Ryobi vs Ego Blowers – Which Brand is Better?

Ryobi vs Ego Blowers – Which Brand is Better?

Leaf blowers are sold cordless now. They are commonly known as a blower and is a gardening tool which propels the air out of a nozzle moving the debris such as grass cuttings and leaves. There are still the true and tried gas engine models out there, but the suburban homeowners are now getting on board with the various advantages a tool can offer when different batteries power it. Much quieter and comes with no starting strain. You need to plug in the battery, start its power button, and move the leaves. In between, you have to spend a little time to get the gas can, filling the tank, setting the choke, and pulling the recoil handle. We have selected the two best blowers and made their comparison based on various features to assess the balance, control, power, comfort, and weight.

Ryobi Blower

Ryobi Blower

Among the crowd of lithium-ion blowers, this Ryobi’s 40V Jet Fan Leaf Blower suits anybody’s need to the core. Claiming a gas-like power with a 40V lineup, their target user is mainly the homeowners—forward-thinking design with many benefits. Since Ryobi’s mower has a brushless motor, they didn’t have one in their blowers. You will find a three-finger trigger at its control center with a turbo button above it. Its standard over-mold is always there to give you that comfort and grip. Users may have to slide their hand down to engage it as there is a placement of the turbo button there. The three ginger trigger can become a two-finger trigger. To get the most benefit of the rubber over-mold, you have to shift down to use your one finger on it. The spring tension trigger is high, where you have to use two or three fingers every time. Cruise control options are serving the purpose of acting as a lock on its switch. 3.0 amp hour battery is there with the kit and installs on the blower’s back to offset the heavy forward tool’s lean. Easily balances forward and also hits the sweet spot of 4 to 6 feet towards you.


  • Low cost when compared to other products.
  • The variable speed and turbo boost are good for tough debris.
  • Interchangeable battery.
  • Quick charge time of the battery.
  • Low maintenance, as there is a lack of gas or oil.


  • Short run time creates an issue when doing a hefty job.
  • Little heavier as compared to other products.
  • Struggle with wet leaves and cannot handle heavy debris.

Ego Blower

Ego Blower

EGO’s power + 530 CFM Leaf Blower comes with a turbine fan that operates at three different speeds of 50 mph low, 85 mph high, and 110 mph boosted speed. Low and high speeds are easily controlled by the variable speed dial given. 2.5 Ah/56V battery is included and lasts to approx. 75-minutes at a low speed, 22-minutes on high speed, and 10 minutes at the boosted speed. Your battery will not take you much time and will get recharged within 45 minutes. The battery gives you the maximum power until it requires the recharging with no slowing down. Users would need to boost the blower’s speed only periodically.

The battery-powered yard tools might not provide electric or gas usage time. But, these tools are eco-friendly and much easier to use. Getting speed with the power+ leaf blower is very easy and quick. Always remember to slide its removable battery onto its included charger. Do not worry about the over-charging as the charger has a smart feature that enables it to shut down once the battery is already full. You can easily leave your battery on the blower for many days without having any noticeable power drain. The long tube snaps on easily and is removable if you won’t need it. There are five different sized batteries and two chargers available from EGO only if the battery provided does not suit you.


  • No gas fumes.
  • Perfectly balanced weight distribution.
  • Quick battery recharge.
  • Usable battery to any EGO products.
  • Easy to use and grab.


  • Expensive battery.
  • Fast battery drainage depending on the power used.

Comparison Between Ryobi and Ego Blowers


The dual fan impeller’s housing clearly gives a good view of what is happening inside it. The battery port is inside the intake, which is not wide open. Ryobi’s intake is now opened up around the sides of the housing to compensate for it. It costs a little in the efficiency department, but it’s not that bad as accelerating the air around the motor before pushing it out. The tube narrow is to the front widens back out near the middle of the blower. Additional air is to be pulled in and increase the full airflow—slick design with the mind-blowing performance.

Ego’s futuristic design of power + blower is perfectly functional. Made from plastic, but it feels solid whenever you hold it. The distribution of weight is well-balanced. Everybody likes it if it works balanced, and you feel balanced, helping to prevent your sore muscles. The battery releases with a lever’s press and just snaps into place. Easy to use and carry. There is a finger rest near the trigger, which helps you to use properly with ease. Optional strap available that helps in distributing the weight even better.


