Toro Vs Cub Cadet Snowblower – Which Brand is Good?

Toro Vs Cub Cadet Snowblower – Which Brand is Good?

If you live in an area where the snowfall is heavy every year, you all are likely to be familiar with the major difference that the best snow blower in the market can make. The snow blowers you want requires a large investment, but save a lot of your time and efforts, which is worth investing in one. Besides, if you make the right choice for the first time around, one snowblower is all you need for a lifetime. The high-end snow blowers lately can last more than 40 years if you maintain it properly. For the autumn and spring months, look for the backpack leaf blowers, and in summer, check out the top lawnmowers.

The snow blowers pay for themselves quickly and make you wonder why you earlier hesitated on this to leap. Some homeowners struggle with finding the type of snow blowers they want to invest in. With numerous snow blowers and manufacturers to pick from, it is difficult to narrow your search results to the perfect and famous branded snow blower for your household. We have simplified this for you by compiling a review of the best brands, i.e., Toro and Cub Cadet snowblowers.



Toro is a company built on a tradition of caring relationships and quality. The company is a leading worldwide provider of innovative solutions these days. The solutions they provide are of an outdoor environment, including the landscape and turf maintenance, underground utility construction, ice and snow management, irrigation and outdoor lighting solutions, rental, and specialty construction.

Toro offers various efficient snow blowers, out of which the Power Clear 518ZE is the best option to choose from. Ideal for using on asphalt, concrete, and gravel surfaces. There are not as many products that can compete with this Toro’s masterpiece when it comes to the single-stage snow blowers.

A powerful engine is a need for outdoor equipment like snow blowers for you. You will never face any performance-related discrepancy with this smooth Toro’s 99 cc and a 4 cycle 212 cc OHV engines. The engine is powerful for a longer run and fine-tuned to be responsive. Follow the instructions that come with it. They recommend using only fresh and non-ethanol fuel with a minimum octane rating of 87 to achieve good results. If you face any issues, then you can add a fuel stabilizer. Moreover, avoid mixing many oils at once with the gas.

Power Curve Rotor technology does a great job of lessening the time taken to remove the snow while ensuring zero cloggings. The curved designed rotor has an inverted funnel housing that allows it to move hefty amounts of snow easily and quickly. One can clear snow layers down to the pavement with less hassle. Featuring wide rubber paddles that propel the machine forward properly as it clears the snow, the auger has a 7-inch diameter helping it to remove the compact snow and ice.

If you purchase this snowblower from Toro, a few selected products come in extensive warranties. So, it’s advisable to assess the product’s quality assurance aspect, which will cost you a little. You will get a two-year full and a two year guaranteed to start warranty with this snowblower.

It ensures that all equipment adhere to the high-quality standards and returns with multiple warranties to assure you all for the same. Locking Zip Deflector allows the user to throw the snow in any direction they want with just a mere squeeze. 210-degree chute rotation gives you an optimal snow-throwing control feature. Users can throw the snow as far as 25 feet away and provide you with the clearing area 18 inches wide and 12 inches deep. The chute and handle can be easily folded down to make enough storage and transport reasonably straightforward. Its heavy-duty drive belt helps in transferring more torque and maximizes its operational life.


  • Easy to maneuver and lightweight.
  • Has both electric and manual start options.
  • Equipped with powerful Toro premium 4-cycle 99 cc OHV engine.
  • Backed with two-year warranties.


  • Little expensive than other brands.



The Cub Cadet is a leading American company producing the outdoor equipment and services such as handheld, utility vehicles, and the basic chore products as well as snow blowers. The first recommendation whenever one of the best snow blowers came into the user’s mind id 2X 26 HP Electric Two-Stage Snow Blower. There are less products in the market to compete with the two-stage snow blowers.

One would love this snowblower as he/she can use it regularly over half a dozen times. A thoughtful snowblower with an ergonomic design has a durable 12-inch impeller and an auger that would help clear all the snow with a zero blowback. The clearing width of 26-inch and the intake height of 21-inch is enough for most of the snow removal tasks.

It is equipped with the large 16-inch tires having X-Trac tread for the optimal traction on uneven terrain. Its cool blue skid shoes are reversible, non-marking, and rust-resistant. One can conveniently control all the snow thrown away from this snow blower using its in-dash remote pitch control feature and a 200-degree chute rotation.

