Best Battery Push Lawn Mowers

Best Battery Push Lawn Mowers

Mowers are essential in our homes, especially if we have gardens, lawns, or yards and want to maintain it properly. The mower market is filled with different types of mowers with a variety of different options like push start, electric start, button start, etc. yes, mowing lawns definitely may seem like that task you keep postponing because you dread it. Well, mowing is no longer a task like that when you start using electrical mowers. We have listed here the best electric mowers. But before that, here are just some features you can check out before buying one.

  • Maintenance and storage – both maintenance and storage are important things, and it’s always best to buy a foldable mower that can be easily stored in your garage.
  • Size of your lawn or yard – buy a mower that fits the needs of the size of your lawn or yard. For really big areas, you might need mowers that have longer run times so that you can get your work completed in a single go itself.
  • Cutting width – the cutting width of the mower needs to be checked beforehand itself since with wider cutting blades, you can cover more areas and in less time.
  • Start option – mowers are now available with a manual start, push start, electric start options, etc.
  • Terrain – the terrain is another important thing to consider. Identify what terrain you are using the mower on. It could be flat, even surfaces, hilly areas, slope, uneven areas, etc. Look for a mower that best suits the terrain you are using it on.

Here is a list of Best Battery Push Lawn Mowers:

1. Sun Joe 21 In. 100-Volt Cordless Battery-Powered Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Best Battery Push Lawn Mowers

This cordless mower by Sun Joe is an industry-standard product with some amicable features. The battery, too, is of the best quality since it consists of high capacity lithium-ion battery cells of 100 volts that promise exceptional performance without the battery fading. And you do not have to worry about pollution since it gives out carbon-free emissions. The 5.0 Ah battery also provides a runtime of about 90 minutes in a single go. The motor is a 1000 watt brushless motor, which can help to increase the efficiency of the battery, at the same time as increasing the efficiency and life of the motor itself. Loud noise from mowers will no longer be an issue since the brushless motor can also contribute to reducing the noise vibrations.

Being battery powered, this mower is also self-propelled, therefore making your mowing job a hundred times easier. Not only does it save you a lot of time and effort, but you can also get a beautiful lawn without taking a strain on yourself since the mower does it all for you. You can also adjust both the speed settings as well as the cutting height positions to suit your needs and the needs of your garden or lawn.


  • 7-position height adjustment lever
  • 20 in. cutting width maximum
  • 90 minutes battery run time
  • 1000-Watt brushless motor


  • Powering up takes time
  • Switch on handles are faulty

Q1. Can I use batteries from the snow blowers for this mower?

Yes, the battery from a Snow Joe 100V snowblower model will easily work on the Sun Joe 21 inch model since they are interchangeable.

Q2. Is this model a front or rear-wheel drive?

This model is a self-propel lawn mower with a rear-wheel drive.

Q3. Can self-propel be turned off easily?

This model comes with a self-propel lever that needs to be pressed for the self-propel function to work. Therefore if you don’t press it, the self-propel option won’t work.

2. Makita 21 In. 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower

Best Battery Push Lawn Mowers

Another top quality mower to make mowing seem like more of your pastime activity than a tedious job you have to get completed. The best thing about this battery-powered mower by Makita is that it has a 4 bay battery system, and this only means double the run time. With such superior battery performance, even a single charge can last you for longer times compared to other battery-powered mowers. While we also have double the run time, you also have the option to further extend this run time by adding in 2 additional batteries. The battery also ensures zero emissions and also lesser noise, which is a huge advantage. Both batteries are 18 Volt LXT batteries, and the motor powered by Makita delivers performance up to 2800 RPM.

Unlike traditional mowers, this one does not require pull starts or even having to mix gas and oil. The 5.0 Ah batteries can mow more areas in less time and a single runtime, it can cover up to ½ acres. Other user-friendly features include the quick height adjustments, capability for mulching along with mowing, as well as the durable steel deck which is also commercial grade.


