How to do Avatar Halloween Makeup for 2022

How to do Avatar Halloween Makeup for 2022


Hello Friends,

Today we are going to do this amazing Avatar makeup for this Halloween. This makeup is so so easy to do and also trendy. You can recreate this look with few makeup material because you need everything blue for this makeup. When you recreate this look then make sure to use Avatar picture for reference so you can get the perfect idea to complete the makeup.

Let’s Start with makeup

Avatar Halloween Makeup

Things You need:

  • Water activated paint: Royal blue, Pale blue, White
  • Translucent powder
  • Eye shadow: Dark blue, White
  • White pencil eye liner
  • Mascara and lashes
  • Dark brown brow pencil
  • Highlighter
  • White liquid liner
  • Nude shade lipstick
  • Blue lip liner
  • Fake ears
  • Green contacts

Step 1: Start with painting your face with royal blue water activate paint. You can also paint to the body part which will be visible.

Step 2: Then take pale blue face paint and apply it as you normally use your concealer. The combination of royal blue and pale blue will make everything brighter. Then with beauty blender blend everything together. you can also use glow spray to blend everything nicely.

Avatar Halloween Makeup

Step 3: Then with white face paint brighten the center of your face even more. Using light and dark paint blend everything together. Use dark paint to contour and light paint to make your nose more wider because that’s what avatar nose is like.

Step 4: Then apply translucent powder on white. Then take dark blue eye shadow to contour. Then take white eye shadow to brighten the center of your face even more.

Step 5: Then with dark blue eye shadow create liner that avatar has and use the white shade as well. It does’t have to perfect, just use image as reference. So keep on blending and going back and forth until you like the result. Also shade your nose on the sides and try to make your nose look as wide as possible.

Step 6: Then apply dark blue paint on your eyes and the go over with dark blue eye shadow. Then for the lower lash line use blue shade and then white to blend out. To make your eyes look bigger use white pencil eye liner to waterline. Then apply mascara and lashes. For the brows use dark brown pencil and make them darker. To

Step 7: Then highlight your face. Apply it to your chin, on your nose, to forehead, on your cupid’s bow, and also to your eyelid.

Avatar Halloween Makeup

Step 8: Next make white dots that avatar has and for that use white liquid liner. Apply little dots everywhere and make sure you have avatar picture next to you so you can look at it and try to see where they have the white dots and do exactly the same.

Step 9: Then apply nude shade lipstick to inner area of your lips and then with dark blue shadow blend out to the outer part of the lips. Then apply blue lip liner and outline your lips to make it more darker and blend out. Use the same lipstick on your nose and spread it out with brush.

Step 10: Then use fake ears and green contacts for complete the avatar look. Also do your hair as avatar and for that you can go with your natural hair and you can also use fake wig.

Here is more idea that you can try:

Avatar Halloween Makeup Avatar Halloween Makeup Avatar Halloween Makeup Avatar Halloween Makeup Avatar Halloween Makeup