Fall Inspired Makeup: Contour and Highlight

Fall Inspired Makeup: Contour and Highlight

This blog is about full makeup inspiration with contouring and highlighting. Here we are going to try a total glam look. If you are going to any party or attending a any function then this look is perfect for you. We are going to apply it step by step so you can try it easily. For this look you can choose shades according to your skin type.

Things You need for this look:

  • Makeup Brush Set
  • Light spray makeup base or Primer
  • Concealer
  • Liquid foundation
  • Dry Beauty Blender
  • Loose powder
  • Powder puffs
  • Eye shadow palette
  • Gel eyeliner
  • Eye lashes
  • Gold glitter
  • Nude color lipstick
  • Blusher
  • Highlighter

Now let’s do it step by step.

Step No: 1

  • Start by hydrating Your skin using the instant light spray makeup base.
  • You have to apply it on your skin and with your fingertip tap into your skin, so make sure that the product is getting inside.

Step No: 2

  • Next is highlighting, for this use the concealer number 1 and your concealer brush number 17.
  • Add into the areas that you want to, add more light to the center of your forehead, and under eye area by drawing a v-shape.
  • Use full coverage concealers so the pigment will be really very intense. Then apply it on your chin.
  • And also add a little bit under your eyebrow to lift them up.

Fall Inspired Makeup

Step No: 3

  • Next is contour, for this use matte liquid foundation number 50 and concealer brush number 18.
  • Add to the areas that you want to add more shadow, to roots of your hair, your cheeks, the nose and also your jawline.
  • Also apply a little bit over the lips as well to add more dimension. Now you will have the canvas of your contour and highlight.

Fall Inspired Makeup

Step No: 4

  • Now it’s time for blending, to make the blending very easy add matte liquid foundation number 30 on to your brush number 10.
  • And blend everything together, make sure that you keep the highlighted areas and the contoured areas in focus.
  • So don’t blend everything together, classify the face into three parts: the upper, the middle and the lower and blend each part separately.
  • Now blend your cheeks and when you feel that the blending is really puffed out and you don’t have any harsh lines, it means that you need to stop.

Fall Inspired Makeup

Step No: 5

  • Now buff out Your highlights with a dry Beauty Blender to tap everything onto Your skin.
  • Then moved to the blending of the nose with your brush number 10, that will give you more precision while blending this area.

Fall Inspired Makeup

Step No: 6

  • Now set everything together using your filter effect loose powder number 0.2 with any powder puffs that you have.
  • It’s extremely important while buffing the powder not to move the pop onto the face Just by tapping.
  • Add more dimension with the mineralized powder and with brush number 39.

Fall Inspired Makeup

Step No: 7

  • Next is eyes and use the artist palette in a dark burgundy color as your base and then with your fingertip puff out the color so it will be smooth and ready for your eye shadow application.
  • Next with your applicator brush number 15 use a matte brown color, to set your base.
  • And then puff it out using a reddish or orange color also from palette using brush number 15.
  • Then add a shimmery like orange bronze color from the palette.

Fall Inspired Makeup

Step No: 8

  • Now move into the lower part of your eyes. Do the exactly same thing using your pencil brush number 21.
  • Then puff out the colors with brush number 15 and connect them together so that you can get the elongated shape that you see.
  • Now mark your waterline with gel eyeliner, apply it inside the waterline.
  • And then puff it out with a black eye shadow in your angled brush number 24, while stuffing out it’s extremely important to blend everything together.
  • Now add eyeliner on your upper lid so make sure that route of your lashes are black and they are aligned perfectly.

Fall Inspired Makeup

Step No: 9

  • Next is the eyebrows, For that use a brown eye shadow, just to fill out your eyebrows in a natural way, so don’t focus a lot on sharpening the look.
  • Then apply lashes, that will give you the complete look.
  • Now to add more glam to your look apply gold glitter and also apply under your eye area, tap a little bit also on the areas that you added the shadow, so this extra will give you sparkle and charming eyes.

Fall Inspired Makeup

Step No: 10

  • Next apply a nude color on your lip. Because we have focused on the eyes, and make sure that draw the lips and a symmetrical way.
  • Then add a little bit more blusher with your brush number 39.
  • Also add highlighter to those areas that you feel that need more light.

Fall Inspired Makeup

At the end you can fix your makeup with makeup fixer. This will help you to set your makeup perfectly.


This is the 10 east step explanation with pictures. So you can try this look easily at home and you can get the perfect glam look and impress everyone around you.