  • Maximum Power and Run Time
  • 4 bay battery system
  • 3-in-1 design
  • BL Brushless motor up to 2800 RPM


  • Cannot bag debris
  • The battery doesn’t last long enough

Q1. Does this model include a bagger with it?

Yes, the mower comes with a clipping bag to collect all the grass and other particles.

Q2. Where can I find a replacement blade?

The best replacement for this model is the 21″ Lawn mower Blade (191D52-7).

3. Ego 21 In. Cordless Battery Push Mower

Best Battery Push Lawn Mowers

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the mower delivers performance that far exceeds the abilities of what a traditional mower running on oil or gas could do. The product also comes with the charger included, so you don’t need to purchase a separate battery. Since there is no involvement of oil and gas, there is also zero carbon emissions into the air, zero noise of the engine, and zero fumes also. These characteristics are what specifically makes a battery-powered mower far better than a traditional mower running on oil/gas.

This mower not only has a great battery life, but it is also equipped to work even in harsh weather conditions. Therefore you can use it any time as and when the need for mowing arises. You can also experience rapid charging on this mower.

Even though the product weighs around 165 pounds, it can be used for easy maneuverability without the weight becomes an issue. The mulching attachment also comes along with this mower so you can do both with a single device itself. You also get an adjustable handle that can be altered according to the height and requirements of the user. Overall, this is a great product with really nice features too.


  • 45 Minute Run-Time
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • LED headlights


  • Mower abruptly stops and cut off
  • Won’t turn on after prolonged use

Q1. Can this mower pick up leaves in the basket?

Yes, it has a natural vacuum function that picks up anything in its path.

Q2. Is this mower suitable for mulching?

Mulching can be done quite efficiently since the mower comes with a mulching attachment

4. Dewalt 20 In. 20v Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower

Best Battery Push Lawn Mowers

With exceptional battery performance and 9.0 Ah batteries, this mower promises double voltage and double runtime. The charger also comes included with this mower. This is a 3-in-1 mower that has multiple options for grass clippings, which are mulching, bagging, and rear clipping discharge. The brushless motor also delivers amazing performance, and even in high overgrowth areas, the torque can be increased, which ensures efficiency in mowing. The specifications and features of this mower have also been identified as the right fit for properties up to ¼ acres. Dewalt’s 20-volt batteries can be used in this one, and while the mower comes with both battery and charger included, you also have the option to use Flexvolt batteries for extended run time.

Along with the batteries and charger, the collection bag is also included. It has a heavy-duty metal deck of 20 inches. For the convenience of the user, the mower has been developed with a single lever height adjustment, ranges from 1.5 inches to 3.4 inches. Storage and transportation of the mower are also quite easy, and you can just easily fold and lock it up with the folding handles of the device.


  • High-output brushless motor
  • 3-in-1 feature
  • 9 Ah Batteries
  • 20 in. metal deck


  • Bent and faulty wheels
  • Batteries die very fast

Q1. Do the batteries of this model work with the 20V max brushless tools?

Yes, not only do they work well, but they also extend the runtime.

Q2. Is this a self-propel mower?

No. this is a manual push model, and even though it is not self-propel, it is easy to move around.

5. Snapper Xd 82-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Best Battery Push Lawn Mowers

Snapper mower is powered by two Briggs and Stratton lithium-ion batteries of 82 volts, which ensure a runtime of about 90 minutes. This mower kit includes two batteries, along with a rapid charger. Briggs and Stratton powered mowers have always been known to deliver great performance and can do the job quite quickly. This is also a first in the industry since it has about 82 volts. The 21-inch steel deck can cut through wider areas and more efficiently.

Not only does this mower has very little noise, but it also has a single lever height adjustment where you can choose from 7 different cutting height positions. With zero carbon emissions, this is also an environmentally friendly product. An interesting feature of this mower is that it has an intelligent load-sensing technology which allows optimum power levels to enable greater efficiency. It also comes with a large 1.7-bushel bagger for collecting the clippings.


