Cub Cadet VS Toro Self-Propelled Mowers

Cub Cadet VS Toro Self-Propelled Mowers

Are you searching for a powerful self-propelled mower that makes the lawn maintenance task much easier for you? If that’s your need, it’s going to be an interesting one for you. Mowing your lawn with a good mower lets you cut the grass properly and clean your lawn better than before. We have selected the Toro and Cub Cadet lawn mowers as the two best self-propelled mowers. Both brands are promising and reliable to grab in one go as per the estimates. We have compared Cub Cadet’s XT1 Enduro Series LT 46 in. 22-HP V-Twin KOHLER Hydrostatic Gas Front-Engine Riding Mower and Toro’s Time Cutter SS4225 42 in. 22.5 HP V-Twin Gas Dual Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower with Smart Speed. Both their engines are built with the twin-cylinder systems and designed for optimal performance with operations. They both provide great grass coverage for a desirable operation. Let us now look at the reasons why these brands enlighten about itself.



Being born on American soil, this renowned brand produces outdoor equipment’s whole line and the utility vehicles for their beloved customers. It was founded in 1961 and popular for its fleet of the zero-turn riders, gasoline-powered handheld products, and garden and lawn tractors. This brand’s products are manufactured and built by the MTD products Inc. that is based in Cleveland, Ohio. Easy to use for mowing your hefty lawn and operate with a handy mower. Powerful machines best for the user if they do not want to push a heavy gas-powered lawnmower across their ground. You could not find any flaw in this lawnmower with its perfect features. With a typical optimized steering system, it helps you in responding very smartly to the operation. The ergonomic and innovative back seat is great for superior elevated support. It has a superior resistance for wear-and-tear due to its E coat corrosion defense system. One can use it under all weather conditions as it is fitted with two LED headlights in it. Needs only minimal assembly for maneuverability and quick operation. It’s available at a reasonable price.

The product weighs around 600 lb that is among the light versions of this product. Provides a satisfactory and powerful performance from its mulcher with a wide cutting width of 46 inches. With some other specifications, it’s perfect for keeping you hooked to this feasible product.


  • This mower can cuts the tall grass as well.
  • Has 2 cylinder Kohler’s engine.
  • Highly versatile lawn mower with a reliable engine.
  • Adjustable cutting lengths provide a better mowing experience.


  • Mulching unit and the bagger are optional.



Toro, an American manufacturer, is known for its quality turf maintenance product range and various other utility products making our everyday lives better. It was founded in 1914, famous for building engines for The Bull Tractor Company and several other equipments for landscape maintenance and irrigation systems. Opting for the right option for you would be a tough job to do. There are various specifications of this lawnmower by Toro’s offering multiple capabilities, featuring variable control capability for a dependable performance powered by a dual hydrostatic transmission. Its engine is built with a powerful V twin and a double-barrel carburetor for increased power. The feasible 42 inches cutting width of this mower is for ease for better performance. Smart speed options provide better customization and convenience. This mower is perfect for mowing around all the obstacles with a clear zero turning radius. It is powered by a 22.5 HP commercial V twin 708 cc engine unique in different ways.


  • Cutting height can be adjusted for smaller jobs at lower settings.
  • Smart speed options, superior performance, and quality.
  • Quick functions and control around 35% more than the standard ones.
  • Easily change to the higher mow heights cuts for larger paddocks.
  • Trusted and reliable service.


  • Only a 3-year warranty is there as other brands are offering 5-year warranties.
  • No dump kart, oil, or maintenance service kit included in your package.
  • Low mowing height as some people prefer the cleaner and tighter finish.


Let’s compare these two models of lawnmowers based on important features that we believe to be pertinent when making the buying decision for your best mower for the garden.

Cutting Deck Width

You all would want to consider checking the mower’s cutting deck width before buying one as it will help you decide how many round trips you will make around in your yard to complete the job. The Cub Cadet’s XT1 Enduro Series LT 46 inches 22 Hp V-twin Kolher Riding Lawn Mower offers a cutting width of 46 inches along with 2 blades that are built-in 12-gauge steel material.

On the other hand, Toro’s Time Cutter SS4225 42 inches 22.5 HP V-twin Gas Lawn Mower with a smart speed offers you a 42 inches blades mowing system built under a 4 inches deep top discharge deck. It helps you get to the tight spots that might appear difficult for you to maneuver at first, with the flexible maneuverability and ease of using this Toro’s self-propelled lawnmower shortfall its performance. You may find the Cub Cadet’s mower suitable as it will definitely complete the job for you in less time and much faster. Cub Cadet is the best known for its wider cutting deck width than Toro’s mower.

Number of Cutting Blades

Toro’s Time Cutter SS4225 42 inches HP V-Twin Dual Gas Hydrostatic Zero Turning Riding Mower with utmost smart speed and the Cub Cadet’s Enduro Series 46 inches LT 22 HP V-Twin Kolher Gas Hydrostatic Front-Engine Riding Mower are both comes with two blade cutting systems. So, we could have got something more on this front for a medium-sized mower, including these two. Toro’s lawnmower offers you 17,810 ft./min blade tip speed that is lower than the Cub Cadet’s Enduro Series, which makes the Cub Cadet’s mower a good choice.

