Best Makeup for Work / School/ Everyday

Best Makeup for Work / School/ Everyday

Make up we are going to try is the perfect for everyday work and school look. This makeup is all about doing your makeup quickly and you just want to look flawless as well, you need it to last long.

Things you need for this look:

  • Primer
  • Two-in-one foundation and concealer
  • Loose powder
  • Eye brows pencil
  • Nude eye shadows
  • Mascara
  • Eye lashes
  • Contour
  • Cream highlighter
  • Blusher
  • Makeup brush set

Let’s start now.

Step 1: First use primer, because it will give even tone to your skin and make it look more bright. And it will also help you to protect your skin.

Step 2: Next use two-in-one foundation and concealer, this is very important for this look. Now apply this all over your entire face as a foundation or you can apply this in specific areas that you need as a concealer.

Step 3: Now set your foundation with loose powder or compact powder. And it will give you a proper finishing look and your make up will last long.

Makeup for everyday

Step 4: Next step is your eye brows. For this you can use ant brows pencil you like. To get a perfect brows start with focusing on the ends of your brows, and then mid part.

Step 5: Now let focus on eyes. Take a golden natural shimmer shade or nude shade because for everyday makeup look this shades are more preferable.

Take medium color apply that color on your crease, you can apply bit sweep on your lower lash line, this will give your eyes a beautiful shape. Then use golden shade or any lighter shade you like and apply it on you lid with brush or you can also use your finger. Also apply it to your inner corner. For last part take matte brown shadow and flat shadow brush and press the brush right at the base of your lashes. This is gonna make your lashes look thicker. Then go to the outer corner and hold brush horizontally and create natural looking wing.

Step 6: Then apply mascara and eye lashes.

Makeup for everyday

Step 7: Then apply contour and bronzer using powder bronzer and a double-ended brush. Apply it on your cheekbone, your hairline and your jaw line and flip the brush and do in on your cheeks and forehead.

Step 8: Next apply highlighter, you use a cream highlighter because it is very easy to use. Use your brush or your fingers and apply it whatever areas you need like cheekbones, brow bone, chin, the bridge of your nose and inner corner of your eyes.

Step 9: Next apply blush and for that you can take peach blush because this will give a natural everyday look.

Step 10: Next use long wear matte liquid lipstick. You should use any nude color you like.

Makeup for everyday


This is very easy and natural makeup so you can use this look for your everyday makeup. Here you can use ant product you have and shades according to your skin tone. So, you can get the best result with this look.