How to Do Spider Look Halloween Makeup for 2022

How to Do Spider Look Halloween Makeup for 2022


Today We are going to try this beautiful and glam 3D spider makeup for this Halloween. Here we are going to keep it simple on one eye. But you can do it on both the eyes or also on your lips. All you have to do is understand every step in detail and you can do it as you want.

For this makeup first do your eyes because for this look we need smokey eyes and you will definitely don’t want ant fallout on your face because it will ruin your face makeup.

How to Do Spider Look Halloween Makeup

Product required:

  • Primer
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Highlighter
  • Contour
  • Eye shadow palette
  • Makeup brushes set
  • Brow pencil
  • Black pencil
  • Black liquid liner
  • White liquid liner
  • Matte lipstick

How to Do Spider Look Halloween Makeup

Let’s start with out makeup:

Step: 1

First prime your eyes and make sure that your eyes have a nice even tone base and you don’t have ant redness or vain. Also to make sure that your shadow last as long as possible. Also do your brows after that.

Step: 2

Then apply concealer to your eye lids and to lower portion of your eyes and blend it so you don’t have ant harsh lines. Then powder your eyes with loose translucent powder.

Step: 3

Then take shade cream and use it as your transition shade. Also bring this shade all the way to the inside area because you are creating a smoky eyes. Then take shade butter and apply it to a little bit lower transition shade you have applied like right above the crease.

Step: 4

Then take the shade buns and mocha and apply it to the lower part of your crease so that you can curve out the socket and definite with that colors. Then take very little bit of buns shade ans dust in to the transition area.

How to Do Spider Look Halloween Makeup

Step: 5

After that take darker brown shade or and use the same brush and apply with very light hand to where you put the buns and mocha. Don’t do it with very heavy hand. Then take buns shade and lightly blend that out.

Step: 6

Then take jumbo dark brown eye pencil and go all over the lids. For that don’t apply directly with pencil, apply it on your back of your hand and then do it with the eye shadow brush. It will act as a base for the black shade.

Step: 7

Then take black eye shadow and pack it onto your lid. Then take small blending brush with little bit black and blend in your crease nicely and precisely. On which eye you are going to do your spider apply black little bit higher.

Step: 8

Then take mocha with blending brush and lightly diffuse this even more. For the brow bone take shade matte white and highlight your brow bone.

How to Do Spider Look Halloween Makeup

Step: 9

Then do your primer, foundation and canceler as you always do with your regular tone. Then also set everything with the loose setting powder. Then also do your contour and highlight.

Step: 10

Next for the lower lash line first take shade butter and then go over top with buns from outer corner to inner corner. Then take black shade with flat definer brush and get up right along to lower lash line. Then take shade butter and lightly blend out that shade.

Step: 11

Then take light shimmer golden shade and dab a little bit to the inner corner of your eyes. Then take dark black pencil and apply it to your waterline. Then very small precise brush take black shade and run it along to your lower lash line to intensify the black shade. Then apply mascara where you are not going to do spider.

Tip: Now for the spider part use black paint or liquid liner because it will easier with it. If you use gel liner or felt tip liner it will drag on your skin and it will be harder to apply. And make sure to use picture when you draw the spider so you can get the perfect idea that how and where you want spider’s legs.

How to Do Spider Look Halloween Makeup

Step: 12

Then with the picture Draw the spider’s leg with the liquid liner. Don’t worry if it is not perfect, you can do it again so take your time and draw the legs. Draw legs through your brow hairs so it can look more real. Another thing to make sure is line them up with each other. And then give some time to dry it so it doesn’t smudge with white liner.

Step: 13

Then take white liquid eye liner and highlight the parts you want to highlight. You can highlight whatever parts you want. If you mess up then you can go back with black liquid liner and straighten the lines up so it doesn’t look messy.

Step: 14

Put white liner at the base of the line curving around to make sure that the legs looks separated from the body. So basically the eye shadow on your eyelid is going to be the body of the spider so make sure that the legs look defined by putting some white down at the base of it.

How to Do Spider Look Halloween Makeup

Step: 15

Then take black liner and clean up inside of the lines. Then with same liner make the eyes and for that do one dot to inner corner of upper eye and another to inner corner of lower line. Then with white liner make a dot inside of the eyes to make them pop.

Step: 16

Then take really small precise tip brush with black shadow and create the shadow of the legs. For that start from near to the legs from black and then connect it to the tip. Then apply lashes.

Step: 17

Then apply your matte lipstick and for that you can use any dark shade you want like dark berry shade, bright matte red color or you can also apply matte black lipstick.

How to Do Spider Look Halloween Makeup