How to do Creepy Clown Makeup for this Halloween

How to do Creepy Clown Makeup for this Halloween


Here we are going to go the beautiful Clown makeup for this Halloween. This makeup look is inspired from the movie “IT”. After this movie clown makeup is become more popular. For this look you can use and colors you want. You can go with whole black or red makeup, you can also add some glitter to your makeup, You can also create nice cute clown makeup if you want. For this makeup you can be as creative as you want. I will explain you about how to do this makeup and which makeup material you required. So continue reading…

Clown Makeup for Halloween

Material required:

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Loose powder
  • Bright eye shadow palette
  • Cream color palette
  • Brow pencil and powder
  • Black liquid eye liner
  • Black pencil
  • Mascara
  • Purple and pink matte liquid lipstick
  • Red and white body paint
  • Rhinestones and lash glue
  • White contacts lens

Step: 1

First do your regular makeup like primer, foundation, concealer and the to set everything with loose powder. You can use normal shade foundation or few shade lighter foundation to get pale skin. Also you can use white face paint if you want. Then contour you cheeks. Then take red and pink eye shadow to get signature rosy clown cheeks.

Step: 2

Then do your brows as you always do. You can do it brown or black whatever you want. First outline your brow with brow pencil and give any shape you want. Then fill it in with brow powder and make it look dark.

Clown Makeup for Halloween

Step: 3

Then take bright pink shade and apply to your crease. Bring it to inner corner and slightly down the side of your nose. Also bring it all the way out past your brow. Then take bright purple shade and do same thing but apply it to little bit lower to that pink shade so you can have nice gradient and transition of colors.

Step: 4

Then do exact same thing with darker purple to get deep and intensify look. Then blend out everything nicely. Then take black shade and apply it to below all the other shades that you have applied. Then blend it out gradually into those shade that you have a nice gradient blended look while still intensifying a look.

Step: 5

Then take some makeup remover on a cotton tip just to clean up where you will creating half cut crease. Then take your concealer and create that half cut crease and blend it to the end of it into the eye shadow with fingers so you can remove all harsh lines.

Step: 6

Then take yellow and orange cream colors and apply it on your lid where you created that cut crease. First apply yellow color to your inner corner and then bring out to the orange. Then apply yellow and orange eye shadow in correspond with the cream color. Then blend between the shadows so you can have nice ombre of the color. Then take little bit purple and black to blend out the edges.

Clown Makeup for Halloween

Step: 7

Then take black liquid eye liner and create wing and extend this wing almost to your brow as well as create an inner corner wing to elongate your eyes. Then take black pencil to tight line your eyes as well as line your waterline. Then with black pencil mark out some guidelines to wear the lines down the clown face is going to be.

Step: 8

Then add some shading around where you planning to create black lines. So take yellow shade and apply that around those guidelines on your forehead as well as on your cheek and around your eyes. Then take purple shade again and apply it to under your waterline as well as create a nice shadow around those guidelines. Then deepen up the shadow with darker purple and more precise brush.

Step: 9

With very small brush take black shade and go over everything you have done to intensify the look. Then with black liquid eye liner draw lines down to the center of the shading to get more pigmented, sharp and clean look. Then create triangle shape close to your eyes and tip facing away from eyes. Then again take black shadow and shade around those lines to create depth and intensity to the look. Then curl you lashes and apply coat of mascara.

Clown Makeup for Halloween

Step: 10

Then create little clown nose and for that take black pencil and create the shape of the nose and then take red cream color and fill in the nose shape you created. Then set it with the red eye shadow. Then to create a 3D look to the nose take white cream color and add some highlight.

Step: 11

To create creepy clown smile take brow pencil to create guidelines and over draw your lips and extend the outer corners. Then take black liquid liner and draw over the lines that really extend the lips. Then take matte dark purple liquid lipstick and fill in the outer corner of your lips. Then take matte pink liquid lipstick and fill in the center. Then with brush diffuse the edges. Then with liquid liner line your lips and create depth to outer corner with black eye shadow.

Step: 12

To add detail to look take brow pencil and create stripes down to your neck. Then take white and red body paint and and go alternate between those lines. It doesn’t have to be perfect it is more for the effect. You can use any color you want.

Step: 13

Then take some red rhinestones and lash glue and stick it to the end of the large lines that you have created on the face and then in between the smaller lines to give clown more of a glam feel. Then put on some white zombie contacts.

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Clown Makeup for Halloween

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