Best Friends Halloween Makeup: ANGEL VS DEVIL

Best Friends Halloween Makeup: ANGEL VS DEVIL

So today let’s go for angel and devil look to do with your best friend for these Halloween. This look is very easy to apply and it looks really very nice.

For the base

Step 1: To create the perfect base fore makeup start with face primer and apply it to all over your face.

Step 2: Then apply foundation with solid carrot drops to get more glow look like an angel.

Step 3: Then apply concealer and it will giver you even skin.

Step 4: Then use translucent powder to set everything in place so you can get long lasting look.

Angel look:

Best Friends Halloween Makeup

For angel look you need everything white and shimmery. Also put on beautiful white dress to complete the look.

Step 1: Now take tequila tan bronzer and apply it to your cheekbone and forehead.

Step 2: Then take blusher and apply it to your cheekbone, nose.

Step 3: Next take dark brown brow pencil and apply it on your bros and keep it little bit light.

Step 4: Next take normal bronze light shade and apply it to the your crease.

Step 5: Then take white shimmer shade and apply it on your lid.

Step 6: And then on top of that apply white highlighter. also apply it to the inner corner of your eyes.

Step 7: Also apply glitter on your eyes to make the look pop a little more.

Step 8: Next apply some lashes also.

Step 9: Then apply that white highlighter everywhere and especially on the high points of your face because you need your skin super glow like angel.

Step 10: Then apply baby pink liquid lipstick and then also put some clear shining gloss.

Step 11: Then put some rhinestones everywhere you want like: on eyes, cheekbones

Step 12: Then apply shimmer body oil to make your skin shimmery and glow and use some rhinestones on your neck.

Step 13: Then also put angel ring and white wings also.

Devil Look:

For devil look you need every thing bold and red. Also wear something super red to get the complete look.

Step 1: Start with your brows. For that use red lipstick and apply little darker on the edges and then on the front little lighter.

Step 2: Then use dark red shade from eye shadow palette and set the brow.

Step 3: Apply red eye shadow on your crease and bring that out and upward and apply very little bit concealer on your lid to fix the lines and get perfect shape.

Step 4: Then again take red eye shadow and small brush and fix everything.

Step 5: Now use tape to create black winged liner For that take black eye shadow and apply it like normal eyeliner. You can also use black eyeliner.

Step 6: Then take glitter liner and apply it on that black winged liner.

Step 7: Put on lashes also.

Step 8: Now take dark black pencil and apply it to lower lash line and blend it out with little bit of red eye shadow

Step 9: Now take red eye shadow and apply it where you apply bronze or contour.

Step 10: Then with highlighter apply everywhere you want to highlighter like: apple of cheek, nose, temples.

Step 11: Then apply red liner and bright red liquid lipstick. You can also apply red glitter on your lips.

Step 12: At the end put on the devil horns to get the whole look.


Go and try this look for this Halloween. You can also go for half angel look and half devil look for yourself and it will really look very cool.