How to Grow and Care for Horseradish Plant

How to Grow and Care for Horseradish Plant

Horseradish is considered to be one of the easiest plants to be grown. The botanical name for Horseradish is Armoracia rusticana and belongs to the Brassicaceae family. The Horseradish is considered to be an ingredient used to add a fresh taste to the dish eaten. It is mainly available in two types, Common Horseradish, and Bohemian Horseradish. The common Horseradish has thicker and broader leaves that can go up to 10 inches, whereas the bohemian Horseradish has smoother and thinner leaves and is commercially grown. The salient feature about Horseradish is its tough nature. It is a hardy perennial that is grown as an annual.

Best Time to Plant

How to Grow and Care for Horseradish Plant

The best time to plant a Horseradish is during spring, and the best time to harvest the Horseradish is in fall, winter, and early spring. This is because the coolness of the soil helps the roots of the Horseradish get its pungency by forming compounds. The Horseradish thrives best in zones ranging from 4-7. The Horseradish is not high maintenance; however, in the initial stages, it requires a little extra care for it to reach its healthiest growth. Horseradish is considered to be a very aggressively growing plant. The clump of Horseradish can not only be used to get rid of weeds but also used for foot traffic.

Suitable Soil Conditions

The Horseradish thrives best in fertile soil. The soil should be well-drained. The best type of soil for Horseradish is moist, silty soil. It also tolerates clay or sandy soils. The pH level should be acceptable by the Horseradish. The suitable pH for Horseradish should be between 5.5 – 6.8. The roots should be placed diagonally in the soil. It should have its flat end placed upwards and the slanted end placed down. The soil should be kept loose, and to do so, sand and compost should be added to the planting bed. Anything that may cause the roots to split should be taken care of. Stones and lumps should be removed. The soil should be prepared to the depth of about 10-12 inches.

Preference of the Horseradish

How to Grow and Care for Horseradish Plant

The best location to plant Horseradish is under direct sunlight. The healthiest growth is experienced under the full sun. However, Horseradish is not difficult to take care of. Hence, it can also tolerate light shade. Avoid keeping Horseradish in areas constantly having waterlogged soil conditions. Make sure you plant your perennial in a place that does not disturb its growth, and it need not be shifted later. The Horseradish does not require much attention for it to survive. However, for it to experience the best growth, water the plant once a week when the soil looks dry, also, apply inches of mulch to keep up the moisture of the soil.

What’s Best and Worst for Horseradish

When it comes to fertilizing the Horseradish, it requires a low nitrogen fertilizer. The Horseradish should be fed every three to four weeks. It can be fertilized with compost tea or just a commercial 10-10-10 vegetable fertilizer for best growth. Horseradish thrives best when the weather is cool; hence it should be grown in a temperature ranging from 45-75F. Regarding the pests, not many affect the Horseradish. However, few pests like beet leafhopper, flea beetles, aphids, weevils, and others feed on the leaves.

Is Horseradish a vegetable?

Horseradish is a plant that is widely grown. This plant is very easy to grow and does not require high maintenance. Yes, it is considered to be a root vegetable. It is cultivated worldwide. It is highly used as a spice as well as a condiment.

Can Horseradish make you feel sick?

Even though Horseradish is used widely as a spice and as a condiment, however, it may not suit everybody. It can result in various side effects such as vomiting blood, making the stomach upset, causing diarrhea as well as slowing down the working of the thyroid gland. It should also be avoided to be used on the skin as it can result in allergies.

How long can a Horseradish last?

Horseradish is an easy to grow plant that is grown in large quantities throughout different parts of the world. It can usually be stored for a long time. It can easily be stored in the refrigerator for about four to six months. It can even last longer if kept in for deep freeze.