Concealer Hack That Will Change Your Face!

Concealer Hack That Will Change Your Face!

In this article I am going to tell you about concealer hack that is going to change your face. Here I am going to tell you about new and old technique to apply the concealer. You can choose whatever technique you like or is easy for you.

Before you apply concealer, prep your skin for it. Skin prep is so essential for a good makeup application so don’t skip this.

Focus on every step to get the perfect professional look.


Concealer Hack

So, first step for your skin is to use toner because it will tightens pores and help you to prevent impurities from entering into the skin.Now take your toner and put it on reusable pad or wipe and make sure that your skin is completely clean.


Concealer Hack

After cleaning your face make sure to apply primer on your face to get even smooth surface. Depending on your skin type your primer will be different. So apply primer on all over your face and neck and when it dries down whatever you put on top of it, will stay in the place.

Eye cream:

Concealer Hack

You don’t have to do this all the time. But when you want to give something extra to your eyes to give is perfect texture, you can use it. Now take little bit of cream on your finger and press it into your under eyes.


Concealer Hack

Now even your skin before concealer. Now use foundation on your face and blend it evenly with beauty blender. When you do it avoid under eye because with this technique you will get the proper result. If you want to avoid looking cakey to under your eye then apply concealer instead of foundation.


This tip is for those who have really deep dark under eye circles. So for that what you should do is use color correct with the help of actual color corrector. It will also help you from creasing. You can choose color corrector depending on how deep your skin tone is. If you have deep dark skin then you can go for orange or red tone. If your skin tone is lighter you can go for light peach or salmon pink.

So apply little bit on the actual under eye circle to counteract your dark area. Then let it get set on your eye for a second. Now take your beauty sponge and tap it in place. It will help you to color correct the darkness under your eyes and your your skin will look completely even.

If you don’t have super deep dark under eye circles then you can skip this step. But if you are doing this step, what it means is you can use less concealer.

Now take your concealer and make sure that it is two shades lighter than your skin tone to brighten the area.

Concealer Hack

New Technique:

Step 1: Take your concealer and apply it to straight down from your inner eye corner to you nose line. It will help you with the contour as well.

Step 2: Then apply it to the outer corner of your eyes to lift it.

Step 3: If your mouth is little darker on the ends then this technique will help so, apply a line to the corners of your mouth.

Step 1: Then apply it between the brows to add more dimension. It will give you a beautiful awake lively look.

Step 4: Also apply a little bit to the nose bridge and make the “T” shape. It will help your nose to look little tiny.

Step 5: Apply facial setting spray and let it dry down.

Step 6: Then instead of beauty blender to blend everything in, use a brush because you want to target the area and keep that focus.

Step 7: First blend the corners of your mouth. Now softly pat your brush in and move it back and forth, roll up the brush to blend everything in. Then pat a little bit with beauty blender.

Step 8: Then blend the outer corner of your eyes. Use a brush to blend out that area. once you have done it then blend everything softly with beauty sponge.

Step 9: Now take small concealer buffer brush and start blending the inner area of your eyes. Pat it and then move it back and forth. Pat it and drag it to the little higher on the nose.

Step 10: Next blend the center of your brows without going outside of the lines to enhance that area. So lightly pat that area and blend everything properly. Also blend on the top of the nose.


Concealer Hack

Step 1: Apply your concealer to the under eye area. It will give you a lot of coverage and it is also very brightening. Try to cover all the under eye area to make it look more even.

Step 2: Then take the beauty sponge and blend in everything nicely. It will give a natural dimension to your face.

This is the old technique and lot of people love to use it.


Concealer Hack

Now take the translucent powder and use a highlighter brush. Take a little bit powder apply it to the place where you have applied the concealer. Don’t use lot of powder because it will look cakey and creasy.


Here is the both technique to apply concealer. I prefer to use the new technique because it help you get the dimension to the specific area that you want and also cover all the dark area of your face. But you can choose any technique you want.