20 Creepy Halloween Costume Ideas

20 Creepy Halloween Costume Ideas

In our country, Halloween is not quite a holiday, but more of an occasion to have fun. You could even say scary fun, in every sense of the word – creepy Halloween costumes are one of the main attributes of this day. Here are 20 creepy Halloween costume ideas from which you need to try at least one.

1. Witch costume

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

You can choose a dress of any style and not necessarily black, for example, with a colored petticoat. Or on any colored (but monophonic is better, otherwise the witch’s costume can be easily confused with the gypsy costume) outfit, it is enough to put on a black vest, cape or wide belt. If the dress is short, pick up unusual leggings, stockings or tights – bright striped, in a large mesh or with holes, with any patterns.

The witch is usually depicted riding a broomstick, but it is not very convenient to carry it around with you all evening. Replace it with a magic wand, pumpkin or skull. And be sure to buy a pointed hat. Also well complement the image of long false nails and a large number of large jewelry.

2. Nun costume

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

Girls can use any black dress from their wardrobe, complementing it with a white stand-up collar and / or a white shirt-front and a special headdress. It is easier to buy or sew than to try to build from improvised means.

Additional accessories that you will need are a large Catholic cross, a rosary or a “prayer book”: any small plain book or notebook will play its role. Make-up should be pale, with black accents on the eyes. Lips should be covered with white foundation and draw longitudinal cracks on the lips with a dark brown sharpened pencil.

3. Cat costume

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

The classic Halloween cat costume is all black. In addition to it, there is makeup in dark shades and accessories in color. In stores, you can find one-piece cat costumes, most often consisting of tight leggings and a tight-fitting top: T-shirts or long sleeves. You can diversify such an image with tulle or tulle: they make excellent tails, bracelets on the wrists and even ears.

An interesting option is the catwoman costume. A black mask is added to the tight-fitting suit, sometimes massive shoes or high boots. Complements the image of makeup: the ideal option would be makeup with an emphasis on the eyes. But do not forget about the expressive cat’s nose and small mustache.

If the black cat costume is too gloomy, you can try to dilute the image with orange. Or even make a three-color fawn suit.

4. Doll costume

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

To create an image, you will need a bright wig and expressive makeup. Equally important in this case is the costume. You can choose the option with porcelain doll, malvina, barbie doll, voodoo doll.

To become a porcelain doll on Halloween, you need to find a puffy dress, preferably with frills. Particular attention will have to be paid to makeup: bleached skin and summed up eyes will give the image a special charm. You can complement the dress with accessories: add a bow for hair and a handbag in his color.

You can add makeup in similar shades to Malvina’s usual blue hair. The dress is better to choose a neutral color. It will be interesting to look “broken” makeup: it is done with the help of face painting.

For the image of Barbie, you will need a white wig and bright pink lipstick in the color of the dress. The face can be slightly whitened and colored lenses are worn: bright blue will look best.

5. Pumpkin costume

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

An interesting solution is to create a suit in two colors: orange and black. They can be alternated with each other: for example, give preference to a strip. Or make the top bright orange and the bottom black. An orange fluffy dress with a skirt made of tulle will look good: after all, it is possible to create the volume of a pumpkin with the help of this material.

If you choose the gourd-shaped face mask, then the main costume should look more relaxed. For example, completely black with orange accessories: jewelry, handbag.

6. Bride’s suit

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

The choice of the color of the dress is not always obvious: you can buy not just white, but peach or light blue. It can be done on your own. Popular technique: leave blood stains on the fabric. This can be done using special acrylic paints. For high-quality spraying, an aerosol is usually used.

Where is the bride without a veil? It is most often sloppy, has an uneven cut and looks quite voluminous at the same time. Of the accessories, you should pay attention to the bouquet: you can make it from dried flowers, and tie it with a black ribbon.

7. Nurse costume

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

On a white background, red bloody spots look very intimidating: they can also be made using special paint. The suit of a medical worker will be the basis, it is still better to choose white.

Accessories in this look do not just complement the costume, but create the basis for it. These can be syringes or scalpels, bloody with dyes, a phonendoscope or bandages. Makeup can be done in red colors: bright lipstick and emphasis on the eyes. And the red lenses will give the image even more danger.

8. Mermaid costume

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

Turquoise and blue colors will help create a unique image of a mermaid. Shells and sequins are perfect for decorating the costume, which can be fixed with glitter. Here you should not be afraid that both the suit and makeup will be in the same shade: this effect must be achieved. To create a beautiful and lasting makeup, you need to use face painting. With it, skin color can be made turquoise or purple. And don’t forget about the wig: the combination of white and blue colors will look advantageous.

