5 Different Halloween Makeup Idea for Kids

5 Different Halloween Makeup Idea for Kids


In today’s article, I’m going to tell you about four last minute DIY Halloween looks for kids and they are very easy to follow. So today, I am going to do Miguel from Coco, a zombie bride, a rainbow pumpkin, and a rainbow unicorn as well. When it comes to kids we need different makeup which are only made for kids. So you can use face brush pens to do this makeup. Because it will not harm your kid’s skin also easily removable.

Kids Makeup Idea No 1: Miguel from Coco

Halloween Makeup Idea for Kids

Step 1: First draw two black circles around the eyes with black face brush pen. Then draw an upside down heart on the top pf the nose and fill it in as well as eyes. So this is gonna make them look like a skeleton with eye sockets.

Step 2: Then fill the rest of the face with white paint and use white face brush to be more precise.

Step 3: For mouth draw an oversize mouth with black face pen and go over to lips also and draw vertical lines cross the mouth.

Step 4: Lastly add some orange dots under the eyes you can also do it all the way around the eyes.

Then all you need is red hoodie to complete the look.

Kids Makeup Idea No 2: Zombie Bride

Halloween Makeup Idea for Kids

Step 1: First thing you need to do is paint the face with white face paint or with white face pen to make it look pale and ill like zombie.

Step 2: Then go around the eyes with black face pen. Don’t worry if it gets messy because we need more of a messy look.

Step 3: Then with black face brush pen draw some cracks throughout the face like one down one of the eyes, one on forehead as well.

Step 4: Then with red brush pen put some fake blood coming out of the mouth Also put on forehead and on the eyes. Also do lips with this red color. Add some glitter around the eyes.

Then all you need is zombie bride dress.

Kids Makeup Idea No 3: Colorful Rainbow Pumpkin

Halloween Makeup Idea for Kids

Step 1: First thing to do is take black face brush pen and draw a round pumpkin shape on the face and also do two triangles around the eyes and a triangle on the nose as well.

Step 2: Then for the mouth draw some small triangles above the lips and fill it as well with black.

Step 3: Then the use orange face brush pen and color in the rest of the face.

Step 4: Then again take black pen and draw some pumpkin lines on it and draw couple on the forehead as well. Then with white face brush pen draw little dots on it almost like a shiny pumpkin.

Step 5: Then draw simple stalk on forehead, with a little leaf and fill it with green brush pen.

Step 6: Then draw rainbow stripes on chin and you can use any color you like.

Kids Makeup Idea No 4: Rainbow Unicorn

Halloween Makeup Idea for Kids

Step 1: This look is very simple, all you need to do is draw a rainbow on one side pf the face. You can so it on the both side also. Then use pink brush pen for the lips.

Step 2: And then draw a little cloud at the bottom of the rainbow and fill it in with white.

Step 3: You can also add some glitter to the cloud.

And the put on a unicorn costume.

Kids Makeup Idea No 5: Cute Cat

Halloween Makeup Idea for Kids

Step 1: First apply pink face brush pen above the lip, either side of the nose.

Step 2: Then draw a heart on the nose and extend it to down to the lips with black face brush pen.

Step 3: Then also fill the upper lip with black.

Step 4: Next draw few dots either side of the nose with black and white face brush pen.

Step 5: Then draw three whiskers on the each cheeks with black pen.

Step 6: Then apply detail flicking upward and outward.

Then all you need is cute cat ears.


As you can see that this kids Halloween makeup is so easy and cute. You can just complete in few minutes. All you need is kids makeup so it doesn’t harm their skin. Try this makeup with your kids and have fun doing this makeup.