How to Grow and Care for Coreopsis Flower

How to Grow and Care for Coreopsis Flower

Coreopsis are small, low-maintenance, drought-tolerate flowers. The flowers are long-blooming and cheerful. It belongs to the daisy family, and there are more than 80 species of Coreopsis plants; half of these species are Native North American, and the others are from central and southern America.

Coreopsis is commonly called a tickseed plant because the seeds of Coreopsis resembles the ticks. Several birds love to eat the tickseed of Coreopsis.

Coreopsis flowers are colorful and attractive, which allure the birds and butterflies, thus its also known as Pot of Gold.

Fun Facts About Coreopsis

  • Botanical Name: Coreopsis
  • Common names: Tickseed, Pot of Gold
  • Type of plants: Perennial flowers plant
  • Height/spread: The plant grows 10 – 18 inches tall and spreads 12-24 inches wide.
  • Sunlight required: Full sunlight is required for better growth; it can also tolerate part shade.
  • Soil type suitable: Well draining and sandy soil is suitable for Coreopsis.
  • Safe soil pH: Soil with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5 is safe.
  • Bloom season: The plant blooms well in the summer season.
  • Color of flowers: Shades of Orange, Pink, Red, and Yellow.

When to Plant Coreopsis?

How to Grow and Care for Coreopsis Flower

The Coreopsis is a sun-loving plant, makes it a better option for the summer season as the sunlight during the season is perfect for this plant.

You can plant a grown and bloomed small plant into your garden. The plant from the nursery takes a few months after planting to give well-bloomed flowers, whereas the seeded plants may require a long time to bloom.

How to Plant Coreopsis?

How to Grow and Care for Coreopsis Flower

If you have bloomed small pants from the nursery, you can dig a hole, big enough, to fit the roots of the plant. Put the plant into the hole and make sure the top of the roots are buried under the soil, then water the plant, and you will soon see your plant bearing beautiful flowers.

To plant the Coreopsis seeds in the soil, first, loosen the soil. Dig the soil 2-3 inches deep and add layers of compost to fill the half of the pit. Now bow the seed in the soil and water the plant daily. It will take 2 to 3 weeks to see the leaves on the plant.

It will take 2-3 months to bloom the plants.

Care Tips

Watering the plants regularly will hydrate the plant and boosts its growth. It even helps in dissolving the minerals in the soil, providing them to the plants.

Plant the Coreopsis in the area where it can get enough sunlight. With good sunlight, the plant will get enough nutrients, but to provide more nutrients, you need to fertilize the soil. Using compost in the plant boosts the growth.

Coreopsis plants prefer a warm climate, need less water as more water can rot its roots. Make sure a significant distance is maintained between two plants, as it will encourage good propagations and reseeding.

Do the plant sustain in excess water?

No! Coreopsis is a sun-loving plant. Excess water rots the roots of the plant. So, make sure your plant does not stand in water.

Is the plant drought tolerating?

The plant can sustain in drought conditions. The plant is low maintenance. So, not much water is required. This makes it live in drought conditions.

What if the temperature goes hotter?

Coreopsis is a heat-absorbing plant; thus, the hot climate is certainly a good climate for it. But make sure you are watering the plant regularly with the required amount of water.