How to do Chucky Halloween Makeup: Step by Step Guide

How to do Chucky Halloween Makeup: Step by Step Guide


In today’s article we are going to do this Chucky Halloween makeup. It can be your lase minute Halloween makeup because it is so easy that you can do it very quickly. Also you don’t need to much makeup material for this look, you can recreate it with your regular products. If you want to something creepy but cute than you should definitely try this makeup.

Chucky Halloween Makeup

Makeup material:

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Bronzer
  • Contour
  • Blush
  • Highlighter
  • Eye shadow: Vanilla shade, Light brown shade, Dark brown shade
  • Black gel eye liner
  • Lashes and mascara
  • Eye liner pencil: Red, Dark brown, White, Gray
  • Rich red liquid lipstick
  • Red wig

Chucky Halloween Makeup

Step 1: Start with applying primer, foundation and concealer as your base makeup like you normally do. Then set everything with setting powder for long lasting makeup.

Step 2: Then then apply dark golden bronzer to outer perimeter of your face. Then for contour use nude shade and then make sure that everything is well blended. Then apply blush on the apples of your cheeks and then add some highlighter.

Step 3: Then for the eyes take eye shadow in shade vanilla and set your whole lid. Then take light brown as transition shade and apply on your crease and to outer part of your eyes to create simple neutral eye and blend out.

Chucky Halloween Makeup

Step 4: Then take dark brown shade and apply it on the outer part of your eye and bring it to your crease with whatever you have remaining on your brush. To make sure that the vanilla shade is more pigmented then do little bit of blending in between those shades.

Step 5: Then do a winged eye liner with black gel liner. Then coat your lashes with a little bit of mascara. Then again take dark brown eye shadow and apply it to your lower lash line and also add little bit of mascara to your bottom lashes. Also add rich red liquid lipstick.

Step 6: Then for the scar first add your red wig so that way you know exactly where her scars will be placed. So take red pencil eye liner and make scars and make straight as possible. Then with dark brown pencil eye liner go over it to add dimension. also add black eye liner to keep adding the dimension. Then with very small detail brush blend out.

Chucky Halloween Makeup

Step 7: Then take white eye liner and place it on sides of the scars to add little bit of dimension and this little details will really make a big difference so shade around with a white eye liner. Then take dark brown eye shadow and it to your face to make it look like natural scary face.

Step 8: Then add the staples with gray eye liner, it the liner is a little bit shimmery then it is even better. Then make the stitches with black eye gel eye liner and make it randomly wherever because it doesn’t matter for chucky look.

And your makeup is completed here.

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