Adjustable Speed

Cub Cadet’s XT1 Enduro Series 46 inches LT 22 HP V-Twin Riding Mower offers a maximum forward speed of 5.5 mph and a maximum reverse speed of 2.5 mph that can be carried and adjusted as per the user’s requirement. So, the 22 HP lawnmower can do a splendid job with its feature as it allows you only to mow your yard correctly with its hydrostatic transmission.

On the other hand, the Toro’s Time Cutter SS4225 22.5 HP V-Twin 42 INCHES Gas Dual Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower with its smart speed is offering a forward speed of 7 mph and reverse speed of 3 mph. Its hydrostatic transmission type is helping you in gearing the mower for variable speed. But, if there should be a choice between the two, then it would definitely be the Cub Cadet’s mower because of its medium size and the speed variability to such an extent as you might face some obstacles on your mowing route. Cub Cadet is suitable because of its comforts, handiness, and maneuverability around hard-to-reach areas.


Cub Cadet Mower provides you all the mulching capabilities that everyone would wish to look for in their lawnmower. The Toro’s variant is made for side discharge and bagging options. So, the mulching kit is not that reliable, and the mower works better even without the help of the kit. You would love to opt for the Cub Cadet’s variant anyway.


Cub Cadet XT1 LT Enduro Series 46 inches 22 HP V-Twin Kohler’s Hydrostatic gas front-engine riding mower is made with a 22 HP featuring an air cool design, low oil shut off with spark arrestor, and a full power panel with the engine shut off switch also.

On the other hand, the Toro’s Time Cutter SS4225 42 inches V-Twin Dual Gas Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower with a brilliant smart speed is designed on a 22.5 HP feature. In contrast, the Toro’s signature V-Twin engine design is built upon the most of Toro’s equipments. So, you may want to pick Toro, as it outperforms the Cub Cadet’s endure series with its double-barrel carburetor and the V-intake for increased power.


While both lawnmower variants come with an electric start option, users usually incline towards the Cub Cadet variant as it can easily work on the steep and hilly terrain perfectly without causing any choking. Moreover, the Toro’s version works only on the flat surfaces that pull it back in the race.


Cub Cadet is made with an open high-back seat built with an oversized base and an elevated back support with a soft-touch, rubberized comfort grip steering wheel that provides you the solid feel and well-controlled steering. However, push-button cruise control helps in maintaining the desired speed for a consistent mowing. The Toro’s lawn mower comes in an 18 inch extra tall seat with specially designed integrated fenders to keep you dry and clean. So, the device is low maintenance with a quick drain oil hose which do not need tools. We would recommend choosing something which fits your comfort in this as it’s subjective for everyone for us. You may need to evaluate the features of both the brands which you might want in your lawnmower.

Cutting Height Adjustments

Cub Cadet’s XT1 Enduro Series 46 inches LT 22HP V-Twin Kohler’s Gas Hydrostatic Front-engine riding mower needs a minimum cutting height of 1 inch with adjustable cutting heights while the Toro’s Time Cutter SS4225 22.5 HP 42 inches V-Twin Dual Gas Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower with a smart speed that needs a minimum cutting height of 1.5 inches. We would recommend holding the Cub Cadet’s lawn mower as your choice as it seems more efficient. For maintaining your lawn and mowing for optimum performance, go for cub cadet’s mower.

Fuel Tank Size

Both the variants offer a wider running capacity with a 3-gallon fuel tank size, which allows you to go on further without stopping for a refill.

Reverse Mowing

Toro’s smart speed control offers a 3 mph speed while the Cub Cadet’s is offering the same almost up to a maximum speed of 2.5 mph. We would recommend both these products on the reverse mowing aspects with a little difference in the speeds. Their versatile speed variability is definitely something that you can look forward to in your lawnmower as it provides added maneuverability and flexible operation.

Overall Value

It is featuring the Cub Cadets Enduro Series’s aesthetic transmission, making it a perfect choice as it cost-effective while offering the more than Toro’s Zero Turn Riding Mower that is not only costly but falling behind many features.

Our Verdict

Cub Cadet’s power-packed product is cost-effective and delivers excellent performance with the smoothest transmission that does not need the shifting gears. Its impressive engine and cutting deck cuts your grass with much precision, which is definitely unbeatable. Its rear-drive wheels offer you great traction and handling capability for working on the steep and hilly terrain. 16 inches turning radius of this mower allows you to reach the tough corners. A cutting deck can be raised and lowered easily with a fender-mounted lever and push-button cruise control, which will enable you to easily focus on the steering without any need to manage its speed.

Cub Cadet is better than Toro for an uneven terrain as it’s the most affordable pick in the market these days.