Ring vs Nest Security Camera – Which One is Good?

Ring vs Nest Security Camera – Which One is Good?

In today’s tech world, keeping up with the smart home feature, including a video doorbell, is a task!

This video-doorbell allows you to check any person standing at the door even if you are in the kitchen busy cooking food or in your bedroom. But, all this tracking is possible only if it comes with a good camera. This feature can also help to talk to your visitors without even opening the door.

A doorbell camera is suitable when an instant delivery of some package occurs at your house, even in your absence. You can contact the delivery man through your smartphones to confirm its arrival. It also offers more protection utilized with your surveillance system as it functions as an added camera providing extra security features.

These powerful tools should be added to your security system as they provide convenience even in less space. The quick notifications and live view updates when you are away from home are some of the different advantages of choosing a video doorbell Camera.

In this article, two cameras, namely Ring and Nest Camera, are explained in detail.

Benefits Of Using Camera For Your Home Security

  • It allows you to check the visitor at your doorstep.
  • Notifies even if you are at home or not.
  • Tracking delivery or people dropping off packages.
  • Communicate with neighbors through an application
Ring Security CameraRing Security Camera
Obstacle avoidance technology.
Enclosed Propellors.
Integrates with ring alarm.
Very easy setup.
Integrated Cloud recording.
Great Video Quality.
Not great battery life.
Strong Wi-Fi required.
Expensive Hardware.
No SD or local storage support.

Ring Security Camera

Ring Security Camera

Ring offers five video doorbells and three kinds of cameras for smart home features. The Floodlight Camera is available in wired, wireless, and solar variants and a charger for the Ring Video Doorbell. It also comes with a plug-in chime, so you don’t require to rely on your phone for notifications. The chime also can be doubled as a Wi-Fi extender with fully autonomous features, but owners can say what route it can take and where it can go. When you first get the device, a map-road of your entire home is fed in it to follow, allowing you to ask it for particular places such as the hall or bedroom. The drone can be set to fly on request or programmed to operate when a linked Ring Alarm System recognizes a change. This charging dock prevents the camera’s view, and the camera only reads when it is fleeing. Ring’s drone makes a clear noise when flying, so it is visible which all footage is being recorded. This camera can also be used for simple things like monitoring if a stove was left on or a windowpane left open when you are away from your home.

Nest Security Camera

Nest Security Camera

The Nest Cam Indoor is regarded as one of the best security cameras of 2020 in terms of video, audio, night vision, smart platform mixtures, and artificial intelligence. Nest Cam Indoor is recommended as best for home security, and it makes one video doorbell with three indoor cameras, outdoor camera, all of which are wired. The outdoor camera doesn’t double as a security light, but it does have infrared night vision. We may not say that it is the cheapest option around, and it might not be an excellent choice for users that need local storage.

The Nest products are a portion of a broader ecosystem that includes the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect smoke detector, the Nest x Yale smart lock, a Wi-Fi range extender, and a series of Nest Secure alarm sensors. These firms offer packages that connect various products in a decreased package.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor is a more advanced and recent version of the Nest Cam Indoor. These cameras have 1080p HD video, 130-degree fields of view, and the equivalent storage possibilities, smart platform combinations.

The other one is Nest Cam Outdoor that has an IP rating of 65, with weatherproof technology, and can be used in temperatures from negative four to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Comparison Between Ring and Nest Security Camera


Ring offers “home” and “away” settings, which are both equipped, and mode settings can be set as per the user in the Ring app. Nest offers an “armed” and “disarmed” setting but doesn’t offer a home setting, unlike Ring.


Nest Hello is oval-shaped while Ring Video Doorbell is rectangular with unique physical designs and different internal hardware. The Nest requires low-voltage doorbell wiring for a steady power source, while Ring can run off doorbell wiring or any rechargeable battery. These models have HD cameras with high dynamic range (HDR) to enhance contrast, a 160-degree field of view, night vision, a mike system, and a speaker for two-way audio communication.

Package Offerings

Ring camera extends a mixture of different equipment packages, while Nest camera allows only access to one standard base system. Both Ring and Nest allow you to easily customize your package with extra accessories like video doorbells and motion sensors.

Storage Costs

Nest Hello comes with monitoring zones, facial recognition, package detection, 24/7 video recording, video clips, and time-lapse videos features at just 5 days for $5 per month or $50 per year. However, the Basic plan for Ring doorbells of recording 60 days of cloud video storage for video clips costs $3 per month.

Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

Both Ring and Nest Camera offers competitive indoor and outdoor security cameras. A Stick Up Cam is available along with Ring Camera that comes either wired or battery-powered. It also features HD video, night vision, and two-way audio to communicate clearly with neighbors or audience through your smartphone. Nest Camera can be used for indoor or outdoor use as it flaunts HD video quality and motion alerts.

Home Automation

Ring offers video doorbells for tighter security at your front door and smart lighting to help light your guide through your way. The Ring Video Doorbell answer your door without having to stop your work and ask Alexa to tell who’s at your door. Nest also offers smart home automation features by creating a conventional environment by lowering the electric bill too.

Smart Lighting Features

You have a wide range of options to choose for smart lighting solutions including floodlights, step lights, and spotlights when it comes to Ring Camera. However, Nest doesn’t offer a range of smart lighting options, but there is an option to purchase smart lighting features compatible with Nest while some come with the automatic night-light settings.

Video Quality

Nest’s video doorbell is one of the few in the market to offer facial recognition settings. Nest offers 24/7 continuous video recording, while the Ring Video Doorbell will be triggered with its Pre-Roll trait when the system’s motion exposure device is triggered and recognizes a movement in the space.


Ring Home security provides free DIY monitoring options and smart lighting solutions available. The Nest Secure home security system is Google’s smart home compatible, professionally controlled offering combined with a simple setup and advanced video monitoring features. Nest camera is an affordable expert suggested smart home automation system in terms of security.


The Nest and the Ring share many similarities that value smart home compatibility. If you’re the kind of homeowner who favors simple connectivity and superior video resolution with smart home connectivity lying beside, then the Nest camera is suitable. However, if you don’t bother about little DIY home monitoring and are looking for the most economical priced version available, then Ring might be a better option to choose. If you have already invested in Alexa or use Samsung’s SmartThings, then the Ring camera is best for you. If it’s Google, then Nest will be a better fit. Also, it is recommended for beginners to go with Ring cameras as the Nest range is prettier and frequently more elegant. Still, Ring’s hardware is generally cheaper, with no expensive installation required.