7 Best Field Mowers in 2021

7 Best Field Mowers in 2021

To maintain a beautiful and attractive garden, the grass must be cut neatly, and the overall garden is decorated well. But for larger spaces or yards, it can prove extremely difficult to cut and trim all the grass by yourself, and it will be quite a time consuming too. This is where the relevance of a field mower comes in. Field mowers are excellent tools that will help you to cut even heavy grass without having to put in too much effort. Along with heavy grass, it will also help you to eliminate small brush growth as well. Before looking at the top 7 field mowers, let us look at all the features we need to consider before settling for a field mower.

One main thing you should consider is whether your mower is a push mower or a self-propelled mower. A self-propelled mower is the best for those people who do not want to spend too much time on the mowing work. However, if you think you can make use of some exercise while mowing, then push mowers would be right for you. If you are buying a walk-behind mower, then you need to consider your yard size also. Whether the mower is an electric strat one or push-starts, one is the next feature you need to look for. Many mowers have the problem of not starting properly. While these are simply the main features you need to look at, other features you can consider are storage ability, ease of transportation, wheels of the mower, flexibility in movement, etc.

Here Is A List Of Top Field Mowers:

1. Pulsar PTG1022H Push Field String Trimmer Mower

Pulsar PTG1022H Push Field String Trimmer Mower

This 22-inch walk-behind field mower is one of the best in the industry. It has several amazing features that make mowing your garden and your life a hundred times easier. The convenience with which this product can be used is what has made it a hit among the customers. With this mower, you can easily trim against foundations, fence lines, and any other obstacles that be in the way of your garden looking great. The field mower also has a power that is 5 times greater than any handheld trimmer.

Not only does it have some amazing features, but this mower has also been developed very professionally and with the utmost care, and this ensures the durability of the product. It can last with you for many years, thanks to its scrupulous technology. The adjustable cutting heights of the mower is a convenient feature and allows you to alter the cutting heights according to your needs. The mower, being equipped with a 173 cc OHV Engine, ensures maximum performance. It is quite easy to start the mower also since it has a gas recoil start system. The engine is also 4-stoke and gas-powered.

Other notable features of this mower are that it has a 22-inch cutting swath; therefore, you can cut wider areas also with much ease. With the 14 inch wheels of the mower, you can cut through tough and uneven terrains quite easily. Whether it is tall grass, whether it is in your garden or outside, this mower makes it all easy for you since it can cut through the most difficult types of grass also. Thus you can have different applications with a single field mower itself. And when all your work is done, you can simply fold it up and lock it. Yes, storage is that easy. No more squeezing into tight spaces or making extra space in your garage.


  • 22 in. cutting swath
  • Heavy-duty 0.155 in. trimming line
  • Easy recoil start
  • Adjustable height settings from 1.50 in. to 3.75 in.


  • The two-part handle is difficult
  • Lack of adjustment
  • The engine takes time to start


Q1 –  What is the best-recommended terrain for this mower?

This mower is equipped to work seamlessly across all kinds of terrains. However, we do recommend that the best terrain is flat, sloped, or uneven terrains.

Q2 – Should the gas and oil be added separately?

Of course, do not add them together. Especially since this is a four-stroke engine, you should add gas and oil separately.

Q3 – Does this mower have an auto choke?

Even though you can find a type of choke system to replace the manual choke, this isn’t exactly an auto choke in this model of Pulsar mowers.

2. Generac TR45080GMNG Gas Manual Start Trimmer Mower

Generac TR45080GMNG Gas  Manual Start Trimmer Mower

With amazing and powerful performance in a field mower, you could never go wrong with this one. It comes with the Generac G-force engine that delivers the easy and fast performance of the mower with an easy to start technology. For any kind of mowing, this product is the one for you. The engine also ensures the durability and long life of the mower. All Generac products have been developed and engineered specifically for commercial purposes as well as to be given for rent, and this one is no exception.

In this professional lineup of Generac products, you can also find some other items such as portable generators, water pumps, pressure washers, as well as professional mowers – both field mowers and brush mowers. A great feature about this mower is that it comes with heavy-duty cutting cords, which are sized up to 225 mils, thus making your job quite easy for you. Along with this, a 175 mil cutting cord is also available with it. You can also find an anti-wrap trimmer head that can cut through even tangled vegetation and therefore reduces the overall downtime of the work.

For a more convenient cutting experience, you can adjust the cutting height to about 3 different cutting positions, and the side-discharge option is also available if you would prefer that instead of the rear. Best used as a trimmer, this mower also has a deck made of 14 gauge steel that ensures enhanced durability. Since the mower comes in a ready-to-use pattern, you also need to spend very little time on the installation of the product. The plastic cording or the string comes in three types and can be experimented and used by each user according to their comfort levels. This machine can efficiently handle it all, tall grasses, bushes, weeds, and even thorn bushes without causing any trouble.