  • 90-minutes run time
  • 21 in. steel deck
  • 3 in 1 feature
  • Push-button start
  • 1200-Watt brushless motor


  • The battery doesn’t last long
  • Hard to find a replacement for the battery
  • The battery doesn’t charge

Q1. How long will it take to charge the battery?

This usually differs in each model and depends according to the capacity of the battery. But usually, one to two hours is the standard time taken.

Q2. Can this mower handle tall grass?

Yes, it can. The mover has been developed to cut varying grass lengths with varying thicknesses without any effort itself.

Q3. Is this mower side discharge or rear discharge?

This mower comes with 3 in 2 features of mulching, bagging and side discharge facilities.

6. Black and Decker 20 In. Cordless Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower

Best Battery Push Lawn Mowers

This Black + Decker cordless mower is one of the easiest to use. You don’t have to go into all the trouble of adding oil and gas to your mower since this is an electric mower that is powered by a battery. The device also has variable motor speeds that allow you to conserve the battery as well as improve the battery life and the run time associated with a single charge. You also get single lever height adjustments where you can adjust the heights between 1 inch to 4 inches.

What makes this mower special is that even though it might appear bulky, it has a very lightweight design that allows great flexibility in movement. Gone are the days when you had to put in too much effort just for pushing your lawn Mower. For an experience of versatile charging, the battery is also compatible with both 36 volt and 40-volt outdoor tools therefore, your options are not limited to this single mower only. The 2.5 Ah batteries deliver good performance at sufficient run times in a single charge, and the device also comes with the battery and charger included with it.


  • Variable speed motor
  • Single lever height adjustment
  • 6 height adjustment positions
  • Lightweight and easy to move


  • Mower stops working abruptly
  • Doesn’t have enough power

Q1. Can I use 36V lithium batteries from other B&D products interchangeable with this mower?

Yes, you can use them since the batteries can be interchanged.

Q2. Is there a way to use the mower without bagging?

One suggested method of doing this is to open the rear door, let the grass blow out and then mow back over the “clump” of grass. But this won’t necessarily work if the chute is full.

7. Scotts 21 In. Cordless Battery Walk Behind Push Mower

Best Battery Push Lawn Mowers

Most users have experienced the problem of lawn Mower taking too much time to start, or in some cases, they don’t start at all. While this is mostly an issue with traditional lawn mowers that use oil and gas to run, this no longer seems to be an issue with electric lawn mowers. This cordless mower by Scotts is also one such type of lawn mower which produces zero fumes and emission and easily starts also. Therefore, it is an environment-friendly mower, which is also a great alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers, which emit too many pollutants into the air since they are running on gas.

Another great thing about this product is that the mower comes with a 5-year warranty and the battery also has a 3-year warranty. Other exciting features in this mower include the 62-volt lithium-ion battery, one of the fastest and most efficient ones in the industry. The battery comes included along with the mower and with an additional fast charger for rapid charging. The steel deck has a cutting inch of 21 inches, and the mower also has LED headlights attached to it so that you can mow at any time of the day you want.


  • 62-Volt lithium-ion battery
  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • LED headlights
  • Easy-to-use telescoping handle
  • Battery level indicator


  • Mower stops abruptly while using

Q1. Does the mower have a push-button start?

Yes, this model comes with a push-button start.

Q2. What is the run time of this mower?

It has a runtime of about 30 minutes, but this can also depend on the length and thickness of the grass that you are cutting.

Q3. How far out from the wall does the mower stick out during storage?

After folding up and standing in the end, the mower can extend out to about 15″ from the wall.

8. Echo 21 In. Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery Lawn Mower

Best Battery Push Lawn Mowers

A product that you can trust and buy and have it repaired or returned if it has damages, this cordless lawn Mower by Echo has a 90-day money-back guarantee, a consumer warranty of 5 years, and a commercial warranty of 2 years. This really couldn’t get any better. The mower comes with a brushless motor that can cut through even the thickest pf grass and on really tough terrains also. It also delivers a significant runtime in just a single charge.

