Q3 – How much deep can it cut?

The lawnmower can do a minimum cutting height of 0.75 inches to a maximum cut of 4 inches.

2. Toro 20339 SmartStow High Wheel Variable Speed Mower

Toro 20339 SmartStow High Wheel Variable Speed Mower

Toro Recycler High Wheel Front Wheel Drive Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower comes with a Briggs and Stratton Engine of 22 inches. It easily helps in cutting your yard as it can mow and mulch with some of the high-quality smart features and confirmed techniques. There are always problems associated to free up space in your garage, and at times lawnmower doesn’t make space to fit in. Toro helps in these situations as it conveniently stores upright to save space or shed with SmartStow. It is estimated that the storage footprint can be decreased by up to 70 % and allowing easy access to clean the deck and also service the blade for better mulching and other tasks.

The maneuverable 11 in. rear wheels also do the job of proper traction even in tough terrain, not allowing the machine to slow down. It is also user friendly that maintaining mower does not need any big task to be done. However, the oil level should be checked regularly and added whenever needed. The Quick Switch feature allows instant switching from bagging to mulching with the quick-connect bagging system. The reliable use with its superior cutting and mulching capabilities ensure proper finish even in tight spaces. The strong 22 inches steel with the recycler cutting technology and rich clippings to the soil help in getting a beautiful finish lawn. The exceptional versatility can be adjusted as per the mulching preference varying upon the users offering a perfectly manicured view to your lawn.

The easy-starting Briggs and Stratton do not take much time to start the engine, unlike other available models. The underside of the deck and optimum airflow can be maintained for high performance with the washout port. The gross torque of this engine rated at 2600 RPM per SAE J1940 by the engine manufacturer is configured to meet safety, emission, and operating conditions. The actual motor energy on this mower is significantly lower with space savings about the space consumed by a Toro 22 in. walk power mower stored with the handle in the usual operating position. This reliable mower comes with a 3-year guaranteed-to-start engine warranty.


  • Quick Switch System
  • Low maintenance
  • Rough surfaces can also be cut well


  • Not cost-friendly


Q1 – What are the specifications of the handle?

The specifications of this lawn mower are 9 cutting positions with 1-4 in. cutting height range. It can easily be adjusted to 2 different handle heights without the requirements of any tool.

Q2 – How to maintain the engine?

Toro fuel stabilizer can be used to maintain your engine and increase the durability of the mower.

Q3 – Does the front-wheel-drive perform well?

The front-drive offers the ability to quickly stop forward motion by elevating the front end by shoving the rear bar downward. The pivoting for turns and second passes keep the wheels in good appearance while the rear wheel is giving the best traction.

3. Toro 21199 Briggs and Stratton Personal Pace Mower with Spin-Stop

Toro 21199 Briggs and Stratton Personal Pace Mower with Spin-Stop

As the name suggests, TimeMaster saves your time when you have a big yard and a busy schedule. It makes a broader path while mowing faster on every route with a powerful Briggs and Stratton OHV engine onboard. It is also regarded as one of the perfect tools to achieve the best yard in the neighborhood. It mows a larger area in less time while finishing faster and saving time with each 30in. deck pass. It can irritate the users when the mower has to be restarted constantly while moving away from it even for some seconds. Toro’s efficient blade stop system allows stepping away from the mower without having to restart the system. The motor runs continuously while the blades stop spinning to ensure resuming the mower when everything is ready safely. The gross torque of this engine is rated at 2,600 rpm per SAE J1940 by the engine manufacturer, to meet security, discharge, and operating requirements. However, the actual engine torque on this class of mower is noted to be lower.

The time saved while cutting the wider path improves the travel speed capabilities of TimeMaster mower compared to the earlier 21 in. Toro mower. The speed can be adjusted as per the user choice, ensuring better maneuverability in tight spaces with Toro’s elite private pace self-propel system. The unique versatility in reducing clumps adding nutrients with the mulching option, a well-manicured look with bagging, or powering through high, thick grass with the side discharge system. The blazing blades and dual-force cutting method with Toro atomic blades allow cutting grass into a fine mulch for the excellent quality of cut and giving a beautiful, healthy lawn. The steel frame and reliable use from the deck, along with its compact sizes, provide no difficulty even in cutting tight spaces. Toro provides its mowers with a 3-year guaranteed-to-start engine warranty and 3-year full warranty among the other available models in the market.


