How to Do Witch Halloween Makeup: Step by Step Guide

How to Do Witch Halloween Makeup: Step by Step Guide


For this Halloween let’s try these big bad witch look. Here I am going to explain you about three different types of witch look that you can try. So, follow every step in details and get ready for the Halloween.

Look No 1: How to Do Green Witch Makeup

How to Do Witch Halloween Makeup

Start with applying tattoos on your body. Now a days many types of tattoos are available. So, find something scary for your witch makeup.

Then you can also put green contact lens. It will give you real and scary look.

Start with your eye makeup and then do the face makeup.

Things you need:

  • Tattoos
  • Green contact lens
  • Green cream color
  • White cream color
  • Black gel liner
  • Black eye pencil
  • Black eye shadow
  • Matte deep green shade
  • Light green shade
  • Shining green shade
  • Eye lashes
  • Clear translucent powder
  • Red liquid lipstick
  • Green body paint
  • Black witch hat

Eye makeup

How to Do Witch Halloween Makeup

Step 1: First take green cream color and small fluffy brush. Then apply it to your eyes and around your brows. Don’t apply it to your lower lash line.

Step 2: Next for the brows choose black gel liner and do your brows. Make sure it is dark because you need intense look.

Step 3: With the same gel liner prime your eye lid and buff it out with brush. So, when you will apply black shadow it will look more deeper.

Step 4: Now take black eye pencil and apply it to your waterline.

Step 5: Next take flat shader brush and black eye shadow. Apply it to your upper eyes and pack it. Then blend it properly.

Step 6: Then take matte deep green shade and blend it to your crease with black shade. Then take lighter green shade and blend again the edges.

Step 7: Then take shining green shade and apply it to your eye bone, where is green shade because it will cover all harsh lines. And then blend little bit more.

Step 8: Then take a makeup wipe and cleanup where you have extra shadow like your under eye area.

Step 9: Then also apply lashes to get dark black eyes.

Face makeup

How to Do Witch Halloween Makeup

Step 1: Now take the same green cream color and mix it with little bit of white. Just like foundation put it on all over your face. Then with damp sponge blend everything because it will give you even layer.

Step 2: For deep green contour mix the shade of green with little bit black. Then apply it on your cheekbone, temple and nose and blend out.

Step 3: For highlight take same green shade and mix it with more white to give a highlight look. Apply it to your under eye area, center of tour brows.

Step 4: Then set it with a clear translucent powder.

Step 5: Then for contour take the same matte green shadow and apply it to your cheekbones. Also apply highlighter and blush with your regular shade. Apply little bit highlighter on your nose also.

Lip makeup

How to Do Witch Halloween Makeup

For this look you need black lips.

Step 1: So first apply black gel liner to your lips and then use apply red color to your lips.

Step 2: Then smeared one side of lip corner with you finger.

Then take water activated body paint in green color and water paint brush. And apply it over your tattoos. Apply it to your body whichever part is visible.

At the last put on black witch hat to complete the look.

Look No 2: How to Do Purple Witch Makeup

How to Do Witch Halloween Makeup

For this look you can put on a blue or purple lens to get the whole scary look.

Things you need:

  • Light purple lavender cream color
  • Matte aubergine eye shadow
  • Bright purple eye shadow
  • Rusty red eye shadow
  • Matte deep dark purple shade
  • Light shimmer purple eye shadow
  • Reflective purple eye shadow
  • Brown eye shadow
  • Deep brown brow powder
  • Black liquid eye liner
  • Black pencil
  • Eye lashes
  • Mascara
  • Grey eye shadow
  • Bluish grey eye shadow
  • White highlighter
  • Purple lip liner pencil
  • Purple and blue lip tars
  • Purple witch hat

Eye makeup

How to Do Witch Halloween Makeup

Step 1: Before you start your eye makeup cover your eye brows. You can find different ways to do it.

Step 2: Now start with light purple lavender cream color and apply it to your eye area as base color. Apply it to around your eyes like upper and lower eyes.

Step 3: Then take matte aubergine color and apply it to your inner and outer corners of your eyes. It will help you to blend out the dark shades you apply.

Step 4: Then with bright purple color and smaller brush intensify on the inner and outer corner. Leave the middle space blank. Do the same thing on the lower lash line and blend out everything.

Tip: Use slightly smaller brush to apply shadow and bigger brush to blend out.

Step 5: Then take rusty red color apply it to inner corner to nose side and also to outer corner. Blend out again and it will look multi-layered different color.

Step 6: Use matte deep dark purple shade and intensify that on outer and inner corner again and blend out again

Step 7: Now apply same cream purple lavender to the middle blank space. Apply it to your lid with your finger. You can also use brush.

Step 8: Now take light shimmer purple eye shadow and apply with your finger to the lid and also on the lower lid.