Stubborn debris moves with the airspeed with a maximum of 110 MPH—brilliant performance for the most homeowner tasks. Ryobi finds out the potential shortcoming and adds a debris scraper at the nozzles’ base end. If used on a concrete surface, it can wear down as made from plastic. It comes in 480 CFM, which is a solid performance already. Works well while moving the dry leaves in the yard. A combination is impressive at clearing the grass settings and other debris from sidewalks, driveways, or hard surfaces. Sometimes it transfers vibration, which is noticeable. 30.0 amp hour battery runs for 18 minutes 23 seconds on high power. A truly powerful blower brings it to the maximum air velocity of about 110 mph and air volume of 500 CFM. It is featuring a variable speed trigger. Pull the trigger if you need a little air, and if you need a full blast, then pull the trigger with a little force. Features a turbo button helping when processing the tramped debris.

Ego’s Power+ Blower is a little loud, but its nowhere near the decibels of gas or electricity. You will get a benefit of no gas fumes.


Ryobi’s 40V Jet Fan Leaf Blower is known for its cordless electric feature under a $140 budget.

Ego’s blower is a great product with a low budget and does not stack up the competitors.


Weighing more than 10 pounds, its solution location is around its midfield compared to the other battery leaf blowers. Not that heavy and easy. Blower with pretty good weight distribution is comfortable to handle. Jet fan blower has an ergonomic design where the battery is placed at the device’s end. It provides you with an excellent balancing power. Soft grip handle lies comfortably in your hand, making the leaf blowing more convenient than before. This blower’s sound pressure level is 68 decibels DB when you are operating this device at full power. Its level certainly decreases when reducing the airspeed via its variable trigger.

Ego’s power + 530 leaf blower is comfortable and easy to handle. It’s all because of the ergonomic design and its low weight making it easy for the users to use it without any arm pain. Get super balanced support and comfort.

Battery Technology

Ryobi’s can run easily with five different 40V lithium-ion batteries with the capacities of 2.0 and 7.5 ampere-hours (Ah). The two largest battery packs have an energy storage capacity of 300-watt hours (Wh). The more watt-hours battery, the higher will be the maximum runtime. The total runtime depends not only on the battery pack’s size but also on your work with the blower—batteries featuring an LED charging level indicator, which allows you to comfortably read the charging status. The lithium pack comes with a rubber lining to prevent the battery from any damage.

It comes equipped with a 2.5 Ah battery compatible with every Ego Power+ tools and chargers.


Ryobi’s jet fan leaf blower is compatible with 40 Volt tools, batteries, and chargers.

Ego’s Power+ 530 leaf blower is compatible with all EGO Power+ ARC lithium batteries.


Ryobi’s blower depth, height, and width are 31, 10, 5.5 inches, respectively.

Ego’s blower depth, height, width are 35.9, 10.9, 6.7 inches, respectively.

Air Volume and Speed

Ryobi’s Jet Fan Blower’s maximum air volume is 500 CFM, and airspeed is 110 MPH.

Ego Power+530’s maximum air volume is 530 CFM, and airspeed is 110 MPH.


The Ryobi’s Jet Fan Leaf Blower does not have that fine features like other products out there. But, it has enough to take care of your post-mowing requirements with some light leaf management. The Turbo button needs a little improvement, and overmold needs to take that advantage of the bigger trigger. The futuristic design provides insight into what is happening on with the impellers to drive the air forward. A unique attachment at the front allows the additional air to enter the system before exiting the nozzle side. You have to keep you up with the vibration and noise issue. It goes beyond what the homeowners are looking for in a lithium-ion blower. If you are finding a leaf blower that can be handled easily and clean up the jobs and light yard work, then this will fit your bill. Ryobi’s blower is a great value for your money, which is providing light work with expectations.

EGO took a great product and made it into something even more, better than anyone out there. This new EGO’s Power+ 530 leaf blower looks harder, cooler, and runs a little longer than their predecessors. With a low price, you are getting a charger and a new 2.5 Ah battery. The run time is practically appropriate, and the gas is currently on a downward spiral. The price of recharging the blower’s battery is less than a fuel tank’s any day. So, you have this blower with you and you do not have to worry about the winterization. You have a powerful case of ditching those two-cycle for lithium ions this leaf blowing season for you.