10 Best Lawn Mowers By Troy-Built

10 Best Lawn Mowers By Troy-Built

Having a beautiful green lawn is everyone’s desire. A well-maintained garden or a park will create an excellent atmosphere for the outdoors. It’s up to your choice whether you want your lawns to look perfect or allow it to grow wildly, which is obviously an unpleasant sight. Cutting of grass can maintain a healthy and proper growth of the lawn. It can also maximize beauty.

Lawnmowers are the best machines that can be used to cut or trim the grass. They save a lot of time and energy. Lawnmowers help to mow larger areas. A right lawn mower will provide you with improved cutting quality, which will make your yard look as charming as a paradise! Hence it’s the best gardening tool that one must own.

Types of Lawnmowers

The evolution of the lawnmower industry had introduced various types of mowers at different stages which possess distinctive features. To collect all the types and describe each would be lengthy as there are plenty of them. Some of the common types available in the market are listed as follows, which may be solitary or present in combination with other types:

  • Self Propelled Lawn Mower: It requires the operator to squeeze the bail on the handle, after which the mower moves forward on their own. They are a good choice if the lawn is larger than
  • Walk-Behind Lawn Mower: Also known as Push Mower needs the operator to push it around the lawn while walking to mow the lawn.
  • Gasoline Mowers: They require gasoline (petrol) or other liquid fuels to run the mower.
  • Electric Mower: As the name suggests, they require electric supply to run. They may be corded or cordless. Rechargeable batteries are used as a source of power in case of cordless types.
  • Riding Mower: The operator can sit and ride on the machine. They can be most helpful to mow larger lawns.
  • Robotic Mower: They can be operated by the use of remote control or can operate on its own.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Them

The equipment that you choose will determine whether lawn maintenance is going to be easy or difficult for you. Hence some factors must be considered before buying a lawnmower.

  • Yard size: For a lawn having an area less than Acre can be easily mowed through the use of Walk Behind Mower. At the same time, Self Propelled Mower is extremely useful for yard size above For larger yards, one can rely upon Riding Mowers.
  • Gas Engine Size: An ideal size for a gas engine is 140cc to 190cc. Larger engines are worth it when it is about tough cutting conditions. They are less likely to get obstructed by the obstacles and tall grasses.
  • Deck Size: Decks width ranging from 30inch to 60inch are considered to be perfect. Bigger decks having large blades will take less time to cut the lawn as they can cut larger paths.
  • Power: Gas-powered mowers utilize a four-stroke or two-stroke engine that is more efficient in cutting and durable compared to an electric mower. When it comes to sound, electric mowers are noise-free. Gas mowers require engine maintenance.

Troy Built is the US-engineered leading manufacturer of the lawn care equipments. This includes lawnmowers, cultivators, leaf blowers, tillers, snowblowers, and many more. They have experience of 80+ years in the field to provide the yard work efficient, easy, and enjoyable.

Below mentioned are the 10 best lawn mowers by the Troy Built that exhibit their uniqueness and make your lawn visually appealing.

1. Troy-Built TB160 Walk Behind Push Mower

Troy-Built TB160 Walk Behind Push Mower

The walk-behind Push Mower by Troy Built model number TB 160 is engineered terribly to deliver all the powerful performance needed to get the work done. Powered by Honda GCV engine, it provides lightweight, reliable power for starting and running in all cutting conditions; hence it is an ideal engine for residential mowers. The Autochoke system eliminates chocking and provides easy, hassle-free starting, whether cold or high. TB 160 has an ergonomically designed handle that helps to reduce efforts by making the pushing easier. This way of construction of handles added advantage to have a good power grip and minimize the muscle injuries that may happen with other ordinary handles. The high real wheels having the size of 11inch improve traction for loading on rough terrain and hills. Dual-level 6 position height system will allow customizing the height from 1.25inch to 3.75inch. TriAction cutting system consisting of rake bumper, specialized blade, and symmetrical deck work together to give a clean, even cut anytime.


