Ryobi vs Dewalt Trimmer – Which Brand is Better?

Ryobi vs Dewalt Trimmer – Which Brand is Better?

When it comes to keeping lawn fresh and beautiful, a trimmer should be your favorite companion. These walk-behind trimmers look like a cross between a string trimmer and a lawnmower with powerful gardening tools that can easily cut through stubborn, thick weeds and grasses. It is also perfect for use in rugged terrain with a regular lawnmower or areas where the grass and shrubs are too crowded to deal with using normal trimmers.

Its popularity is growing in the market as any inexperienced gardener may find it difficult to determine the best one for their requirements on their own. Whether you trim or mow, you need to do both to maintain your lawn under power and looking great. These durable and easy to use mowers are an excellent choice when it comes to your lawn or any other contrasting business.

Ryobi Trimmer

Ryobi Trimmer

Ryobi’s trimmers are one of the few models that are attachment ready focusing on your specific. It includes a variety of available attachments, such as pole saw an edger, hedge trimmer, cultivator, blower, and brush cutter, as well as most brands’ optional accessories.

Despite the lack of a brushless motor, it runs well on the lawn. Line changes develop the Speed-Feed style with the cutting swath of 15″ kept under conscious direction. In terms of the noise and vibration departments, it is considered to be weak. Ryobi recognizes its niche as a non-expensive brand or lacking in features and is one of the best options to choose from. The support handle adjustment system and pivots rather than sliding up or down the shaft allow easy movement for the tool. At times, it may become difficult to move the handle on the shaft, even with the bolt completely loosened. You don’t certainly assume a string trimmer at this price, offering the option of high and low-speed modes. This model is relatively lightweight, associated with other battery-powered string trimmers. The simple operating unit and the trigger safety system take as you lay your hand over the handle’s tip to push down on it and pull up on the trigger to start it.


  • High Runtime
  • Lightweight tool
  • Easy to operate


  • Difficulty to use support handle

Dewalt Trimmer

Dewalt Trimmer

Dewalt Trimmer features a variable speed trigger that empowers users to take a more controlled and cleaner path to their work. The motor is an important aspect of the trimmer with battery-powered options greatly capable of operating even through thicker plants. This makes it a better option than most comparable electric trimmers for people with most several plant problems. There are different options available in the market that seems lighter than this model.

However, this unit manages to be light enough to evade heaviness while supplying to mow the entire lawn quickly power. An edging conversion feature is common in trimmers these days, but unfortunately, this model does not contain it. It is suggested by most of the customers that edging with this unit is still possible with some difficulty. DeWalt loses some points when it comes to the trimmer guard feature that leads to trimmings being dispersed. The brand is well known for its excellent warranties, and this unit comes with a three-year warranty to ensure satisfaction for the consumers.


  • Excellent Motor
  • Great Battery Life
  • Long-lasting


  • Not suitable trimmer guard feature

Comparison Between Ryobi and Dewalt Trimmer

Cutting Deck Width and Material Used

When it comes to trimming grass, speed coupled with thicker deck width equals better cutting power. Ryobi machine can cut grass at any height with seven cutting-height settings between 1 1/2″ and 3 13/16″. Dewalt gets the job done with a 20 in. metal deck, swift and easy unique lever height adjustment, also folding handles.

Number Of Blades

Ryobi consists of numerous helical blades attached to rotating shafts for perfect mowing of the lawn. Dewalt pairs a portable design with a powerful 15 amp motor and a large 20-inch rip ability. It also comes with blade guards, a miter gauge, and a push stick, with a steady 10-inch, 24-tooth carbide blade.


Dewalt has more power in comparison to the Ryobi mower. Neither mower causes trouble cutting the grass; however, Ryobi makes fewer passes than the Dewalt model.


DeWalt offers more control and higher speed variation in comparison to Ryobi mowers. You would require between 300 and 1,500 RPMs for household purposes, but higher speeds are best for mowing the lawn quickly. The Ryobi cordless mower also delivers great speed that seems a great range for all projects.


The mower’s propulsion method could be self-propelled or human-powered for Ryobi. Either way, both the model types offer easy mulching for the ease of customers.


The battery metric is weighted to 25% for Ryobi and plays the most important aspect of mower performance. However, Dewalt’s 20-volt battery pack provides enough energy for allowing it to cut through any uneven surface. As this mower’s battery run time is excellent, you can demand 25 to 40-minutes of use on a single charge.

Comfort of Using

Ryobi offers superior comfort and convenience, with automotive features like the vast resting area, cup holders, enclosed storage slots, and LED headlights. There is no fuel-related mess or spillage in Dewalt Motor, and comes equipped with a long and comfortable steering and robust motors.


The combination of the Ryobi’s robust motor, broad cutting deck, maneuverability, and low-cost present make it a customer’s favorite tool. While this mower has a short runtime compared to some of the above Dewalt Model, it will still cut an approximated 7,000+ square feet of grass on a single charge. Dewalt has also introduced two new cordless lawn mowers, one of which is powered by their 20V MAX and 20V/60V battery program, the identical battery that runs their cordless power tool entrants. They can mulch, bag, or rear discharge grass clippings instantly by applying some force.