How to Grow and Care for Sweet Potato Plant

How to Grow and Care for Sweet Potato Plant

Sweet Potato is an herbaceous perennial plant, where it possesses edible storage roots. Starting from kids to senior citizens, everyone enjoys eating sweet potatoes. Almost all the food enthusiasts love to have it. You can also easily grow it in your home garden and fields. For the same, anyone must know about it deeper. Only then, it becomes convenient for anyone to work well and get the desired yield. Read till the end to get a clear understanding of the needed factors.


  • Family – Convolvulaceae (Morning glory family)
  • Botanical name – Ipomoea batatas

Sweet Potatoes are edible storage roots that own a branching vine with spirally located lobed. The shape of the leaves is stunning heart-shaped. It does have other names like Spanish potatoes and Yams. They are native to Central America. To get the desired yield, they are growing as an annual crop. Later, they are harvested right in the first growing season. Yams become very well in tropical and subtropical atmospheres. And, they are exceptionally touchy to chilly climate. They develop best at temperatures of 25°C in loamy soil with a pH of 5.6–6.6. Sweet Potatoes grow well in full sun.

It weighs somewhere between the range of 0.5 and 3 kg. Sweet Potatoes are of light red shading, caramel yellow, or whitish. Because of its high sugar content, it proffers a sweet taste. It has round and hollow climbing stems. They are gliding stems that stretch out up to 2-3 m. The leaves petiole is long, i.e., up to 20 cm. Entomophilous type of pollination is witnessed in Sweet Potatoes. Roots of Sweet Potatoes usually store and hold substances like starch.  

How to Grow and Care for Sweet Potato Plant


The ideal time for planting is when the temperature is over 65°F during spring and in any event 150 days before foreseen 55°F soil temperature in the fall. Speaking about the season, August to November is the best. 


After planting, Sweet Potatoes adapt themselves to live both in dry and wet soil. It’s ideal for keeping the soil moist, oftentimes. Watering once a week is highly preferable. As per harvesting principles, don’t water before 3-4 weeks of harvest.

What’s Special?

  • Sweet Potatoes are –
  • Drought resistant
  • Rapidly growing vines
  • Rich in dietary fiber
  • Support Healthy Vision
  • Enhance Brain Function
  • Maintain healthy mucous membranes

Growing Sweet Potatoes are easy and fun. If you are about the grow it at your garden, make sure you maintain them with care. Following the seasonal pattern and fertilizer utilization, you can develop your beautiful garden. Happy gardening!

Is the plant susceptible to pests and diseases?

They are fairly susceptible to pests and diseases. So, it is highly recommended to apply organic manure or compost that repel pests, insects, and diseases.

What type of soil condition is the best to grow sweet potatoes?

The soil should be well-drained and good for aeration. It should not lose the moist condition. If its rich in nutrients and minerals, the shade of the foliage will be bright and attractive.

What varieties can one grow along with Sweet Potatoes?

According to professional growers, parsnips and beets are good to grow with Sweet Potatoes. They are also compatible with any variety of potatoes.

Are yams and sweet potatoes different?

On one side, sweet potatoes are otherwise known as yams. Another hand, there is also a unique variety called yam.