  • Side discharge sheet comes on the handy built-in clip to attach the handle when not in use.
  • Simple reliable starting with auto choke engines.
  • Mulch kits are included, which maintain a healthy yawn.
  • Foldable handle.


  • Limited to yards whose sizes are acre or less.

Q1. What Oil Goes Into This Mower?

The Company recommends using the oil type- SAE 10w-30. The important thing is to keep the correct oil level and change the oil periodically.

Q2. Which Terrains Are Preferred?

11inch high reel wheels will allow an easy run on the rough terrains and hills. But since it is a push mower, hence it is recommended to use on flat terrains.

Q3. How Many Blades Are There?

A single blade can be used in this lawnmower to cut the grasses. They are sharp enough to mow the yard well for longer durations. A blade is also designed in a way to give a smooth cut.

2. Troy-Built TB110 Walk Behind Push Mower

Troy-Built TB110 Walk Behind Push Mower

The trait mark of this product TB110 is the Briggs and Stratton engine, which put ups the best performance and value to the equipment. Small engine technology merged with ReadyStart (TM), provides with easy starting and no choke, no prime. The inclusion of a 1.9-bushel rear bag permits an easy collection of grass clippings for cleaning or composting. Mulch kit allows the nutrients to revert into the soil and maintain a healthy yard. It can push more easily over rough spots and up hills with 11-in high rear wheels. It offers a better grip and acceleration. The use of this has completely eliminated the harshness of the ride. Two simple levers can move all four wheels; hence mower adjustment had made easy. This allows a high reduction of time when it comes to the matter of adjusting the cutting height. They can mow the lawn up to ¼ Acres.


  • TriAction Cutting system delivers a neat, well-groomed look to the lawn.
  • Easy starting with no choking.
  • The 6 position height adjuster to customize the cutting height.
  • Single handlebar position.


  • Side discharge kit is absent.

Q1. Deck Material Is Made Of Which Material?

Just like the whole push mower, its decks are also made up of 15 Gauge steel material. Being steel manufactured, the mower is strong, durable, and rust-free.

Q2. What Are The Oil Capacity And Fuel Capacity Of This Product?

Troy built lawn mowers are made to provide the best to the customers by making improvements in each product. The oil fill tubes have a capacity of 15 oz, whereas the fuel tank can hold the gasoline of about 0.2 gallons.

Q3. How Can The Lawnmower Be Started?

The walk-behind push lawnmower has been designed to provide the customer having access to an easy start. The operator just needs to pull the cord to start the engine and mow the yard.

3. Troy-Built TB200 Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Troy-Built TB200 Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower

A self-propelled Troy TB 200 is designed to save the customers time and energy. This helps to finish mowing faster as no extra effort is required. The Briggs and Stratton engine is lighter with the power to cut through tall grass every time. It employs a single sharp blade that rotates and spins about a single axis with the high speed is effective to cut the grass smoothly. Single-speed front-wheel-drive aids in easy maneuvering while mowing of the lawn. It possesses a single reliable starting with an auto-choke engine. The rake bumper, symmetrical deck, and specialized blade constitute the TriAction cutting system. The TB200 push mower comes with both side discharge chute and mulch kit for disposing of grass clippings. The mower can be started using a pull cord. This 21-inch model features the 2-in-1 cutting depth for the grass clippings.


  • Briggs and Stratton engine with Prime N Pull E-Z starting system for reliable, easy starting.
  • It works well in flat, sloped and uneven terrains.
  • Front-wheel drive enables us to steer the mower around obstacles easily.


  • Side discharge options are absent.

Q1. What Are The Sizes Of The Front And Rear Wheels?

The self-propelled Troy Built TB 200 comes with the front wheel, and the rear wheel is equal in size, i.e., 8. The drive type is the front wheel, which makes the running of the wheel on different terrains to be unaffected.

Q2. How Much Time Will It Take To Cut The Yard?

It depends on multiple factors like yard size, the thickness of the grass, how much you are ready to devote, etc. But what’s certain is that it would take much less time than usual since it is a self-propelled lawnmower.