The deck is a heavy-duty composite deck of 21 inches, which comes with an assured lifetime guarantee. You can also store this product quite easily since you have the option for both vertical storage as well as horizontal storage thanks to the quick release handle it has. Other notable features of this product include the quick height adjustment features, which can be adjusted to 3 different heights according to the convenience of the user and the 40-minute runtime that you can get in just one hour of charging.


  • Quick-release handle
  • 3 position handle with height adjustment features
  • 7-position cutting height adjustment


  • Not suitable for thick grass

Q1. Are the batteries defective?

No, they aren’t defective, but they do tend to will heat up during heavy usage? In such cases, you will have to let them cool for about 15 minutes before charging.

Q2. What is the minimum cutting height?

The minimum cutting height of this model is 1 inch, and the maximum is 4 inches?

9. Powersmith 12 In. Cordless Lithium-Ion Lawn Mower With Led Headlights

Best Battery Push Lawn Mowers

With a durable and wide cutting deck of about 21 inches, guarantees ease of use and convenience to the user. It is also another model of lithium-ion lawn mower, which can be started easily with just the push of a button. It also has an OEM branded engine for superior performance. This is also a 3 in 1 deck since it has 3 different options available: bagging, mulching, and the capabilities for side discharge. With LED highlights that provide light at any time of the day, you can now use the mower whenever you want and not depend on sunlight to do your work. Vertical storage of the product is quite easy due to its foldable handle.

When you buy the product, you will also get two 2.5 Ah batteries and a charger included with the mower, and a run time of about 40 minutes is guaranteed in just one hour of charging. The mower also allows for a minimum cutting height of 2.375 inches and a maximum cutting height of 4.135 inches. The overall weight of the product amounts to just 59 pounds, and therefore it is quite lightweight.


  • 3 in 1 capability
  • LED headlights
  • Foldable handle


  • The battery cannot hold a charge
  • Unable to start the mower sometimes

Q1. I just purchased this mower, and it won’t run for longer than 20 or 30 seconds before turning off. Any suggestions to overcome this problem?

One way to rectify this issue is double check that the handle is properly locked at the hinge point near the cutting deck. You should double-check the amount of charge on the batteries since, on very rare occasions, the battery will show it has a charge but will not be able to hold that charge.

Q2. What is the warranty on this mower?

The mower comes with 4 years warranty and 2 years warranty on the battery

10. Worx Power Share Push Mower W/ Mulching And Side Discharge Capabilities

Best Battery Push Lawn Mowers

This 3 in 1 mower does it all for you –mulching, bagging as well as side discharge capabilities. The mulching system is an advanced feature that consists of the Nutricut dual-stage system. An important aspect of this mower is that at the same time as mulching your lawn, this mower can also fertilize your garden or lawn by returning the nutrient-rich clippings into the soil itself. It has a durable steel deck of width 20 inches, which can not only cut through wider areas, but it can also be a dent-resistant one.

Another interesting feature of this mower is that it has a 7 position single adjustment lever where you can adjust your cutting height according to your preference. A collapsible handle and a compact storage method ensure easy transportation and storage of the product. The mower also comes with 2 rechargeable batteries that deliver a power of 40 V. this mower is also compatible with other models like Worx 20 VOLT AND 40 VOLT power tools. The mower is also very eco-friendly with zero gas emissions.


  • Has double the power
  • Battery power can be expanded
  • Easy to store
  • Easy cutting height adjustments


  • Batteries die out
  • The battery takes time to cool so more time to charge also

Q1. Does the blower also have a separate battery like the mower?

No, the mower comes with 2 batteries only and no additional ones. But this battery can be used to power both the mower and blower.

Q2. How can I charge the battery?

You can charge the battery by making use of the free charger that comes included with this product.

Q3. What is the run time of this mower?

The expected run time is about 20 minutes.

These are some of the best battery push lawn mowers; you can check their specifications, working, pros, and cons before buying one for your lawn.