Quick & Easy Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Quick & Easy Mermaid Halloween Makeup


In this article I am going to explain about pretty mermaid look. This look is so beautiful and also easy to apply. You also need very less makeup to apply this look. So you should definitely try this look for this Halloween and impress everyone.

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Things you need to complete the look:

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Translucent powder
  • Shimmery blue eye shadow
  • Deep purple eye shadow
  • Glitter and glue
  • White liquid eye liner
  • Black mascara
  • Eye lashes
  • Fishnet stocking
  • Highlighter
  • Liquid Lipstick

Create base

Step 1: First apply primer to your face to protect your skin.

Step 2: Then apply foundation as per you skin tone to get even and perfect skin tone.

Step 3: Then use concealer to around your eyes to cover any dark circles and also prep your eyes for eye makeup.

Step 4: Then set everything with translucent powder or compact powder.

Eye makeup

Step 1: Start with shimmery blue shade and apply it to your crease.

Step 2: Then take deep purple shade and apply it to right underneath of the blue shade.

Step 3: Then add sparkle to your eyes with glitter and apply it to all over your lid.

Step 4: Then apply white liquid eye liner to your eyes.

Step 5: Then apply black mascara and also put on eye lashes for dark and big eyes.

Step 6: Then remove glitter from your face for clean face skin.

Face makeup

Step 1: Now take fishnet stocking and put it to all over your face. It will help you to get that scaly effect for the mermaid.

Step 2: Then take big fluffy brush same blue shade and press product into skin, don’t swipe it as you do for normal makeup. Apply it at you contour like your forehead, underneath your cheekbones.

Step 3: Now with leftover shade or very little bit shade on your brush and faded out that blue shade, then take off the fishnet stocking.

Step 4: Now take the same glitter on your finger and with glitter glue and place it on top of your cheekbones and around your temples. Also apply small amount on your forehead.

Step 5: Now contour your nose lines with the same blue shade and blend it properly.

Step 6: Then go with shining highlighter and apply it to your nose and also apply it on cupid bow.

Lips makeup:

For this look you have different options.

Step 1: You can go with nude lipstick like baby pink or any simple shade you like.

Step 2: If you want dark lips then apply purple or blue matte liquid lipstick.

At the end put on fake blue hair to get the whole perfect look.


So you can see that how easy this look is. You don’t need lots of makeup product. With very few makeup you can get the complete look in less time. You should put on a blue or sea blue dress with this makeup and your mermaid theme is ready for the Halloween party.