How to Grow and Care for Hellebore Flower

How to Grow and Care for Hellebore Flower

Hellebores are botanically named as hybrid Lenten Rose. These are perennial plants that bloom for years. They are low maintenance and deer-resistant plants. The plant grows well in partial shade, which is rich in moist and well-draining soil.

The Hellebore flowers come in a variety of colors, from black to white. They bloom in late winter to the early spring season. Sometimes the flowers live while the ground is covered with snow. People love to have a Hellebore plant in their flower beds.

Things to Know About Hellebore

  • Common name: Hybrid Lenten Rose
  • Bloom Months: February to May
  • Height/spread: 18 to 24 inches high and 24 inches wide.
  • Soil required: Well-drained soil is best.
  • Sunlight required: Partial shade is suitable for these plants.

When to Plant?

How to Grow and Care for Hellebore Flower

Late winter or early spring is the best time to plant the Hellebore plant on your site. If you have the plant from a nursery, the plant will start blooming flowers in a few weeks.

But the seeded plant takes 2 – 3 years to get the flowers on the new plant. For best results, plant the seeded plant in the fall.

Hellebore plant is a low maintenance plant. A perfect amount of compost, water, and sunlight will make the flowers look beautiful and well bloomed.

How to Plant?

How to Grow and Care for Hellebore Flower

If you are buying Hellebore bloomed plant from a nursery, make sure you make the soil loose. Shake the pot of the plant properly to mix up the soil and all the roots. Then dig a pit in the ground by loosening the soil.

Dig the pit, at least with the diameter of the pot. Add some layers of compost in the pit. Now transplant the plant from the pot into the pit. Make sure all the roots are put into the pit and cover with soil. Water the plant.

You will soon see the plant blooming flowers in 2-3 weeks.

To grow the Hellebore plant with seed, it takes a long period to bloom the plant. Choose the site with well-drained soil and partial shade. Loosen the soil and then add compost to it, then sow the seeds and cover it with soil. Keep watering it. You will soon see your Hellebore plant gradually growing into a plant.

After 2-3 years, the plant will start bearing flowers. Your garden will be full of perennial flowers of Hellebore.

Care Tips

Watering the plant helps it to grow faster. The water dissolves the necessary nutrients in the soil and provides the plant with them.

Adding compost to the plant is necessary to provide essential minerals and nutrients. But, excess nitrogen results in lush foliage and less flowers.

Does Hellebore spread?

Yes. Hellebore self-seeds itself. It can get unexpectedly hybrid plants if you plant a variety of hybrids near each other. You can see self-seeded plants in 2-3 years.

Does the Hellebore plant need to be divided?

Hellebore plants are not needed to be divided more often. But if you are thinking of dividing them, do it in the fall.

Is it drought resistance?

The Hellebore plants need more water than usual. They go dormant in the summer season due to heat. So they are not drought resistant.