Classy Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup: 10 Easy Steps

Classy Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup: 10 Easy Steps

Here we are going to bring you one more makeup for this Halloween and it is Harley Quinn inspired makeup look. It is super easy and you can do it very fast.

Things you need:

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Setting powder
  • Brow pencil
  • Eye shadow: Blue, Red, Grey, Black
  • Mascara
  • Eye lashes
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • White pencil liner
  • Red lip liner
  • Red matte liquid lipstick

Classy Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup

Let’s start your makeup…

Step 1: First apply primer to smooth out your face. Then apply foundation. Make sure to choose couple shades lighter foundation so that way your face will look super pale like Harley Quinn.

Step 2: Then apply concealer. Do the same thing with concealer to get that pale look. Now with super white setting powder set your foundation and concealer. Apply it to underneath your eyes.

Step 3: Then do your brows with brown brow pencil. First draw outline of your brows for any shape you want and then fill it in.

Classy Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup

Step 4: Then take grey toned contour shade to contour your face. Apply it to your nose, bridge of your nose, to your forehead, to your cheeks. And then blend out everything.

Step 5: First apply blue shade to your left eye. For that take little bit of blue shade and apply it to outer corner. keep it pretty light and mostly focus on the outer half. Then drag it down to make it look smeared.Then with small brush add some smear marks. Then take a Darker shimmer blue and apply it to the outer “V” and drag that down as well.

Step 6: Then take little b it black shade and go over again to darken up. Then again blend out all. Then take a light shimmer shade and apply it to under your brow. Also apply it your tear duct and drag a little bit on to the lid. Then blend out. Again take that black shade and go over. Then take clean fluffy brush and go over the edges to make sure that nothing looks too harsh.

Classy Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup

Step 7: Then use red shade on your right eye. Take red shade and apply it to outer “V”. Then go with the blending brush and do the same thing for the drips. Then with clear blending brush blend out the edges. Then again with that light shimmer shade do the same thing to your right eye.

Step 8: Then take that black shade and apply little bit in red to add dimension. Then take black eyeliner and apply it to your upper eyes. Then also do your waterline with white. Then apply black shadow on your lower lash line and smudge out.

Classy Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup

Step 9: Also apply mascara and use fake lashes. Then with black liquid eyeliner draw a heart  on the right side and then write ROTTEN. And for that you can use picture as reference.

Step 10: Fir the lips use red lip liner and outline your lips then apply matte red liquid lipstick and smear it to one corner.


Here is 10 easy step Harley Quinn Halloween makeup which you can do very easily. You can also buy Harley Quinn costume from any online platform for complete look. With that costume put on your wig and PUDDIN belt and you are ready for your Halloween party.