How to do Fairy Makeup for Halloween: 10 Easy Step

How to do Fairy Makeup for Halloween: 10 Easy Step

Everyone likes to do something scary or horror for Halloween but If you want to go with something cute and pretty then this fairy makeup is perfect for you to try this Halloween. This is so cute and easy because it is all inspired by pink and purples. This is specially for those girls who like to pink color more. You can add pink and purple as much as you want for this look and also buy a beautiful fairy dress with wings to get the whole perfect fairy look.

How to do Fairy Makeup for Halloween

Things You Need:

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Translucent powder
  • Cream color: Pink, Brown, Dark purple
  • Pink eye shadow palette
  • Black liquid eye liner
  • Mascara
  • Lashes
  • Contour
  • Blusher
  • Highlighter
  • medium pink lip liner
  • Pale milky pink lipstick
  • White liquid eye liner
  • Gems: White and Pink
  • Pink wig
  • Flower tiara
  • Butterflies and flower

How to do Fairy Makeup for Halloween

Let’s Begin:

Step: 1

Apply primer on your face to make your makeup look flawless. Then apply full coverage foundation to make your skin look even. Then to cover dark circles apply concealer. Lastly set everything with translucent powder.

Step: 2

Then for the brows use cream pink and brown color. you can take ant color you want and you can draw any shape you like. So first outline it with brown. Then apply pink to starting and then go with brown for the end.

Step: 3

Then take shimmery pink and apply it to the upper crease and brow bone. Then take hot pink and put apply it to the crease a little bit and focus on the top of the crease as well.

How to do Fairy Makeup for Halloween

Step: 4

Then take dark purple and intensify the crease area. Then blend it with hot pink again. Also add that hot pink to the lower lash line.

Step: 5

Then take silver shade and apply it to the inner corner of eyes, to brow bone and on your lid. Then take dark blue purple shade and draw a line on the top of the crease.

Step: 6

Then draw a wing eye liner with black liquid eye liner. Then do your waterline with dark purple cream color, you can use any purple eye liner you have. Then apply mascara and lashes.

How to do Fairy Makeup for Halloween

Step: 7

Then contour your face with light brown. For this look do a deep contour like bring it to quite close to your mouth for defined look. Also apply some on your temples and on your nose a little bit. Then add pale pink blush and pink highlighter.

Step: 8

Then outline your lips with medium pink lip liner and then fill it in with pale milky pink lipstick. Then add some glittery shade on your lips.

How to do Fairy Makeup for Halloween

Step: 9

Then take white eye liner and add random dots around your eyebrows, on your cheekbone. Then add some gems randomly around where you did white dots. Stick it with lash glue so they don’y fall off throughout the night.

Step: 10

Next add light pink wig and wear flower tiara. Then add some butterflies and flower into your hair.