Creative Idea for Halloween Makeup: Illusion Mask

Creative Idea for Halloween Makeup: Illusion Mask

Hello Friends,

Today we are going to do something creative, something unique for this Halloween. This idea is really different and if are a makeup lover then you are going to love this makeup very much. So go and try this makeup because I am going to explain you every detail for this makeup.

Material Required:

  • Black pencil
  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Compact powder
  • Brow pencil
  • Clear brow gel
  • Bright colorful eye shadow palette
  • Neon color
  • Black liquid liner
  • Contour
  • highlighter
  • Mascara
  • Lashes
  • Nude lip liner
  • Nude liquid lipstick
  • Rhinestones
  • White liquid eye liner

Creative Idea for Halloween Makeup

Step: 1

First sketch out where you want the mast. So draw a proper line with black line to half of you face like a mast. You should use picture as reference so you can get the perfect idea. Make sure to do your makeup only for the mast portion. You don’t have to apply makeup to the outer are of the mask.

Step: 2

Then apply apply primer, foundation and concealer to the mast area as you regular do your makeup. For the foundation use full coverage foundation for even skin and thick layer. Then set it with compact powder.

Step: 3

Then do your brow and for that first out line your brow with brown pencil. Then brush the brow hair and then fill in the brow. And lift it with clear bow gel. Then with brow pencil draw individual hairs to get perfect brows. Then carve it out with concealer.

Step: 4

Then for the eye you need colorful eye shadow palette. First give base to your eyes. Then take shade name Bermuda or green and apply it to the outer part crease. Then with small fluffy brush do it with soft circular motions at the edge. Also apply little bit of mint shade to the edge.

Step: 5

For the inner part of the crease use sort of yellow orange shade and and apply it in ti circular motions. Then for the center of the crease apply pink shade. Then also add some blue shade to outer lid part.

Creative Idea for Halloween Makeup

Step: 6

Then cut the crease using concealer and give proper shape to your eye. Then set the lid with lighter shade. Then line underneath using neon liners or you can use neon colors with very pointed brush. Draw line with different neon colors. Then make a small black wing liner to the lash line.

Step: 7

Now focus to the lower lash line. Apply pink shade to outer part of your lower lash line. And apply red shade to the inner part of lower lash line. Then open up the inner corner with white liquid liner. Then apply mascara and lashes. Also stick some white round rhinestones around your eyes.

Step: 8

Then add contour and blush on your mask. Don’t worry if it gets out of the mask because you can clean it latter. Also add highlight to tip of the nose and focus on the cheek. Then apply nude brown lip liner and liquid lipstick.

Step: 9

Now focus on the detailing of the mask so first wipe away the makeup that went outside of the mask. Then shade in the depth for mask. So take flat brush and contour shade and shade the border of the mask and create depth.

Step: 10

Then with white liquid liner highlight at the border inside the mask. Add some highlight to your mast with white because it is a plastic mask.


You can see that how easy and beautiful this makeup is. You can wear anything with this look. Wear something black or choose something nice and classy.

Creative Idea for Halloween Makeup Creative Idea for Halloween Makeup Creative Idea for Halloween Makeup