Q3. Does The Mower Heavier In Size?

The product weight is 80 lb, which is a bit heavier than the others. The Briggs and Stratton engines are also made very lighter in size to ensure that the weight doesn’t go much up.

4. Troy-Built TB100 Walk Behind Push Mower

Troy-Built TB100 Walk Behind Push Mower

Troy Built TB 100 built with 140cc Briggs and Stratton OHV engine provides plenty of powers to cut off the grass. The simplest Prime N Pull starting system is designed for easy starting. Pushing the primer bulb slowly three times enables the delivery of the proper amount of fuel to the carburetor. A simple pull is required to start. A special high output coil translates your muscle power into a bigger, stronger charge for the effort. A combination of the symmetrical deck designed for airflow, S-shaped cutting blade that creates finer grass clippings, and a front rake guard stands upright for a clean-cut ensures that the yards have an even look in no time. Mulching enables to cut off of the grass short, which then remains on the mowed area. The advantage of mulching is that it will allow the nutrients to get reabsorbed by the soil.


  • Side discharge chute comes with a handy, built-in clip to attach to handle when not in use.
  • Pushes more easily over rough terrains and up hills with 11-in high rear wheels.


  • Since some physical effort is required, a person with mobility or strength limitations will find it a bit difficult to process.
  • Rear bags are absent from raking the clippings.

Q1. Does The Handle Fold Over The Engine For Storage?

Yes, foldable handles are incorporated. This will help you to fold it and store safely in your storerooms when not required and unfold it easily when it’s time to mow the lawn.

Q2. What Are The Dimensions Of The Product?

The depth of the product is 60inch. The other dimensions include; the height having size of 60inch and width 22inch.

Q3. Can It Be Preferred To Cut Wet Grasses?

It is always recommended that a wet lawn should not be mowed. Otherwise, the operator can have the chance to get a slip on the lawn and can get injured while mowing the yard.

5. Troy-Built TB270 XP Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Troy-Built TB270 XP Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Extra power, durability, and comfort features are the appealing characteristic of the Troy Built TB270 XP. Honda engine consisting of an Autochoke system that removes the need for manual choke adjustment before starting.160 cc engine provides enough power to get the work done than many other lawnmowers. The product also offers a variable speed front-wheel drive, which allows for faster turning while mowing and improves control.  Dual-lever height adjusters are conveniently located to adjust the cutting height quickly. Deck wash adaptor makes the maintenance and cleaning easier by simply connecting a standard garden hose to rinse clippings from the underside of the deck. Air filters prevent solid particulates such as debris, dust, dirt, etc. from entering into the engine during the mowing process. The front-wheel-drive type having the size of about 8 inches allows easy running without disengaging the drive. The compact design takes only a small space of your storeroom.


  • With a rear bag, mulch kit, and side discharge options included, you have a choice for disposing of grass clippings.
  • XP Series offers the extra performance you need along with a 3-year warranty.
  • It can mow the lawn up to 1 Acre.
  • They have an oil capacity of 16 oz.


  • The product weight is about 85 lb, which makes it a bit heavier.

Q1. Does This Mower Have A Side Discharge Attachment If Needed For Tall Grasses That I Don’t Want To Bag?

Yes. The mower is made with a 3 in one system, which will either allow side discharge if you don’t want to bag or it will allow using a rear bag to bag the clippings, or it mulches by closing existing holes as per your wish.

Q2. Does This Mower Have Adjustable Speeds?

This Troy Built TB270 XP has a dial on the handle to adjust and control the speed while working. The varying speed can be extremely beneficial when it comes to turning in the yard.