  • Space Saver
  • Dual Force cutting system
  • Toro Fertilizer


  • No refurbishment


Q1 – How is the performance of the mower?

The Small package and big power Toro Timemaster mower offer exceptional power and performance from a 10.00 ft. lb. gross Torque Briggs and Stratton 223cc OHV motor.

Q2 – Is the mower customer-friendly?

The mowing task needs enough time for proper cutting of the yard but the smart innovations of ToroTimemaster like a 30 in. deck with the dual-force cutting system, personal pace self-propel system with traction assist, quick stow storage handle, and Spin-Stop blade stop features all make it very easy for customers even with a busy schedule.

Q3 – Can the durability of the lawnmower be extended?

The use of Toro fuel stabilizers can be used to maintain the engine and thereby also increasing the durability of the lawnmower.

4. Troy-Bilt TB200 TriAction Cutting System

Troy-Bilt TB200 TriAction Cutting System

The Troy-Bilt TB200 self-propelled mower lessens the mowing effort and features a reliable Prime ‘N Pull Briggs and Stratton engine for quick starting of the machine. The front-wheel-drive makes it easier to maneuver while mowing with its single speed capability. The Dual-lever height adjusters are positioned to instantly alter the cutting height and the TriAction cutting system for the lawn. It comes with a rake guard, symmetrical deck, and specialized blade to provide a clean, even beautiful cut for your lawn.

The series Briggs and Stratton push mower appears with both side release chute and mulch kit for disposing of grass clippings. This mower will not give you the feeling of mowing as a hectic task or daily chore. It is designed with exceptional features that make it user friendly. The Prime N Pull E-Z starting system is responsible for its reliable and easy starting of the mower. The rake bumper, specialized blade, and symmetrical deck together help in creating finely mulched clippings and a precise cut as per the lawn needs in any season. There also exists a 1.9-bushel rear bag that collects grass clippings for easy cleanup or composting of the leaves. The mulch kit included in the mower assures in maintaining a healthy lawn. The adjustable 6 position height arrangement makes it easy to change cutting heights from 1.25 in. to 3.75 in. while the fuel stabilizers can be used to increase the durability of the machine. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


  • Adjustable Cutting Height
  • Assembly Required
  • Bagger
  • Adjustable Handles


  • Not Durable


Q1 – Is assembly required?

Yes, the handle and bagger needs assembly for this mower. The handle comes enveloped and must be fastened with the bolts to loosely attach. The pull rope through the eyelet on the handle stretched in a position allows an easy pull of the machine.

Q2 – Can the mower be used without the attached bag?

Yes, the mower works as a mulching unit when used without a bag. It will not mulch better when the grass is not super thick.

Q3 – What is the speed of the mower?

The mower has a single speed, which is around 3mph, considered as average for humans.

5. PowerSmart PSM2022 Gas Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower

PowerSmart PSM2022 Gas Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower

The self-propelled lawnmower is especially ideal for the smaller and compact yard. The 200cc self-propelled gas-powered Power Smart PSM2022 push lawn mower is simple to operate in tight spaces with its distinct features. The 3 cutting systems include side discharge option and mulching capability with an additional rear bag. It offers an overall smart, powerful, highly efficient, and lightweight design. The PSM2022 features a rear-wheel-drive mode to maneuver on rough spaces also quickly. The deep dome deck design followed by the sharp and solid blade is the secret better mulching task. This easy to operate tool weighs only 93 lbs., with a durable steel deck that cuts a maximum of 22 in. grass.

The handles are adjustable, with the height varying from 1.2 to 3.5 in. as per the user requirements. It is powered packed by a 200 cc engine that delivers the right amount of power in this lightweight package mower. The 3-in-1 bag, side discharge, and mulching capability allow the spreading of grass clippings while returning key nutrients to the lawn to give healthy and thick grass in your lawn. It also comes with a large rear-mounted 14.6 Gal. container with an easy release system. The 5-position height adjustment allows you to change the cutting height to trim grass, weeds, and its overgrowth comfortably. The estimated warranty of the machine is 3 years by its manufacturers.


  • Mulching
  • Side-discharge feature
  • Bag Included
  • Self-propelled


  • Refurbishment is not done


Q1 – What are the notable features?

