Halloween Makeup For Jack Sparrow: Pirates of The Caribbean

Halloween Makeup For Jack Sparrow: Pirates of The Caribbean


In this article we are going do Halloween makeup for the famous and lovable character jack Sparrow. He is the main character form the movie pirates of the Caribbean and I love that movie. This movie has different parts and there are also there is different books available. It is very famous so here we are going to try this makeup for Halloween.

Halloween Makeup For Pirates

Product Required:

  • Eye cream
  • Face oil
  • Jelly face primer
  • Liquid bronzer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Reddish cream contour
  • Loose setting powder
  • Dark brown brow pencil
  • Clear brow gel
  • Red lip color
  • Liquid black color
  • Black eye liner
  • Black eye shadow
  • Dark golden eye shadow
  • Light golden eye shadow
  • Mascara and lashes
  • Pink nude lip liner
  • Brown Nude liquid lipstick
  • Golden lip gloss

Let’s go for the makeup:

Halloween Makeup For Pirates

Step: 1

For smooth and bright under eye apply eye cream. Use face oil underneath your foundation to get dewy finish complexion and it will give you a gorgeous glow like you have been sailing on the high sea and mateys.

Step: 2

Then use jelly face primer and simply blend it into your skin. Of course, we are not as tanned as Jack Sparrow, so for a sun kissed effect use liquid bronzer with gel consistency so it will leave glossy finish on the skin.

Step: 3

Then take foundation and mix it with liquid bronzer and apply it to all over the face evenly using a beauty sponge and also drag it to down to your neck as well. Then apply concealer under your eyes and around your face for more coverage.

Step: 4

Then shape your face with reddish cream contour. Apply it to the cheekbones, to the jawline, on forehead and also down to the nose. It will help you for that sunken look and make your skin really tan. Because of radish tone it will look more natural.

Halloween Makeup For Pirates

Step: 5

For more highlight add concealer to under the contour line and to the tip of the nose. Set that with little bit of loose setting powder, don’t use too much because you want your skin to look a dewy inside.

Step: 6

Then fill in your brows by following your natural shape and for that use dark brown brow eye pencil and then set them with clear brow gel. Then highlight your brow to clean the shape a bit and it will also raise them up more.

Step: 7

For the sunburn cheek look use red lip color as blush because it will add some more shine to the cheek area. Then add glow or rose gold liquid highlighter on cheekbones for a glow as shimmery as deep-sea treasure.

Step: 8

Then for the smoky eyes apply liquid black color on your eyes lid as black base. Pirates of the Caribbean jack has a very grungy worn in eyeliner look so apply black eyeliner to the waterline and the upper lash line and then smudge it out with your brush.

Step: 9

Then take black eye shadow and apply it to inner and outer corners of the eyes to create holo eye shape. Make sure to leave the center of the eye black. Jack loves his eyeliner so add more eye liner if you need and blend out ant harsh lines for smokey blended look.

Halloween Makeup For Pirates

Step: 10

Then add dark golden eye shadow to the very center of the lid and this is going and the upper lash line and blend out the edges. Then add little lighter golden shade over the top of that. Then add some copper and golden glitter to the center of the lids and also on the lower lash line streaming down the eyes. You can use different sizes of the glitter also. Add mascara and fake lashes.

Step: 11

Then take reddish contour and add some shading to the area you have contoured before. So, emphasize everything with this powder. Then apply golden highlight all over the cheekbones cheekbones and basically all over the face for a Jack Sparrow all-over glow.

Step: 12

Then use pink nude lip liner to outline your lips and them fill it in with nude brown liquid lipstick. Also apply golden lip gloss over the top just to tie the gold in together for this look.

Halloween Makeup For Pirates

Step: 13

Time for the body glow and for that use a liquid highlight all over the chest area where your skin will be showing and top that off with a highlight you are wearing on your cheekbones. Jack has a red cross under his right eye so make it with red cream paint or red lip liner.

Step: 14

Pop on your costume and accessories, here pop on a lot of rings and chunky hoop earrings. Wear you Jack Sparrow wig and don’t forget the bandanna because this is signature and key for this look.