How To Do Your Makeup Like A Pro Makeup Artist

How To Do Your Makeup Like A Pro Makeup Artist

I’m going to tell you how to do your makeup like a pro in this article. From prepping skin to making eyes stand out, you’ll learn it all. The better you take care of your skin the better your makeup will look.

So, let’s go for the first step:

1. Skincare

Do Your Makeup Like A Pro Makeup Artist

You can get the whole skincare product set and use it on regular bases to get the perfect skin. There are many products are available in the market so you can choose any product which is perfect for your skin.

You should use hydrating face tonic because it will help you to soften your skin immediately and prep it for moisturizer.

Serum is essential for it’s intensive treatment benefits. So choose any skincare serum that you like. Take a little bit product on your hands and massage it into the skin.

Next is eye cream. Hydrating eye cream is a good option for all skin types. Take a pea-size cream and apply it with your ring finger and smooth it on to the under eye area. With this you can get a well hydrated smooth surface texture so that your makeup will apply effortlessly.

Next apply face moisturizer. Take moisturizer from your skincare set or take any product that you like and apply it on all over your face.

last step for your skin care is lip balm. It will help you to smoothed your skin and prep for lip color.

2. Corrector and concealer

Do Your Makeup Like A Pro Makeup Artist

Corrector: You should apply corrector before you apply concealer. To choose right corrector you have to first look at the under eye darkness or discoloration that you have. For blue or purple discoloration choose bisque shade but if you have more of brown or green discoloration choose peach shade.

Use synthetic flat paddle concealer blending brush and start applying from the inner corner of the eye and brush it along the lash line. Then use long smooth strokes to apply the color wherever you see discoloration under the eye. If you can see a visible brightness under your eye then you can say that you have a tight corrector.

Concealer: Now you are ready to apply concealer on top of the corrector. Prefer yellow base skin tone concealer and apply under the entire eye and to get a clean and smooth layer press it in with your ring finger. But you can choose any concealer according to your skin tone to get even tone.

3. Foundation

Do Your Makeup Like A Pro Makeup Artist

Choose a formula based on your skin type and the coverage that you want. You can choose long wear weightless foundation because it will give you a long-term miniaturization and also sweat humidity.

Now take liquid foundation and apply it on your face. Then take foundation brush or a big fluffy brush and merge it until you get the even layer, for that start through the center of the face and apply wherever you think you need it.

After liquid foundation you can get coverage with the skin foundation stick if you find necessary, it is all up to you. But with this technique you can do it easily.

Take full coverage touch-up brush and pick up some product on it and gently stipple and press to build the coverage anywhere you think.

Now you are ready to apply powder. Powder smooths and finishes the complexion. It will help you to get rid of unwanted shine and it sets the under-eye. Again you can choose any powder you think is good for you like, loose powder or compact powder.

Pic some powder with eye blender brush because it will only use right amount of powder. Then gently press powder in on top of the concealer. After you have applied an even layer then use soft brushing strokes to dust the excess off.

Now we’re ready for powder powder smooths and finishes the complexion it gets rid of unwanted shine and it sets the under-eye the creamy concealer actually comes with a setting powder pick it up with the eye blender brush it’s a small powder brush that applies just the right amount of powder gently press powder in on top of the concealer after you’ve applied an even layer then you can use soft brushing strokes just to dust the excess off

Now you are ready to powder the rest of the face. Use powder brush and you can be focused with your application. Apply powder through the t-zone first because there you will see unwanted shine or you want to control oil throughout the day.

4. Bronzer

Do Your Makeup Like A Pro Makeup Artist

Bronzer is an essential item if you’re looking to warm, define or illuminate the skin. Use bronzer brush to pick up the color from the compact. Start from the forehead and blend down through the cheeks. Smile for yourself so that you can use it even as a natural tone blush. Then blend down below the cheekbone, along the jaw line, into the chin and down through the neck.

5. Blush

Do Your Makeup Like A Pro Makeup Artist

You can use any color you like but make sure that your color helps you to layer on the top of the bronzer. Now smile for yourself and place the color high on the apple of the cheek so you will always look bright and lifted.

6. Lips

Do Your Makeup Like A Pro Makeup Artist

You can choose shade according to your wish. If you want simple light look then go for nude shade or if you are going to any party or function then you can go for bright color.

When you apply lip color, you can apply it straight out of the bullet or you can apply it with a lip brush for more precision. Apply lip color first then follow with the lip liner. Because you want your lip liner to blend in seamlessly into your lip color.

You can use lip liner to similar color to your lipstick or one to two shade deeper. It all depends on what your natural lip tone is and how much definition you are looking for.

When you apply it after lip color so it will glides on really easily and helps to seal in and lock in the lip color. It will also give you a fullness in your lip look.

7. Brows

Do Your Makeup Like A Pro Makeup Artist

Now add definition to your eyes and that start with filling in the brows. The most flattering brow is naturally defined and shaped. You can choose the shade according to your brows color and shape.

Make sure that head of your brows is brushed up. Then start from sparse areas of the brows, then focus on filling in at the arch for optimist lift and then finish off in the tail of the brows by tapering off to a fine point.

8. Eyes

Do Your Makeup Like A Pro Makeup Artist

Prime and prep the lids with an eye shadow base. Start with the long wear eye base but for that make sure to choose correct skin tone. It will neutralizes any discoloration in the eyelids.

When you choose eye shadow color prefer the lightest color as your base. Using eye sweep brush apply it from brow bone down to the lash line and blend it into the eyelid.

Next choose medium shade and take a eye shadow brush. Then press the shade onto the lower lid. Apply it to below the crease and down to the lash line.

Now define the eyes with liner. If you want long lasting liner then use gel eye liner. Take eye liner brush and coat both sides of the brush, so you will have enough product on the brush.

Start at the outside corner and work your way across the lash line using small strokes. Then flip the brush over and apply little strokes until you get all the way to the inner corner of the eye. Make sure that you are applying eyeliner close to the lash line so you will not have any skin peeking through.

Now finish your eye look with mascara. Make up artist always love to use smoky eye mascara. Before you apply mascara prefer to curl your lashes. Then start from the root of lashes. Now work in three segments: the outside, the center and then the inner corner so you can coat every single lash.

If you want to add a little touch of the glam, then it is very easy. Start with adding a touch of liner to your lower lash line using a medium shade of shadow. Use the same shade that you used for your eyelid and take eye shadow brush. Then press it in and place the color right at the roots of the lash line. Prefer to use medium shade. Then put on a little mascara to complete the eye look.

9. Highlight and Glow

Do Your Makeup Like A Pro Makeup Artist

Now add touch of glow. Take sheer powder brush to apply highlighting powder and pink glow. Apply it right on the top of your blush and to the under your blush.

For that use can use highlighter or blusher, anything that you like. It will give enhancement to your look.

10. Take it off

Do Your Makeup Like A Pro Makeup Artist

How you take off makeup is also very important. For that you can use cleansing oil or makeup remover.

If you are using cleansing oil then take the product on you hand and then apply it to your face. Then massage into the skin and remove all the makeup you have. Then splash it with water.

If you are using makeup remover then take the product on wipes and clean all the area of your face properly. Then wash it with water.

Don’t forget to remover your make at the end of the day. Because leaving makeup over the night will harm your skin.