Google Nest vs Ring Doorbell – Which One Good?

Google Nest vs Ring Doorbell – Which One Good?

Won’t you like to know who’s at your door?

You would be lazy around to move from the sofa and check-in through the peephole to find who’s standing at the door. There’s when video doorbells can help you out. Both you and home go smart! A video doorbell camera feed eliminates that need, allowing you to get a bright view of who is there without even wanting to get up and end what you’re preparing. This wireless video doorbell allows you to see who’s at the door by providing two-way communications with a much-needed layer of security.

When a person is a guest, it is more reliable to decide what they need before opening the door. With the smartphone communications characteristic, you can ask the visitor at the door whether or not you are at home. A video doorbell camera is also considered as an additional camera to monitor your property and surroundings accurately. You also get an option of a live feed of the camera to view instantly from a smartphone. The daytime quality is excellent, and both the night time vision on this camera is good.

Benefits of Having A Smart Doorbell

If you already have a home protection system or other smart home features established, a video doorbell camera is a must-have system of your overall smart home security approach.

Video doorbell cameras allow you to keep an eye on who is coming and going, check-in on the parcel, and never be hindered again by unknown visitors at your door.

Google Nest DoorbellRing Doorbell
Google Nest DoorbellRing Doorbell
Sleek Design

Variety of features

Instant Alerts
Sharp 1080 video

Motion Detection

Easy to operate
ExpensiveNot supported well by Google Assistant

Google Nest Doorbell

Google Nest Doorbell

If you use any Google smart device at home or a Google Chromecast, you should go with Google Nest. As it is not economically compatible, the Hello model gained high scores for its capability to recognize people using face identification technology, sharp HD video, sleek design while operating with other smart home devices. You can also pair it with a Nest Mini and Chromecast and ask your smart speaker to display a video from the doorbell to your Television. The video can also be streamed from the doorbell to a screen-equipped Amazon Alexa device like the Echo Show, Fire tablets, and Fire TV devices even without a smooth display. The budget should be saved at least $6 per month or $60 per year for a Nest Aware plan to use many different features that include continuous recording, Familiar Face, and quick alerts, with the ability to create clips. There is also the option of generating time-lapses, configure movement zones, and access your video history at any point in time.

Ring Doorbell

Ring Doorbell

You should certainly opt for a Ring video doorbell if you already use Amazon Alexa. The Ring doorbell gains popularity because of its slender design, interchangeable faceplates, and clear 1080p video screen. It’s a little expensive than the other available versions of Hello or the above-mentioned google nest doorbell. These Ring video doorbells work well with Alexa, which allows you to hear and speak to people at your front door from fit smart displays, speakers, tablets, and Fire TV gadgets. You can also inspect live video on an Echo Show or a Fire-equipped Television. Ring’s doorbells aren’t quite sturdy but can use it to start a new video recording. It is a wireless, battery-operated model that connects in minutes and gives sharp video. Though not as sleek-looking as the Pro, it also offers motion exposure, assistance for Amazon Alexa voice commands, including pre-roll buffering technology.

Comparison Between Google Nest and Ring Doorbell

Constant Video Recording

Both cameras used in Google Nest and Ring Doorbell allow you to see a live view; only the Nest model has a 24/7 endless recording system. Thus, it takes up a huge amount of bandwidth, so Google recommends lowering the stream’s resolution if you intend to utilize it.

Neighborhood Alerts

The Ring also has a quick alert feature to view any other ring users’ incidents in your area. It is one of the main distinguishable features amongst the other brands, as well as Google Nest.

Face Detection

Google Nest and Ring doorbell come with video person detection and can lessen the amount of information you obtain.  As soon as the camera detects a person, this special feature is enabled. At the same time, the Nest video doorbell also allows facial recognition to send the owner a special alert if there is a friend or family member at the door.


The Nest Hello is designed to follow a powered doorbell while installing a doorbell chime if you want to hear it ring everywhere other than your smartphone. The Ring Video Doorbell uses either a wired connection or power off internal batteries that make quick installation and provides additional options to place it. Both the Nest and the Ring take the same amount of time to install in your home.


You can use voice commands or ask about the status of the cameras by having the Nest Hello, Google Home devices to announce guests.

When you possess an Alexa-enabled smart display or a Fire TV device, it comes with an option to view a live feed from both the Nest and Ring doorbells. This comes as a savior when you can’t stop the work just to go and check who’s standing at the door. Additionally, you can also connect Ring’s Video Doorbells to other Ring products, such as its outdoor lights and motion sensors, to start recording as soon as it detects any motion.

Subscription Amount

Nest subscription plans for its home security cameras and video doorbell comes for $6 per month to store 30 days of record from several cameras at one location. However, Ring’s basic plan costs $3 a month per device and gets for 60 days of recordings. Ring’s premium plan costs $10 per month that supports many other additional features too. Choose a plan that well suits your budget.


The Nest Secure home security system is smart home compatible with simple setup with advanced video monitoring features. Nest Secure is known as one of the most affordable professional monitoring systems available in the market which is quite an easy-to-use tool too. It is usually known that Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell is offered with a full home monitoring system too.

Smart Home Connectivity

Ring and Nest are both leading in terms of smart home connectivity with cutting-edge technology. Ring Alarm systems can be combined with Amazon Alexa gadgets, while Google Nest is more compatible with your Google Home or Google Assistant devices. These systems offer an easy approach with other smart home devices, like detectors or thermostats.

Emergency Connections

The ring doorbell has a Wi-Fi hookup with a cellular backup system to use the Ring Protect Plus plan properly. When a burglar or thief targets your home, a Ring dispatcher will call you in about 30 seconds or less, notifying the action. Nest devices are wireless and use a Wi-Fi connection with cellular backup similar to Ring’s, with emergency personnel reach out to the owner instantly.


Google Nest and Ring doorbell cost the same, and talking about the video and the features, Nest Video Doorbell, is better with facial recognition and package detection. When you have more than three home security cameras, the subscription plan of Google Nest is more cost-effective.

The Ring Video Doorbell offered from Amazon is also considered tough competition as it is easier to install and can run off, offering you more options than Google Nest. Ring’s video doorbell has more smart house combinations to connect it to more devices and use them. The Nest and the Ring share many similarities also and are marketed for convenience. If you enjoy preferring simple connectivity and excellent video resolution along with smart home connectivity, then it is good to consider switching to Nest doorbell. If you like DIY home monitoring and are looking for the lowest-priced system available, then the Ring might be a more suitable option.