9. Angel costume

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

From a pleasant and snow-white image of an angel, you can make a frightening and frightening one. To do this, you need to work on the wings and costume. Angel wings can be made completely black, or you can take white ones and paint them in dark shades. Make cuts on the suit and, of course, add some red acrylic paint.

Makeup is best done shining, in pink tones. And nowhere without bruises and bruises, decorated with face painting.

10. Avatar costume

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

The whole body can be painted with special paints in blue and make interesting patterns. The avatar’s hairstyle is quite interesting: many, many small black braids. You can find such a wig on the Internet, and make accessories yourself. Shells, small stones and medallions will be used.

11. Dead Man Suit

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

First, decide how long ago your dead person died. Based on this, any outfit needs to be either filled with “blood” (special fake or ordinary red paint), or aged as much as possible (cut, stained with gray paint to simulate dust, filled with bleach, denser fabrics can be rubbed with sandpaper or a regular kitchen grater).

12. Skeleton suit

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

There is one spectacular way to make a Halloween skeleton costume. To do this, you will have to sacrifice a T-shirt. Holes are cut out on it, repeating the contours of the ribs and spine. The templates for the front and back are also free to download. If the T-shirt is white, then you need to wear a black T-shirt or T-shirt under it, if it is black, then white.

13. Vampire costume

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

If you want the dead to look prettier, give preference to the image of a vampire. Its plus is that you can do without a costume at all, because the calling card of this character is fangs. Put on a light make-up and put on white or red contact lenses without diopters – and no one dares to approach you, so as not to be bitten. By the way, the peculiarity of carnival lenses is that most often they are sold by the piece, you can “repaint” each eye in your own color.

14. Monk costume

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

It is better to buy or sew a cassock of a medieval monk – an ordinary black hoodie with trousers will look unconvincing. In addition to it, you need a large cross, a rosary and a Bible.

Make-up for face tone pick up white, not flesh. Eyes can be brought black, and cracks can be added to the lips with the help of eyeliner.

15. Ghost costume

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

The stores have a large selection of this kind of costume: a white cape with painted black eyes. This option is quite suitable and you can make a costume yourself. But if you want to diversify it, you should think about additional details.

You can even choose not fabric for the base, but cardboard. In the three-dimensional model, cut out holes for the arms and head, and paint the cardboard itself in different colors using ordinary paints. An interesting option and with the design using graffiti-style inscriptions.

16. Zombie suit

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

Zombies are one of the most popular Halloween characters. Green skin, torn clothes and bright lenses: all this will help you transform into a corpse that has risen from the earth.

As a basis, you can take ordinary clothes: a T-shirt and jeans. But you will need to work on their design. With the help of earth diluted in water, prints can be applied to the fabric, and colors can be added using special dyes. If a simple look is too banal, choose the costumes of a cook, a doctor, a pilot. Any of them could become zombies, that’s the beauty of it. You can paint the skin not completely, but in separate areas. It is better to apply makeup in advance and check it in action: how strong and long it can hold.

17. Monster suit

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

The monster can be a dinosaur, a Frankenstein, or a Night Demon: the choice is really big. In stores there are ready-made options with masks, and individual parts of costumes. For example, voluminous capes or hand pads made from bandages.

To make a monster costume yourself, you need to decide which option is most suitable. It will be easier to buy a mask, and make the costume itself from special materials. Tulle, dense fabric, models for creating false paws (if you choose the dinosaur option) will be used.

It is better to choose massive shoes, you do not need to do makeup if there is a mask. You can abandon the mask and make face painting using shading. The image of the monster will look intimidating.

18. Suit devil

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

Black overalls and red horns will make you a cute devil. But if you want to add spice to the image, you can make an even pointed tail, add wings and a trident

For makeup, black and red tones are used. The base can be chosen red, and supplemented with black. The emphasis is on the eyes: light blue lenses will look perfect. Thematic drawings will look interesting, both on the body and on the face. It can be flames or pentagrams.

Gloves to the elbows will look good with the suit. They can be hand painted with fabric paints.

19. Werewolf costume

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

A werewolf is a mythical creature that can transform from a human into a wolf. There is an abundance of hair on his body, and an angry look in his eyes. To achieve this effect, you need to find the right suit.

A good and budget option would be to choose dark clothes combined with wool details. You can add a mask to this image or make makeup with black paint, complementing it with wolf ears. You can stop at the option of an all-woolen suit: but it is important to note that it will be quite hot in it.

20. Joker costume

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

You will have to arm yourself with green red for hair in the form of a spray or crayons and be patient. For the face, you need white paint, lips need to be painted red, and eyes should be lined with a black liner. In the image of the Joker, everything is adjusted and even slightly elegant: a classic suit with a bow tie or a wide trench coat. And you can’t forget about massive gold chains.