Removing about 12-inches is a bit straightforward of snow with this blower and its powerful 243 cc 4-cycle OHV engine is superb. The standard 110 volts push-button electric start feature works perfectly with ease. The auger has a serrated steel design and a heavy-duty for long-lasting performance.

It is equipped with two reverse speed options and six forward, allowing the user to conveniently control the snow’s pace removal projects. You will appreciate its one-year commercial or a three-year residential limited warranty. Cub Cadet is also offering its users a 5-year commercial auger gearbox limited warranty to enjoy.

This is one of the best Cub Cadet’s two-stage snow blowers available in the market these days. A few things can be improved a little, but the speed settings are not optimal, especially for the F1 gear. According to the manual, you can adjust its linkage; this is already detected in the factory tests and later optimized accordingly. If you are a short person, then holding the lever down for the drive train for the long run can be a hassle for you.


  • Equipped with dual LED headlights for good visibility in low light.
  • Trigger control power steering offers unparalleled maneuverability.
  • Operated with one hand also.
  • Has a lot of power with 243 cc OHV 4-cycle engine.


  • Slow speed setting is faster and can be tuned in the factory tests.


Clearing Capacity

Toro 518 ze Snow Blower has 18″ wide clearing capacity and 12″ deep intake height, up to plowing capacity of 1100 lbs of snow per minute.

Cub Cadet 2x 26 hp Snow Blower has 26″ wide clearing capacity and 21″ deep, up to 0 lbs of plowing capacity of snow per minute.


In Toro’s snowblower, the Auger material, Chute material, and Body material are all made of plastic.

In Cub Cadet’s snowblower, the Auger material and Chute material is made of steel, and the body material is made of metal.

Fuel Tank Capacity

Toro has a fuel tank capacity of 0.35 gallons.

Cub Cadet has a fuel tank capacity of 0.5 gallons.

Power and Performance

Toro has a small single-stage blower, which helps deliver the performance you would expect from the higher models. Toro’s 518 ze snowblower can throw as far as 20 feet, clearing paths up to 18 inches wide and being used on slushy and wet snow. It can clear up to the depth of 12 inches snow per pass to get the job done much faster.

Cub Cadet has a starting system with a push-button electric start requiring 110 volts. Its Auger gearbox has a heavy-duty cast aluminum. There are two-stage involved in it.

Speed Variation

Toro has a variable forward speeds and zero reverse speed while working on the snow.

Cub Cadet has 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds to work on the snow with no breaks smoothly.


Toro’s snow blower has an engine displacement of 99cc. Toro only makes its engine, and its engine torque is 0.0 ft. lb.

Cub Cadet’s snow blower has an engine displacement of 243cc. Cub Cadet only makes its engine for smoother functioning, and it has an engine torque of 0 ft. lb.

Oil Capacity

Toro’s clear 518 ze snow blower has an oil capacity of 12 oz.

Cub Cadet’s 2x 26 hp electric two-stage snow blower has an oil capacity of 20 oz.

Recommended Oil Type and Terrain

The recommended oil type in Toro’s snowblower is 5W-30. Toro recommends that its snow blower can be moved smoothly and easily in sloped and flat areas with obstacles.

Cub Cadet has the same functioning in oil type and terrain.

Type of Snow

Toro’s snowblower is suitable for fluffy and light snow types.

Cub Cadet’s snow blower is suitable for heavy snow types to push the snow away smoothly.


Toro has an assembly depth of 37 inches and an assembly height of 45 inches with an assembly width of 18 inches. The ideal snow depth is 9 inches in Toro’s snowblower. Tire height and width is 6 and 1.5 inches, respectively.

Cub Cadet has an assembly depth of 48.5 inches, an assembly height of 35 inches, and an assembly width of 28 inches. The ideal snow depth of Cub Cadet’s snowblower is 16 inches. Tire height and width is 16 and 5 inches.


A snow blower is a big purchase, and you are unlikely to find a good quality of two-stage snow blower for less price. You need to be careful about your choice. There are many options to choose from, but the best one depends on the type of snow you get, how large your driveway is, and what machine you can handle. Overall, Toro’s clear 518 ze Snow Blower and Cub Cadet’s 2x 26 HP electric to stage snow blowers are the best-known brands. Having enough power to propel themselves up and down the walkways and driveways makes it easier to push through the snow mounds. If you do not get the chains for the tires, buy one as its difficult to move it without them. These snowblowers work with all kinds of different snow.