6. Troy-Built TB130 Walk Behind Push Mower

Troy-Built TB130 Walk Behind Push Mower

The addition of innovative Check, Don’t Change system on Troy Built engine of TB130 eliminates oil changes.  Simply check the oil each time and top off as needed, reducing maintenance time and having to dispose of old oil. The product comes with a trendy red-black combo color. With a rear bag, a mulch kit and side discharge options included, you have a choice for disposing of grass clippings. You can either put the nutrients back in the soil by using mulching options or collect clippings in the rear bag. It allows easy working over rough spots with 11-in high rear wheels; Manual push is required for lawn mowing. It can mow the area less than ¼ acre. The fuel tank capacity is about 0.25 gallons, and the product weight is about 66 lb. Single blades are installed in the mower to cut off the grass. The engine provides easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • Mulch kit is included, which helps maintain a healthy lawn.
  • No oil change is required.
  • The side discharge chute comes with a handy, built-in clip to attach to handle when it is not in use.
  • No assembly is required.


  • Lawn mowing requires manual push.

Q1. Does This Mower Have A Primer?

No, it doesn’t have a primer. It has an auto-choke system which is reliable and helps to start the engine without investing any kind of extra effort in the lawnmower.

Q2. How To Maintain The Engine?

The engine can be maintained by using fuel stabilizers. This will increase the longevity of the mower. They ensure the quick, easy starts in the next season.

Q3. Will The Oil Not Get Dirty If It’s Not Changed?

No, the oil will not get dirty. The oil fill tube is designed in such a way that it prevents the dirt and debris from entering into the oil while mowing the lawn.

7. Troy-Built TB115 Walk Behind Push Mower

Troy-Built TB115 Walk Behind Push Mower

The Troy-Built TB115 has plenty of power with the Troy-Built engine with Autochoke to insure easy starting every time. Dual-lever height adjusters are conveniently located to adjust the cutting height quickly and the TriAction cutting system uses a rake guard, symmetrical deck, and specialized blade to deliver a clean, even cut. With a rear bag, a mulch kit and side discharge options included, you have a choice for disposing of grass clippings. The drive type is by the front wheel, which provides a great advantage to the lawns that have lots of turns. This lawnmower weighs about63 lb and is made up of high quality 15 gauge steel. The mower can be started simply by pulling the cord. No warm-up of the mower is required.


  • Side discharge chute comes with a handy, built-in clip to attach to handle when not in use.
  • Rust-resistant deck.
  • 6 position cutting height system.


  • Mowing can only be done for small lawns.

Q1. To How Much Extent It Can Change The Cutting Heights?

The cutting heights vary from 1.25in to 3.75in. The dual-level 6 position system has been incorporated to customize the heights easily.

Q2. Can You Use Non-Ethanol Fuel In This Mower?

Yes, non-ethanol fuel can be used, as it is better for the engine. One can also use a 4-cycle Tru-Fuel to run the mower. Both will work well and speeds the engine.

Q3. How To Know If Lawn Mower Cutting Height Is Set To The Right Height?

Mowing height can be adjusted by moving the mower to a flat surface and measuring the distance from the ground to the blade.

8. Troy-Built TB230 Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Troy-Built TB230 Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Eliminate oil changes on the Troy-Built TB230 self-propelled mower with the innovative Don’t Change oil system is made available on this new Troy-Built engine. It simply needs to check the oil each time and top off as needed, reducing maintenance time. The oil fill tube protects the engines from becoming contaminated by solid particles such as debris flying up while mowing or dust particles. Hence it ensures that the oil remains clean and free from these particles throughout, thus eliminating the need for oil change periodically. With this bonus, it put an end to the disposing of old oil. Variable speed front-wheel-drive enhances the overall control and allows faster turning while mowing. The 11in. high-rear-wheels improves the traction and maneuverability on hills and over rough spots in the lawn. With a rear bag, mulch kit, and side discharge options included, you have a choice for disposing of grass clippings. Dual-lever height adjusters are conveniently located to adjust the cutting height quickly and the TriAction cutting system uses a rake guard, symmetrical deck, and specialized blade to deliver a clean cut every time.


  • Adjustable cutting height, handlebar, speed add to make the product more worthy.
  • Deck cleaning had made easy by simply connecting a hose.
  • They are self-propelled hence have more power to cut through thick turf.


