How to Do A Cute Bunny Makeup on This Halloween

How to Do A Cute Bunny Makeup on This Halloween


Mostly people like to go with scary makeup like vampire, zombie or witch for Halloween. But this time let’s do something cute like bunny makeup. Here I will explain you about easy and cute rabbit makeup which you can do in a short time with very less makeup material.

Material required:

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Loose powder
  • Bronzer
  • Eye shadow palette
  • Black eyeliner
  • White cream shadow
  • White lipstick
  • Pink lipstick
  • Bunny ears

Create Base

How to Do A Cute Bunny Makeup

Step  1: Before you apply this makeup don’t forget your base makeup. Because you are going to keep this makeup for long time so you will definitely need this.

Step  2: So start with applying primer, foundation, concealer and set them with compact powder or setting powder. So you can get a even skin for your makeup and it will also protect your skin.

Step  3: First apply bronzer as you always apply to your face. Then Go for blush and for that choose a light pink shade to get bunny look.

Step  4: Then With loose powder clean up under that bronzer to make it look cleaner. Then take highlighter in shade diamond glow and highlight you cheekbones like bunny.

How to do Bunny Eyes:

How to Do A Cute Bunny Makeup

Step  1: Then take first eye shadow in shade cupcake and buff it into the crease and map out where you want cut crease.

Step  2: Then take second shadow in shade cherry cola and deepen up crease with this shade and also drag out on the sides of your nose to create a contour.

Step  3: After that blend that all into your crease and make sure that everything is nice. Then with a flat brush sharpen your crease with concealer.

Step  4: Then take shimmer light pink shadow and apply onto your lids and then pack it with your fingers.

Step  5: Then draw a cat liner with black eyeliner. And make it bit longer and a little bit bigger because it is your Halloween makeup.

Step  6: Then take white cream shade and apply it to outer corner of waterline and lower lash line, like the outer half of your eyes.

Step  7: Then again take black eye liner and make some strokes right below the white shade you have done. It will look like black little lashes like animal.

Step  8: Then extend your inner corner with that black liner like mini wing. And put on your fake lashes.

Step  9: Then with white shade create hair strokes on your eyebrows. Just flicks up little hairs on the top part of your brows for like bunny hair appearance.

How to do Bunny Face:

How to Do A Cute Bunny Makeup

Step  1: Then take the same white cream shade on beauty blender and apply it messily on your mouth and chin.

Step  2: Then with angled brush and white shade flick some little hair strokes to mimic the fur like bunny. Do the same thing for both the sides.

Step  3: For bunny nose take smaller brush and create a circle on your nose and fill with little bit of white on your nostrils as well.

Step  4: Then create more strokes on the nose area. Then with that shimmer pink shade fill in your nose like in rounded area.

Step  5: Then take white lipstick and apply it to the bottom lip. For the upper lips choose pink shade or something that can match your shimmer shade.

Step  6: Then with black eye liner create a line down your lips. Also make little dots like freckles or little pores on your cupids bow.

At the and wear white cute bunny ears and a matching costume. You can buy everything online and your whole look is complete.


So here is the detailed explanation for your cute bunny makeup. To get the whole perfect cute bunny look don’t miss any steps. You can take pictures as your reference so it will be easy for you to recreate this look.

How to Do A Cute Bunny Makeup