The key features of this self-propelled gas lawn mower include:

  • Adjustable Cutting Height
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Mulch Switch
  • Mulching Lawn Mower

Q2 – Can the durability of the lawnmower be extended?

The use of fuel stabilizers can be used to maintain the engine and thereby also increasing the durability of the lawnmower.

Q3 – Can it be switched over to mulching?

This is a mulching lawnmower with a self-propelled side discharge mechanism.

6. Lawn-Boy 17734 Electric Start Gas Lawn Mower with Kohler Engine

Lawn-Boy 17734 Electric Start Gas Lawn Mower with Kohler Engine

The 21 in. Gas Lawn Mower with Kohler Engine is a reliable mower that is budget-friendly and a favorite choice for many of the homeowners. It has characteristics that make mowing easier and is comfortable to manage, but difficult to defeat in some situations. The Tri-cut cutting system, the 21 in. steel deep dome deck is lightweight and strong, providing excellent mulching capabilities with a superior quality of cut. The 21 in. steel deck with a tri-cut blade and the6.5 ft. lb. Kohler XTX, with a gross torque 149cc OHV engine, requires no oil change in the mower.

The Self-propel system and the variable-speed rear-wheel drive allows better traction for all the available mowing conditions. The 2-point cutting height can easily be adjusted with the deck height at 2-points giving quick customization for your desired mowing height. The spacious bag fills when there is a need to bag your clippings while allowing it to empty as and when required. The 7 in. front and 8 in. rear wheels providing solid traction to maneuver around all types of rough and uneven spaces. It comes with 3-in-1 ready option for mulch, bag, side-discharge. The 3-year tru-start engagement starts on 1 or 2 pulls or Lawn-Boy, and it can be fixed with no cost asking the retailer about further details. The 2-year long warranty also comes with all its parts covered in the manual.

The Gross torque of this engine is rated at 2,800 RPM per SAE J1940 by the engine manufacturer to adhere to protection, emission, and operating requirements execution of the mower. The original engine torque on this type of mower will be lower compared to the other models, and to maintain the engine, fuel stabilizers should be applied frequently.


  • Low budget
  • Tri-cut blade feature
  • Electric start: self-charging simple, effortless key start


  • Not durable for a long time


Q1 – Does the motor start with an electric start?

The blade-control bar should be held against the handle, and the recoil-start handle should be pulled simultaneously. This will start the mower with an electric start.

Q2 – How can the battery of the mower be charged?

The self-propelled mower comes with a charger, and it can be charged by just plugging it into any charging point. The red led charging indicator light on the charger changes into green color to indicate full charging. It takes around one day to charge for a completed discharged battery.

Q3 – What is the triple cut system?

The mower comes with these triple features:

  1. Bag cuttings
  2. Side discharging
  3. Mulching of the lawn

7. Weibang WB537SLC V-3IN1 Stroke Loncin Engine Gas Steel Deck

Weibang WB537SLC V-3IN1 Stroke Loncin Engine Gas Steel Deck

The Stroke Loncin Engine is a commercial-grade 21-inch mower for the homeowners with a class-leading 196cc engine and extremely strong and durable design. The heavy-duty steel deck and the high airflow design helps in collecting grass clippings even during the worst weather conditions too. This machine is designed with maximum reliability and the highest level of performance for a customer-friendly approach. The long-lasting design with heavy-duty and professional-quality components are made of some highest quality materials. It also comes with a 21 inch Steel cutting deck and instantly stops with the help of a safety bar when released. There is a 3-speed professional transmission with a single height adjustment technique. Another distinguishable feature is the 9 inches extra strength nylon double ball bearing wheels. The fuel stabilizers can be used to maintain the engine and increase the durability of the mower. 


  • Rear-wheel Drive
  • Adjustable speed
  • Rust resistant


  • No refurbishment


Q1 – Is it a single adjustment mower?

Yes, this lawn mower comes with a single height adjustment allowing you to use only one lever to change the cutting length on the mower. It is one of the available features that make the mowers remarkably user beneficial.

Q2 – Does it come with a side-discharge feature?

The mower includes 3-in-1 options that include mulching, bagging, and a side-discharge option for your lawn.

Q3 – Does it have a blade stop feature?

This model does not have a feature of the blade stop. However, WB537SCVAL comes with BBC ( Blade Brake Clutch), which allows the smooth running of the engine without engaging the blade system.