Step 9: Now blend everything out with reflective purple eye shadow. It will give you pretty glowing look to the eyes.

Step 10: For this look you need high and sharp eyebrows. So with brown eye shadow and an angled brush trace in where you want them. And then fill them with deep brown brow powder and make it look darker.

Step 11: Then take again take that cream purple cream color and clean underneath the brows. It will work as highlight and also smooth out edges.

Step 12: Then apply winged eyeliner and pull it out the line really far. You can apply any kind of liner you want. Also connect to the lower lash line. Also apply black pencil to your waterline.

Step 13: Then apply fake lashes to upper and lower lashes. You can also flip out the normal lashes and trim them a little bit to the inner corner. Then also apply mascara.

Face makeup

How to Do Witch Halloween Makeup

Step 1: Take grey eye shadow and apply it to your cheekbones as contour. Then to deepen up apply bluish grey shade to intensify the contour and apply it to your under cheekbone.

Step 2: Now do the same with same matte deep dark purple shadow to get that dark purple shade. Apply it to your jawline, underneath your chin, to your temples. Also apply it to hollows of your neck

Step 3: Then take bright white highlighter for fair skin. For dark skin use lighter colored powder. And apply it to your cheekbones, to bridge of nose, on cupid’s bow, around your lips and then down to your neck.

Lips Makeup

How to Do Witch Halloween Makeup

For this you need dark purple lips.

Step 1: So first with purple pencil outline your lips and fill in your lips because this is going to work as base.

Step 2: Then use lip tars in purple and blue color and mix it together to get very deep bluish purple color. And with lip brush apply it to your lips.

Step 3: And set it with purple eye shadow so it will look more matte and also stay for long time.

Then put on a purple dress with purple witch hat. It will give you the perfect bad witch look.

Look No 3: How to Do Black Witch Makeup

How to Do Witch Halloween Makeup

First prep your skin for this makeup with basic step like primer, foundation and concealer and set them with translucent powder.

Things you need:

  • Brown black brow pencil
  • Dark brow powder
  • Olive shade eye shadow
  • Black eye shadow
  • Green eye shadow
  • White primer
  • Emerald green shade
  • Black pencil
  • Black liquid liner
  • Olive shade glitter eye shadow
  • Eye lashes
  • Mascara
  • Dark shade contour
  • Light highlighter
  • Golden highlighter
  • Black lip liner
  • Black liquid lipstick

Eye makeup

How to Do Witch Halloween Makeup

Step 1: You need super arch brow so take brow pencil in shade brown black and outline your brows shape and emphasize it. Now with dark brow powder fill it in to the brows and make it look more dark and evil.

Step 2: Now take olive shade and start with outer corners like lifted to end of the brow and apply it to your crease and also close to the nose.

Step 3: Now take black shadow on little tapered brush and and apply it to the crease and also extend to the outer corner and apply it to outer part of your lid. Also apply little bit of green.

Step 4: Now take white primer on flat brush and apply it in the arch and make it meet with the eye shadow color.

Step 5: Next take middle emerald green shade with some water and apply it to the lid and also let it past by your crease.

Step 6: Then add little bit more black to your outer corner in “v” shape for more smoky eyes.

Step 7: Now take more darker shade like near to black and apply it to the corner of your lid.

Step 8: Now with black pencil line the lower lash line or waterline to 3/4’s of the ways in and with little smudge brush blend it down. Then pull it down to the nose a little bit.

Step 9: Now with pencil brush and olive shade smudge out your lower lash line. Make sure to stay outside the line that you created.

Step 10: Now take black liquid liner and outline the lower lash line sideways tear drop line you created. and also line your top lash line and give a wing shape.

Step 11: Now take olive shade glitter eye shadow and apply it to your upper eyes. You can also use glitter glue.

Step 12: Now apply mascara and lashes.

Face makeup

How to Do Witch Halloween Makeup

Step 1: Then For contour use dark shade and apply it to your temple area, cheekbone, on the chin, on tip of the nose. Now With big brush blend out the contour.

Step 2: Take the same olive shade and apply it to the area that you contoured temple area to get hollow effect. Also apply to under your cheekbone. Now do the same thing with pinch of green shade.

Step 3: Now apply highlighter to your cheeks.

Step 4: Next take golden highlighter and apply it to your nose, chin, cheekbones.

Lips Makeup

How to Do Witch Halloween Makeup

Step 1: Take black lip liner and outline your lips to get a perfect lip shape.

Step 2: Next take black liquid lipstick and apply it to your lips because you are going for black look so you need dark black lips.

Then at the end put black witchy dress and a black witch hat and you will get your complete look.


So here is the three different witch makeup that you can try. First one the green witch make up is little bit easy and you can do if quickly if you decided to attend the party at last minute. But if you have to go for professional Halloween party then you should go with that black witch look because it will look classy.