  • The engine is noisier and requires careful maintenance.

Q1. How Is The Variable Speed Mechanism Assessed?

With a variable speed mechanism, easy speed change at different locations can be achieved. The further back you pull the handle, the faster it goes. There is also a tension adjuster on the handle to pull up the slack.

Q2. Is This Front Or Rear Wheel Driven?

This product is of a front-wheel driven type and is good for all terrains. Since the drive wheels are in front, it allows for easy turning and sliding up of the mower.

Q3. Does This Lawnmower Is Faster In Performance?

Yes. The mower works fast.  The self-propelled system, variable speed, front-wheel drive mechanism helps it to run rapidly. It can mow an area up to 1 acre within a short time and less effort.

9. Troy-Built TB260 XP Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Troy-Built TB260 XP Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower

With the introduction of Troy Built TB260 Space Saver design, it paved a way to store the lawnmower with ease, thereby reducing storage space. The Troy Built engine is made in such a way that it can allow the mower to reside against the walls vertically without affecting the engine to get dis-balanced. It can also be stored under a tool bench or in a small space or anywhere else, as per your convenience. A 360o seal has also been incorporated to prevent the oil and fuel from leaking when stored in a vertical position. The Troy Built engine provides plenty of power to mow the grass. In addition to this single-speed front-wheel drive makes it easier to maneuver while mowing the lawn. The TriAction cutting systems are also enabled to provide a clean-cut and make the yard look even from all directions.


  • The XP Series provides extra performance and durability.
  • Decks are rust-resistant.
  • Self-propelled mower. The operator does not have to push the mower; he or she simply needs to guide by walking behind it around the yard.


  • Tilting the mower in the wrong way could lead to damage to the product.

Q1. The Warranty Period Is For How Many Years?

Being an XP series will provide a warranty for up to 3 years. The highlight of the XP series is that it provides more power and high performance.

Q2. Does This Mower Have The Power To Move Quickly When Going Uphill?

Yes. This mower is a self-propelled type. The operator doesn’t need to take efforts in pushing it, he/she just need to guide it in the right direction, and it will move on its own, making it quicker when it comes to mowing an uphill.

Q3. How Can The Mower Be Stored Vertically?

The quick-release fold-flat handle design, the 360 degrees sealed engine, and other manufacturing techniques help to store the mower vertically. It can save a lot of space in your homes.

10. Troy-Built TB105 Walk Behind Push Mower

Troy-Built TB105 Walk Behind Push Mower

The Troy-Built TB105 push mower features a dependable 140cc OHV Troy-Built engine with Auto choke for easy starting. The TB105 push mower comes with both side discharge chute and also has a mulch kit for disposing of grass clippings. Fingertip height adjustment makes it easy to change cutting heights from 1.25 in. to 3.75 in. There are 3 foldable handlebar positions. Using fuel stabilizer to maintain the engine is recommended. The high wheel model design smoothly assists in the work of pushing the mower uphill’s or on uneven terrains having ridges. They are a perfect match for grooves and rolling grounds. This had eased the load on the mower operator.


  • TriAction cutting system is enabled.
  • They possess an oil capacity of up to 20 oz.
  • The product can be easily started with Autochoke system.


  • 140 cc engines can only be suited for smaller lawns.

Q1. How Heavy Is This Mower?

Troy built OHV engines are lighter in size. The product weight of this mower is 61 lb.

Q2. What Is The Number Of Spark Plugs For This Mower?

The spark plug on this 21 in. 140 cc Gas Walk Behind Push Mower is part number 759-3336 (RC12YC).

Q3. Can Deck Washing Be Done Easily?

Deck washing can be done easily. Remove the deck wash nozzle and connect it with a garden hose. Allow the water to flow, which will eventually remove all the water and cleans up the deck.

Lawnmowers are available with many designs and features. But choosing the right one is the only solution to have your lawn mowed beautifully and evenly. You must make sure to find those who merge the look with their features and functions so that they can work well without your money being wasted.