8. MOWOX MNA152613 Zero-Turn B&S 725is, 163 cc Engine with InStart

MOWOX MNA152613 Zero-Turn B&S 725is, 163 cc Engine with InStart

The self-propelled gas lawnmower is powered by Briggs and Stratton 725 engine with an exceptional lithium-ion starting system. It comes with a push-button start and no cords. The zero-turn front wheel turns 360° for mowing around tight turns, which is again a notable feature of the lawnmower. The lithium-ion electric starting is connected with the control of gas and thereby provides smooth push-button starting every single time during the mowing. The Briggs and Stratton 725 InStart series engine, 7.25 ft./lbs. and 163 cc offers high performance than the available models in the market. The single lever 6 stage height adjustment lever allows in easily adjusting the deck height for agile customization while mowing your lawn. The front-wheel turns fully for a better approach while locking in place for straight cuts.


  • Instart technology
  • Extraordinary Execution
  • Portable lithium-ion Instart battery


  • Not cost-friendly


Q1 – Does it use a rear-wheel-drive?

It is a rear-wheel-drive mower because the front wheel is a caster bearing wheel.

Q2 – Can the handles be adjusted?

There is a provision of quick-release adjustable handles available in six different positions.

Q3 – How long does the battery start?

The battery for the lawnmower starts the engine to perform the mowing task. It is generally powered by gas. It is found that a fully charged battery provides up to 30 stars.

9. Turf Beast 26FB3M20 Variable Speed Drive w/Blade Brake Clutch

Turf Beast 26FB3M20 Variable Speed Drive w/Blade Brake Clutch

The Electric Start mower is mostly suitable for homeowners with large yards. The main benefit of the mower is it reduces the mowing time and cover more ground while saving time. This 208 cc walk behind mower is self-propelled with variable speed. It cuts grass 24% faster than the other available models by rear-wheel-drive feature. It weighs around 26 inches and comes with a cutting deck, blade 25-7/8 inches. The lightweight feature with a strong engine allows easy maneuverability on rough terrain and slopes. The prevalent 3-in-1 specialties include a rear bag, side discharge, and mulching variable speed drive, making it user friendly. The use of fuel stabilizers will maintain the engine and also increase the durability of the mower.


  • 9-3/4 in. front and rear wheels
  • Mulching
  • Adjustable speed
  • Pull-cord start type


  • Limited warranty


Q1 – Does it mulch?

The 3-in-1 specialties include a rear bag, side discharge, and mulching clippings are the associated features of this lawnmower.

Q2 – Which is the deck material used for this lawnmower?

7 Gauge Steel with fabricated deck type is the material used for this blade brake clutch lawnmower.

Q3 – How much deep can it cut?

The minimum cutting height is 1 inch, and mowing can be done in any rough or uneven spaces.

10. Generac AT45026GENG Self-Propelled Field and Brush Mower

Generac AT45026GENG Self-Propelled Field and Brush Mower

The Generac PRO brand offers a complete line of professional standard products produced and managed accurately for both home and business processes. The engine provides powerful, easy starting, engines that make the field and brush mower a natural choice for any task. The disc brake system produces power steering with each wheel is furnished with a hand brake offering easy maneuverability. The superior mulching technique and the deck process grass brush into a fine mulch that is typically produced by side-discharge mowers. The geared transmission links in the area speed, allowing free to steer the machine across rugged terrain. It is designed for a long-life by choosing a fixed pace from 3 forward gears.


  • Superior Mulching
  • Power steering
  • 3 forward gears


  • No refurbishment
  • Only one year warranty
  • No additional features


Q1 – What are the specifications of this lawnmower?

The assembled depth and height are 80.5 in, 48.2 in, and width of 30.25 in with 26 inches blade length and cutting width.

Q2 – What is the start type?

It is a push-button start self-propelled gas lawn mower for both household and commercial purposes.

Q3 – Can the handles be adjusted?

There is a provision of quick-release adjustable handles available in different positions.

The dimensions of your yard or lawn will be the principal factors for choosing the right option for physical effort and the ease you have to dedicate to while mowing your lawn. These lawnmowers can mulch, discharge, bag clippings, or even shred leaves. Some mowers can simply carry only one type of cutting option while others can perform all of the above. The design of each mower is unique on its own, and it all depends on the user to choose one amongst these!