How to do Beautiful Butterfly Makeup for this Halloween

How to do Beautiful Butterfly Makeup for this Halloween


Halloween is all about doing different makeup with with your family and friends and it is always fun and also you can spend more time with them. People like to do unique makeup for every Halloween so then can be different from the crowd. So, today I am going to explain you how to do this beautiful butterfly makeup for this Halloween. With this look you can wear anything you have, because the main focus of this look is your eyes.

When you recreate this makeup make sure to keep one or two reference images with you so you can use it for very small detailing.

Butterfly Halloween Makeup

You need:

  • Primer
  • Brow pencil
  • Cream color: Yellow and Orange
  • Setting powder
  • Matte eye shadow: Yellow, Orange, Dark orange
  • Black liquid eye liner
  • White liquid liner
  • Mascara and lashes
  • Foundation
  • Bronzer and contour
  • Orange lipstick
  • Black pencil

Butterfly Halloween Makeup

Step: 1

First apply primer on your face then map out the wings with a brow pencil.

Step: 2

Then take orange and yellow cream color and fill in the wings. Use orange shade to upper area of wings and yellow shade for lower area of wing. And merge this shade at the center area and give very nice and smooth shading. This is the hardest part so take your time and do it nicely.

Step: 3

Then set this wings with setting powder. Then take matte orange eye shadow and pack it on the top wing and little bit on the bottom. Then take Matte yellow eye shadow and pack it on bottom wing and little bit on top wing. Then take dark orange shade and apply it on few places to make it bit darker.

Butterfly Halloween Makeup

Step: 4

Then with black liquid eye liner line your eyes and then line the wings. Don’t worry about making the wings perfectly shaped because you can fix it latter. Then apply brow setter and then apply some concealer. Then cover it with orange eye shadow.

Step: 5

Then with that black liner map out the design of the butterfly and make sure to use picture. Once you do one eye, you will understand how to do the other eye. Then fill in the line above you eyes and it will be your mid line of the two wings. Then fill in around the border of the bottom wing and make it thick.

Butterfly Halloween Makeup

Step: 6

For detailing in the wings anywhere you see a point, round it off and then fill the place that’s left over with black liquid liner. And do in on all over the eye and go in and around to all pointy parts. Then add couple little bumps along the outside of the bottom wing to make it more realistic. Then fill in the top wing and do the same thing.

Step: 7

If you think it is messed up to outside of wings or it is to much thick then you can wipe it out with makeup wipe. Then with white liquid liner line the butterfly little bit to bottom side. Then apply some mascara and long and thick lashes.

Step: 8

Then with white liquid eye liner add little white dots on the edges pf the wings. Make it bigger in some places and then smaller in other places. All butterflies are different and don’t worry about make them look exactly the same on one side as you do on the other side.

Butterfly Halloween Makeup

Step: 9

Then apply foundation to places which are not butterfly and set it with setting powder. Then add bronze and contour. Then add orange contact lens. Then contour with dark orange shade.

Step: 10

Then apply matte orange lipstick. Then add little bit yellow, orange and black cream color to outer corner of your lips. Then apply black pencil liner to outer corners to darken up and then apply little bit orange and yellow to center for more dimension. You can also apply matte black lipstick.


Here is detailed explanation for this beautiful look. You can also do this makeup with your friends using different colors. You can also add black long wig if you want.

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