Halloween Makeup Idea for Cheetah Look

Halloween Makeup Idea for Cheetah Look

For this Halloween let’s try this Cheetah makeup. It is really cute and attractive. Follow every step properly and get this perfect look for your Halloween party.

Things required:

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Setting powder
  • Eye shadow palette
  • Makeup brush set
  • Glitter
  • Black cream eyeliner
  • Black gel eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Fake lashes
  • White Eyeliner
  • Peachy orange blush
  • Black liquid lipstick
  • Golden pencil

Cheetah Halloween Makeup

Step: 1

Don’t forget to create the base for your makeup. Always put on primer, foundation and concealer first and then set them with loose powder. You are going to do this cheetah look then if you want you can go with dark shade foundation.

Step: 2

First start with transition shade and apply it in a winged out shape. Use light color as transition shade. Then move on with medium brown shade and apply it to underneath to transition and closer to your crease in the same shape that you applied your transition shade.

Step: 3

Now with same brush take dark brown shade and focus most of color on your outer-v. Then whatever is left on your brush, drag that into your crease. After you blend out apply a little bit more this shade.

Tip: Between every color you apply blend out every time with medium fluffy brush. So, it will seamlessly blend together and you can’t tell that where one starts and one finishes.

Step: 4

Then take matte black eye shadow with smaller brush and stamp or oat this shade to the outer-v and then drag little bit it into your crease to tear duct. Then with smaller blending brush blend it out into the brown color you applied.

Step: 5

With a bass and flat brush clean up your lid space. This is going to be your guide for where to apply glitter. So it doesn’t matter that which shade you used for base because it is going to cover with glitter. So it will help you to get clean up your edges smoother and straighter.

Cheetah Halloween Makeup

Step: 6

Now apply black cream eye liner. You can go with any shape you like. you can go with long simple shape with this look. You can also draw long winged shade to get more dark look.

Step: 7

Now apply glitter primer on your eyes. Make sure that you apply over your eyeliner, not on the eyeliner. Then stamp your glitter over the top. It is going to stick so you don’t have to wait for this to get tacky. You can apply glitter directly after you apply primer.

Step: 8

Now blend out the edges a little bit so it doesn’t look to harsh. Then with some dark brown blend out again over the top of it. So you will have even shade of everything. Then highlight your brow bone with highlighter.

Tip: If you have glitter in your eyeliner then hide that glitter with black liquid liner to get perfect liner.

Step: 9

Then make inverted wing in your inner corner and just drag the eyeliner down and make it pointy. First apply it with cream eyeliner and then touch up with a liquid eyeliner and make it more black.

Step: 10

Now apply black eyeliner to your waterline and smudge it out. Then set it with matte black eye shadow so it doesn’t run off your eyes. Then apply some mascara and put on fake lashes. After that again apply little bit of brown eye shadow for detailing.

Cheetah Halloween Makeup

Step: 11

Then apply white to underneath your lower eyeliner. Take white eyeliner and apply it as base underneath. Then go over with white eye shadow. Now make this white color to look like part of your eyes. And for that apply light brown shade and drag it very lightly underneath of that white.

Step: 12

Now apply your bronzing, your contouring, your blush very heavily. Make sure to go for a brown shade. Apply it to your cheekbone, temples, nose bridge.

Step: 13

Now again take the darkest shade from the palette to contour and apply it with smaller brush on your cheekbone and blend it. Apply it in dark shade to look very dramatic. Now clean up underneath by baking it with setting powder.

Step: 14

After layered the highlight and the bronzers add more color to your face. For that take peachy orange blush and stamp it onto the apples of your cheeks and then drag it back to hairline.

Step: 15

Now draw a cheetah nose with black liquid liner. Then draw black lines down to your cupid’s bow and add little dots around it like cheetah and then sett it with some powder so it can look more natural. With liquid eyeliner draw whiskers also.

Cheetah Halloween Makeup

Step: 16

Now with black liner you have to line your upper lip and fill it in with black lipstick. Also drag it out on the side a little bit so it can look more feline. Then set it with matte black eye shadow. You can also apply brown lipstick to your lower lip.

Step: 17

For your cheetah spots use a gold pencil and cream eyeliner with pencil brush. You don’t have to be precise, you can do this in any kind of shape. You can draw a “C” shapes. First make a round with gold pencil and then go over with black color. You can use any picture as reference.

To complete the look put on cheetah dress and cat ears.