How to Grow and Care for Watercress Plant

How to Grow and Care for Watercress Plant

Watercress is one of the famous perennial plants that produce flourishing shoots. The growth period generally begins from spring. In pre-summer, the plant starts to bloom. It takes around 2 months to mature. Such a popular plant requires well maintenance and care during the initial days of its growth. If you ar e keen on growing Watercress at your home, read till the close to get a detailed analysis.


  • Family – Brassicaceae
  • Botanical name – Nasturtium officinale
  • Soil type – Chalky, Clay, Loamy, Sandy

Watercress is a perennial vegetable that belongs to the wild spice group. Globally, it gets used for culinary purposes. They are native to Western Asia, India, Europe, and Africa. It has appealing green leaves. Watercress has been utilized for so long to fix various sicknesses with claims that it can improve the rate of blood circulation. Its leaves and aerial stem are bright and effective. They are rich in proteins, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Commonly, you can use it as a customary medication for the treatment of diabetic, bronchitis, stomach ailments, asthma, facial scars, and iron inadequacy. 

Watercress is typically found in clusters, particularly in the cool and delicate region. They tend to grow well near shallow freshwater. An advantage is, the plant does not freeze during winter. It is compound in structure with numerous wavy-edged, or oval leaflets. The leaves taste somehow like pepper, and its height range about 4 and 12 cm. Nasturtium officinale has a 10 to 60 cm stem with fragile and fibrous roots at the base. They are found near the water from March to October. 

Watercress is a wonderful supplement, which bounteously contains nutrients and minerals. The similarity of various phytochemicals and nourishment make Watercress a regular eatable. As a plant, Nasturtium officinale needs daylight for photosynthesis. While it can get supplements from both the water and soil, it requires nitrate from the water and iron from the substrate. 

How to Grow and Care for Watercress Plant

Soil Requirements & pH

Watercress leans towards a situation where it gets light shade. However, it will develop well in bright places as well. It should be kept wet throughout the entire year. Watercress grows well in neutral pH.


It needs to get watered twice a week. But, regularly, you need to monitor if the soil is moist because it does not work well in dry soil.

Growing a Watercress in your garden is not so simple, as you need to work on in different fields. For example, maintenance and care. Only when you maintain and care it properly, you can grow Watercress effectively. Happy gardening!

How should I grow Watercress?

Coming to Watercress, you always need to submerge its roots in water. Because it always wishes to stay moist. A replacement of water should be done regularly without fail. Other than this, it also works well in different soil conditions. Yet, the neutral pH of around 6.5 to 7.5 is much fine.

Can Watercress grow on water?

Yes, since it is an aquatic plant, it can grow in water. For the same, you can fill the container with around 2-3 inches of water. Then, keep replacing the water twice a week.

Do wildlife consumes Watercress?

Yes, almost all variety of wildlife feed on Watercress. Hence, if you are growing it at your garden, make sure you fence it or apply some repelling agents. Only then you can protect your plant.