How to Grow and Care for Giant Hyssops

How to Grow and Care for Giant Hyssops

Giant Hyssops is an attractive plant that is known for its herbal benefits. The leaves of the plant have distinct flavors. Planting Giant Hyssops in your garden will make you feel pleased with its fragrance and herbal benefits.

The plant has spikes of pink, purple, violet, blue colors. The colorful spikes attract the attention, and the fragrance pleases you. Agastache is the scientific name for Giant Hyssops. The plant is perennial and does not require much attention.

Things to know about Giant Hyssops

  • Scientific name: Agastache
  • Favorable Season: Mid and late summer, fall.
  • Sunlight Required: Full sun or partial shade is essential.
  • Water required: Moderate
  • Soil quality: Well-drained soil, more on the dry side with compost.
  • Height/spread: 2 to 3 feet in height and 1 to 2 feet wide.

When to Plant?

How to Grow and Care for Giant Hyssops

For the best growing plant, summer is the best season. Plant the Giant Hyssops in mid or late summer. You can choose to plant it in the fall as it gives appropriate sunlight and climate for the plant to bloom.

How to Plant?

How to Grow and Care for Giant Hyssops

You can transplant the nursery plant into the garden or bow the seeds to have your giant Hyssops. The seed plant takes 2 to 3 years to bloom into flowers. While the transplanted plant hardly requires 2 to 3 weeks to give flowers.

Transplant the plant from the pot into the loosened soil, add some compost to the soil and water the plant to maintain the moisture in it. You will see your plant blooming with flowers in a few weeks.

To bow the seeds, first, loose the soil and add compost to it. Mix it well. Not bow 2-3 seeds in the soil and add water. Keep watering the soil until the plant germinates and grows a few inches tall. Now add compost to the soil weekly and keep watering. You will see the plant with foliage in a few months. The plant will bloom into fragrant flowers in 2-3 years.

Care Tips

There are few tips to get the best bloomed Giant Hyssops plant. Watering, fertilizing, and enough sunlight is to take care of.

Watering is necessary as it provides the plant with the dissolved soil nutrients. Fertilizing adds the required minerals to the soil. And the sunlight promotes growth.

You can divide the plant if required. Follow the dividing in fall to get the best results.

Do the flowers of Giant Hyssops have a fragrance?

The flower and the leaves of the Giant Hyssops have fragrance. The fragrance of the flower attracts the bees and butterflies to collect the nectar. If you love to have plants with odor in your garden, this is a good option with low maintenance.

Can I use this plant for herbal benefits?

Yes. The plant has lots of herbal health benefits. You can use the plant leaves for treating colds, fevers, and a weak heart. It is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties. You can h=apply them for relieving the pain and burns. The plant leaves are beneficial in stimulating the menstrual flow.

How wide do they spread?

The plant spreads a bit good about 1-2 feet wide. You can divide the plant and transplant it in the soil about a few feet away. It is good to divide the plant in the fall.