  • G-force engine
  • Heavy-duty cutting cords
  • Anti-wrap trimmer head


  • Can be loud sometimes
  • Extra accessories that you probably won’t need


Q1 – Does this model accept a solid blade attachment?

No, this specific model does not accept blade attachments, but other models do.

Q2 – Does this machine easily start?

Yes, it does. The machine had many different strings, and therefore it can easily start.

3. Cub Cadet ST 100 String Trimmer Mower

Cub Cadet ST 100 String Trimmer Mower

Next up is a trimmer mower from Cub Cadet, which offers some powerful and advanced features that will surely interest you. Its main feature is the 195 cc Cub Cadet OHV engine, which displays exceptional and one-of-a-kind performance in a mower engine. The engine alone delivers great performance, but it is also combined with an AutoChoke system, thus making it powerful. With the AutoChoke system, there is no need at all for the engine to be primed and warmed up before it started. You can now directly start the machine without any trouble. The 159 cc engine also ensures that cutting through heavy and tall grass and weeds is a relatively simple affair.

The deck comes with a 22-inch cutting width, and the cutting height can be adjusted to 5 different positions up to 4 inches. This indeed helps you to personalize your cutting experience according to your needs and wants. Easily cut through fence lines, posts, and other obstacles with this unique field mower by Cub Cadet. The rear wheel s are 14 inches and come with ball bearing, which makes moving around the mower a simple and fun experience. A heavy-duty 0.155-inch trimming line also comes included with this field mower.

Other features that will make you buy this mower include the easy storage option by which you just need to fold the mower and keep it securely in any place. The handle folds also contribute to easier storage. And the best part is that you don’t need to purchase the oil separately, the mower comes with motor oil also included. And when a 3-year full warranty backs your product, there is nothing for you to worry about.


  • 159 cc Cub Cadet OHV Engine
  • 22 in. cutting swath
  • 14 in. Wheels
  • Heavy-duty 0.155 in. trimming line
  • Easy to set up


  • Handles are weak
  • Difficult to get started
  • Restarting trimmer causes issues


Q1 – Where can I find a replacement kine for this trimmer?

Replacement lines can either be store-bought or bought through e-commerce websites like home depot, amazon, etc. For this model, we recommend that you buy the Rino-Tuff heavy duty replacement line, which is available on home depot.

Q2 – Why can’t the incline be increased to more than 15 degrees?

It is recommended not to use the recline for more than 15 degrees. This is because of the engine not receiving enough oil in it. There is also a chance for lubrication starvation in the machine.

Q3 – Who manufactures the engine of this model?

The device contains a Cub Cadey 159 cc OHV engine. It ensures maximum performance and long-lasting durability.

4. Powermate PWFTA17322 Adjustable Trimmer Head Mower

Powermate PWFTA17322 Adjustable Trimmer Head Mower

With tons of features that will make you drool, we can say that this mower has it all. It is packed with amazing and convenient features, which will make mowing more of a hobby rather than a task or job that you have to do. To start with, the engine of this Powermate is not only powered by 173 ccs, but it also has an adjustable trimmer head with which you can mow or cut the grass in practically any place. Even if the terrain is uneven, even if the grass is overgrown and hard to reach, this mower battles all of it for you. Seriously, what could be better than a field mower which does the job most efficiently, right?

The adjustable trimmer head can be used in 3 different positions, which are center, right, and left. You can also conveniently do the mowing or trimming right outside of the base itself. You also get the option for a tool-free height adjustment where you can choose from 3 different heights – 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches. It is engineered to cut through even the toughest grass. The rear wheels are 14 inches, which ensures maximum flexibility in movement. If the trimmer line fails, then you can easily switch it with the extra trimmer line that also has an onboard trimmer storage system. You also get an onboard trimmer line cut length guide so that whenever you are using the mower, you can use it in the right height and the proper manner.


  • 3 position trimmer head
  • 14-inch wheels
  • Folding handle for storage
  • Onboard trimmer string storage
  • Onboard trimmer line


  • Difficult to get started
  • Does not work well on uneven grounds or terrains
  • Issues of engine gas leaking


Q1 – Can the string head be stopped without stopping the engine?

No, you cannot. Please note that whenever you release the handle, then the engine also stops, and therefore you cant separately stop it.

Q2 – What is the size of the string in this model?

The string size of this particular model is 0.155 inches long.

Q3 – Does this model have an adjustable throttle?

No, this specific model does not consist of an adjustable throttle, and instead, it can be simply operated by using the pull handle.

5. Southland SWFT15022 OHV Gas String Trimmer Mower

Southland SWFT15022 OHV Gas String Trimmer Mower

Do you have uncontrollable weeds in your garden or yard that is causing you a headache? Well, then you should definitely check out this walk behind trimmer mower by Southland. Even uncontrollable weeds bow before the power and might of this amazing mower. Not only is it quite easy to use and operate, but you can also easily assemble it yourself, especially if you are buying the product online. And it also starts with just one single pull- yes, it does. Most mowers are not easy to start, and this one is quite different. It will rapidly start itself and being the work whenever you are ready.

This is an all in one trimmer mower that does everything for you. It is powered by a 150 cc OHV engine that promises to deliver exceptional performance. The engine also has a gross torque of 5.75 ft.lb. And the fuel delivery system operates with a manual recoil system that starts very easily, as we mentioned before. The product also comes with a 2-year limited warranty. The mower can cut through tall and heavy grass quite effortlessly. The deck material is 12 gauge steel, and the mower has a stamped type deck.

With tool-free adjustments and a foldable lock, it is also very easy to simply fold the mower after your use and store it anywhere with some space. Gone are the days when you had to squeeze in your mowers into tiny and tight spaces and eventually destroyed the whole mower in the process. The mower also comes with the engine oil already included in it.


  • Manual recoil easy start fuel delivery system
  • Quad 0.155 in. Dia line trimmer head
  • 12 in. wheels
  • 2 year limited warranty


  • More manual handling than machine handling
  • Bent wheels
  • Difficult to start and turn off


Q1 – Is this a self-propelled mower?

Unfortunately, this is not a self propel mower but a manual one. But even if it is operated manually, you are likely to experience any difficulties only when you are pushing it up and incline.

Q2 – What is the weight of this trimmer

This model of the Southland trimmer SWFT15022 field trimmer weighs approximately 66 pounds. Most field mowers also come in the range of 50-75 pounds.

Q3 – Does this model have a dual position head?

No, this model does not have any dual-position head. It only has a fixed horizontal position head.

6. Earthquake 28463 Trimmer Mower with Viper Engine

A lot of people that the sound their engine makes is quite a disturbance. While we can never totally eliminate such sounds, because engines are bound to have some sort of tiny noise at least, we found a relatively quiet mower, which also has a powerful viper engine. The main reason for this reduced noise is that the mower comes with a 1 piece seamless deck that reduces as many vibrations as possible, therefore lesser noise also. 150 ccs power the viper engine, and unlike trimmer mowers, this one is a string mower that has a Fields Edge M295 feature. With this powerful and smart feature, even the most stubborn of grass, no matter how tall, heavy or uncontrollable they become, they can easily be cut down by this viper engine-powered mower.

The mower is designed to sustain even in the toughest of terrains, so no matter whatever terrain you are in, you don’t have to worry about doing all of the work by yourself. Not only does this one do the mowing, but it can also efficiently perform trimming and clearing up the majority of junk and brush. Other features of this mower include 14 inch rear wheels for efficient maneuverability, tool-free handle adjustments that ensure smooth storage and transportation, and high wheel design.


  • All-terrain machine
  • Reduced vibration and sound
  • Tool-less handlebar adjustment


  • Ball foot breaks off
  • Wastage of trimmer line


Q1 – Where can I find replacement strings for this model?

Replacement strings can be easily purchased either directly from the store or through online shopping websites like Home Depot. If you still didn’t get it, then you can contact the product manufacturer for one.

Q2 – Is this a self-propelled mowing unit?

No, it is not. This machine, although it is a walk-behind type, is mostly used as a push mower, and therefore you need to push the mower manually.

7. Dirty Hand Tools 22 In. Walk-Behind Mower

One of the most powerful mowing tools, this is hand-on the best in business. It is developed to tackle the toughest of jobs in the hardest of locations. It has 5 different adjustable cutting heights from about 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches. Another amazing feature of this device is its throttle control system – the mower can be used separately without having to engage the trimmer. Not only is it easy to assemble, it is easy to use and easy to store also. Maintenance of this mower is also nothing difficult.

Not only can it cut through tall and heavy grass along with uncontrollable weeds, but it can also trim corners, edges, against the fencing, etc. Basically, this mower can be worked efficiently, even through tight spaces that might be difficult to clean. The machine comes with a Kohler engine of 3600 RPM and an automatic choke system, which ensures the long life of the product.

Other unique features of this fantastic string trimmer mower include is that it has a distinct trimmer ball design with two 4-inch heat blades. These blades, when combined with the 14 inch rear wheels, provide the best experience of using mowers, Thanks to its flexibility in movement, as well as the ability to work in any condition.


  • 5 adjustable cutting heights
  • 14 gauge steel frame
  • 4 in. trim ball
  • Kohler approved engine


  • Bushings don’t work well
  • Breaking of belt and pullies
  • Difficult to start


Q1 – What type of string can be accommodated by this model?

The best-recommended string is one that has 0.175 inches trimmer line. But a 0.155 inches trimmer line is also acceptable.

Q2 – Is this a push mower or self-propelled mower?

This is a manual push mower that enjoys very much flexibility in movement, just as much as a self-propelled mower would do.

Q3 – Can I use this mower for my lawn?

Even though you can use it, and it won’t cause any harm, field mowers are not made for lawns. If you want one for lawn purposes only, then you should look for a lawnmower itself instead of field mowers.

We have listed some of the best field mowers for you. You can check your requirements along with their working and then choose the best-fitted one for you and your field.